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Athlete pressure: what we can do for you

Aug 11, 2017 3:09:56 PM / by Arsène Rasoamanana posted in pressure, sports sponsorship, stress, athlete pressure, athlete stress


Athlete pressure: the dark side of fame and expectations

Every sports fan has witnessed an athlete "chocking", which shows how big the impacts of athlete pressure and performance anxiety can be.
Coaches have understood a long time ago how important it is to manage athlete pressure. Which is why vocal leaders are valued so much. They are the ones who rally the men when the ship is sinking!

However, everything else in your daily life can contribute to reduce stress as well. This is where we come in.

What we can do is connect you with the best up and coming brands to help you recover, sleep, eat, train, live better.

Working hand in hand with brands that produce great products for you. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Let's take Ishaq Williams and Reinge Clothing as an example. Ishaq, standing at 6'6, 271 pounds was struggling to find clothes he liked. At Reinge, they made sure he won't experience that feeling again. They hooked him up with their new collection and he couldn't be happier!

It's not everyday that you go through a 3D body scan to get the perfect custom-sized clothes...

Athlete pressure: appropriate clothes

Some other cool brands on OpenSponsorship that can help reduce athlete pressure:

Silencer Co.

Silencer Co takes athletes on amazing hunting trips! A great way to take your a weekend off, discover new places and learn from some of the best at hunting. Did I mention you get to cook and eat your kills as well? The complete package!




Activbody's device is great to workout in a fun and challenging way. It offers workout games and challenges which track your performances thus, are perfect to target a specific exercise/muscle and track your progress while having fun!

The best part? You can take it anywhere. It fits in your palms.  You just need your phone to start using it in your workouts!




Brazyn's collapsible foam roller is perfect for all athletes. The benefits of using foam rollers have been proven already. Brazyn just took it a bit further.

Foam rollers are bulky, thus not always easy to carry around. Brazyn's foam roller can be put in a flat position to be carried. It can also handle a person weighting up to 350lbs!

Your body can only take so much. Taking good care of it is a must. You can now take care of your body anywhere at anytime!



Eight Sleep Mattress

As an athlete, sleep isn't just vital. It is the process during which your body will recover from all the stress it endured from your training and your mind gets some peace. Eight Sleep's mattresses track your sleep!

Therefore, you can check how well you sleep and find out what may affect your sleep as the mattresses track vital signals as well.



If you are an athlete, create your free account here. Then add an athlete profile to start applying to campaigns.

All the aforementioned brands are on OpenSponsorship. We have 50+ brands total!

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