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Football technology: future of the game

Jul 26, 2017 1:11:36 PM / by Arsène Rasoamanana posted in american football, american football gear, american football innovation, influencers, marketing, Motus, Schutt vision helmet, sports sponsorship, Sports video innovation, X2 Biosystems, Brand Endorsements, football innovation, football technology, GoRout


Technology: Mankind's best friend

Crafting and innovating are two of the many unique qualities of mankind. We built cudgels and spears to defend ourselves against wildlife. Then, we started crafting and building to improve our daily lives. Today, as many of us strive for athletic excellence, science and technology come together to help us fulfill our goals and dreams. In this article we will focus on some key football technology which could shape the future of the game.

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New sports technology: 4 of our favorites

Jul 11, 2017 10:33:18 AM / by Arsène Rasoamanana posted in AfterDark Technologies, american football, Influencer, influencer marketing, marketing ideas, Mobile Virtual Player, MVP, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, sponsoring athletes, sponsorship, sports, sports innovation, sports marketing, sports marketing campaigns, sports sponsorship, sports technology, sports technology for athletes, sporttechie, surfing, Uncategorized, athlete influencer, Brand Endorsements, CTRL Eyewear, cycling, FlyPro drones


New sports technology

Most aspects of our lives are now linked to the internet and electronics. Food delivery, social networks, shopping, entertainment, communication.. You name it. Sports are no exception to the rule. In fact, new sports technology might just be one of the most dynamic market as possibilities are pushed further everyday by both developers and athletes.

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Sports innovation for athletes

Jun 23, 2017 3:59:58 PM / by Arsène Rasoamanana posted in american football, humon, influencer marketing, innovation, innovation for athletes, innovations for athletes, marketing, marketing opportunities, NBA, NFL, Sponsor, sponsoring athletes, sponsorship, sport technology, sports, sports innovation for athletes, sports marketing, sports sponsorship, sports techie, sports technology, statsports, UFC, vicis, athlete health, athletes on social media, Brand Endorsements, breakthroughs, Endorsement, football, guardlab


What's cooler than sports innovation for athletes? It enables athletes to play harder for their team, be safer while competing and fans can know more about their favorite athletes.

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