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Athlete Generated Content to Boost Brand Engagement

Your Must-Have Influencer Marketing Competitor Tool

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Masters of the game

The Next stage

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22 Seasons = 7 rings

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Health Is wealth

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Using Content Marketing Strategies to Restart Your Season

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CBD Sponsorships in Sports

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Fresh Content from the Cooler

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Athletes on TikTok

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Fashion Brand? Have a Look at Our Top 4 Most Fashionable Athletes

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Sponsor Professional Athletes from Top Sports Cities

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Benefits of Athlete Long-Term Deals

2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Qualified athletes

Why brands should be sponsoring female athletes

Sports investments by CEOs and Executives

Top 10 NFL Fantasy football athletes on OpenSponsorship

Tech and sports marketing: a new way

Athlete recovery in professional sports: how our brands can help

How to Find Sponsorship Opportunities

Athlete pressure: what we can do for you

Escrow In Sports Sponsorship

Football technology: future of the game

Alternative to GoFundMe - By Athletes for Athletes

New sports technology: 4 of our favorites

How to get sponsored if you’re a Professional Athlete

How to Increase Sales Using Social Media

Sports innovation for athletes

Why all athletes need to build their social media profiles

Why your company should be using Influencer Marketing


A Look Into a Few New OpenSponsorship Campaigns

Our brands love us because...

have a professional athlete to promote your next event

How Can Athletes Find More Marketing Deals?

Overview of the Upcoming NBA Jersey Advertising Opportunities

Sports Marketing & Globalization

Need a professional athlete at your next event? Check out CBS Sports

How Can I Find the Perfect Athlete to Promote My Brand?

Shirt Sleeve Sponsorship Opens Up

Rising Stars of the MLB to Watch During Spring Training

Three Companies doing MLB Sponsorship Right

Does Micro-Influencer Marketing Really Work?

OpenSponsorship Exciting Updates

OpenSponsorship's Twitter MVP's of the Week

Why Sponsor Endurance Sporting Events?

The Marketing Resource Your Agency Hasn't Tried-But Should

OpenSponsorship's Best Sports Moments of 2016


7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Sports Sponsorship

Brand Ambassadors aren't always One in a Million!

Why Social Media is key in Athlete Sponsorship & Endorsement

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