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How to Sponsor an NFL Player This Season

Jul 27, 2022 12:21:54 PM / by Rohan Lulla posted in influencer marketing, marketing opportunities, NFL, sports sponsorship, branding, football


Have you ever wondered how to get your brand sponsored by an NFL Athlete? The long-awaited 2022-23 NFL season kicks off on Thursday, September 8th, and what a better time to find out some important elements of the process! 


Know who your target audience is before sponsoring an NFL player

It’s important to have a clear understanding of who and where your brand is best suited to work with based on ideal demographic information. NFL athletes have some of the highest followers out of pro-athletes and knowing which players are best suited based on the teams they play for is an important factor in gaining the best results


Budgeting and Cost - Understand your budget before starting the campaign

Finding an NFL athlete to work with according to a certain budget is important in understanding how to navigate a successful campaign. Depending on the form of the deliverable, the cost may differ. For example, it might be easier for a brand to ask an athlete to take at-home photos with a product vs a full commercial shoot. These deliverable factors are a huge key in determining the cost of a campaign.


Think about your NFL campaign and how you can maximize personalization

Making campaigns personalized with certain athletes can go a long way in building successful results. Opensponsorship’s platform allows users to see athletes' personal interests and can choose to work with an athlete based on a particular interest. Athletes are much more likely to build a relationship with a brand of their personal interest and could already have the established following that is best suited to market to. 

SPONSOR AN NFL PLAYER_1               

NFL Sponsorship Growth over the Years

The NFL has solidified itself as the most profitable sports league in the world, generating revenue of $11.1 billion. Out of that large revenue, nearly $2 billion came from sponsorship revenue. The primary industries spending on sponsorships with the NFL derive from technology, alcohol, and gambling. In recent years, the gambling industry has taken its sponsorship partnership with the NFL to new heights with huge long-term deals. This is only the initial stage of what the gambling industry has to bring to the revenue of the NFL and will continue to see year-over-year increases. 


NFL Athletes Leading the Sponsorship Race

With the growth in social media platforms, the engagement between NFL athletes and fans has never been closer before. Last season NFL stars: Rob Gronkowski, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Russell Wilson, and Travis Kelce lead players by taking on 25 brand deals each, with Gronkowski leading the way with 30 deals. More so, an estimated 1000 brands created endorsement deals with numerous NFL athletes. The leading industries that are growing sponsorships with NFL athletes are emerging from appeal brands and technology companies. Out of these deals, Opensponsorship has worked to bring to life a number of campaigns with NFL athletes. 


NFL Player Sponsorship Case Studies to Inspire Your Own!

Over the last several months, Opensponsorship has been able to work with Walmart and some of the leading NFL stars on apparel campaigns. Sponsorships with Walmart include the likes of: Seattle Seattle Seahawks Pro Bowler Jamal Adams, Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons, Chicago Bears Quarterback Justin Fields, Eagles Running back Miles Sanders, Cleveland Browns defender Myles Garrett, and 49ers Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel amongst others. 




Intel Sponsors NFL star, Rob Gronkowski

During Superbowl 51, Opensponsorship worked to create a campaign with Rob Gronkowski and technology leader Intel. The purpose of the campaign was for Intel to promote users to use their technology to capture videos.


The Bouqs Co. and Tyler Eifert 

Former Pro Bowl Tight End Tyler Eifert teamed up with The Bouqs Co., one of the largest online flower distributors in the U.S. The unique collaboration created a successful campaign for the brand which increased brand awareness in a completely new market.




Sleefs and Bud Dupree NFL Sponsorship Campaign

Sleefs, a modern fashion apparel brand created a successful campaign with Pittsburgh linebacker Bud Dupree. Bud posted a photo to Instagram, telling his followers to go to the Sleefs site to snag a free sleeve or headband. Sleefs gave him his own code to direct his followers to use.

The results were staggering: Sleef’s site traffic increased by a substantial amount, fans of Dupree browsed and purchased way more items on the site, and each user stayed on the site for 91% longer than the average user.


Learn More About How To Work with and Sponsor NFL Athletes

With the NFL season fast approaching, there's never been a better time for your brand to work with an athlete. Sign up today and learn how to get started with an endorsement campaign with NFL athletes to grow your brand!

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4 Reasons to Add Athletes to Your Website

Mar 16, 2022 12:59:44 PM / by J F posted in influencers, marketing opportunities, Marketing Recommendations, marketing strategy, OpenSponsorship, sports marketing, Brand Endorsements, brands, endorsements, Pro Athletes


4 reasons why Athletes are a good strategy when launching a new website

marketing, brand ambassador, new website, promotion

1. Putting an athlete image on the website above the fold / in the hero image can reduce bounce rates

social media, open sponsorship, media marketing

Starting a new website/ brand can often be hard to do. Currently, there are so many fake or uncredited websites. When creating a new website, adding reasons and things to the page can help it feel like a real page. Athletes are great ways to add credibility to your website. Placing an image of the athletes above the fold/ in the hero image can help reduce bounce rates, especially working with an athlete to do a quick video endorsing the launch of your new site. Athletes are often most credible as they can be easily looked up or are often already heard of. The sports world is massive and there are so many great athletes out there that cannot wait to be a part of a brand or company that represents who they are as athletes and also personally. 

2. Athletes can help to promote the new website through social and push traffic to you

Blog post, social media, credibility, new launch

Social media is a main component of our generation today. It is almost essential for companies and brands to have social media accounts in order to be successful. Using a professional athlete to promote your website can be game changing. They can reach many different target audiences and also in large amounts. Professional athletes can post on their social media promoting the product, service, or website. Again, it gives a massive weight of credibility!

3. Athletes bring credibility - having an athlete testimonial page can help to drive conversion

Testimonials are very important on any website. This is a moment for future customers to be able to witness and see how a product or service has been successful and how it can be beneficial in their lives. For customers, to see a professional athlete give their account for how a product or service benefited them can ultimately lead to new sales and customers. Once someone hears that a credible person used the product or service, they are often more prone to purchase it. Fun fact: Sports fans are 164% more likely to buy a product after an athlete they love mentions it. endorsement, ambassador, equity, royalty, product, service

4. Athletes are relevant to a wide audience - male, female, young, and old.

Through OpenSponsorship, you can easily choose from our roster of athletes to appeal to your brand's target audience. As mentioned above, an athlete's following can be large and can reach many different target audiences. Depending on your brand you can find a specific athlete that can help promote and endorse your brand based on their audience. Athletes are also more reliable because their following is often verified and all considered to be “real” follows. For example, if you are interested in a demographic of young adults between the ages of 18-26, then you are able to see that through our statistics of their following on our page.

athlete marketing sponsorship

OpenSponsorship is the largest digital marketplace making it easy for brands to partner with athletes. As you go onto our platform, you will be able to filter through 12,000+ athletes across 160 sports (including over 50% of the NFL and NBA) to help you select a specific athlete to help your brand or company excel. We support clients like Walmart, Sperry, FanDuel, and ESPN. We recently closed a $4.5M growth round, and are backed by NBA team owners, athletes, notable VCs, and world class accelerators.

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Masters of the game

Mar 3, 2022 11:02:28 AM / by J F posted in marketing opportunities, Brand Endorsements, branding, Golf, Professional Athletes, Masters Tournament


golf sponsorship, golf, PGA,

Master's week is near! We are about four weeks away, all pro golfers are waiting for their invitation & gearing up for the annual event. The Masters tournament will begin April 7, 2022 at the well-known Augusta, GA National Course.  The title says it all, this tournament is for the "masters" of the game, but there are so many other athletes waiting and striving for their opportunity to get there. 

If you're an aspiring pro golfer, it's important to get your name out there by seeking sponsorship. There are many reasons to pursue a sponsorship, as it can help with your career as a golfer. It's common for a pro golfer to seek out sponsorship to help fund their career. Sponsorship can help a golfer with their career in many ways. While most of these athletes are already sponsored and well established, Opensponsorship can help brands connect with athletes to create new sponsorships in all industries. Let's check out some of Opensponsorship's well-known and successful professional golfers who will be competing in the Master's Tournament:

  1. Bryson Dechambeau
    Influencer, Marketing, brand Endorsement, PGA, Pro GolferBryson James Aldrich DeChambeau is an American professional golfer. He has won eight times on the PGA Tour including one major championship, the 2020 U.S. Open. As an amateur, DeChambeau became the fifth player in history to win both the NCAA Division I championship and the U.S. Amateur in the same year. With his U.S. Open victory he became the third player to have won those three championships, after Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, and the sixth player to win both the U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open.
  2. Justin Thomas 
    Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Sponsorship, Social mediaJustin Louis Thomas is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour and a former World Number One. In 2017, Thomas experienced a breakout year, winning four PGA Tour events, including the PGA Championship, his maiden major championship, and also winning the FedEx Cup championship.
  3. Tony Finau
    Rising Son: Family's Sacrifices Fuel Tony Finau | Golf ChannelTony Finau is in the midst of his breakout rookie season on the PGA TOUR, having recorded four top-10 finishes to-date. Tony’s debut comes on the heels of an outstanding season on the Tour, highlighted by his victory at the 2014 Stonebrae Classic. Finau is the first golfer of Tongan/American Samoan descent to hold a PGA TOUR card. On TOUR, Tony has continued to turn heads with his driving ability, ranking 7th in driving distance at 303.7 yards and 2nd in average club head speed at a remarkable 123.89 MPH.
  4. Colin Morikawa
    Masters, Pro Golf, Marketing, Open sponsorshipColin is an American professional golfer who plays in the PGA Tour and European Tour. He has won 5 PGA Tours which include, two major championships, the 2020 PGA Championship and the 2021 Open Championship. He Is one of the top ranked players in golf. 

  5. Sergio Garcia 
    Social Media, Brands, Products, Ambassadors, PartnershipsAs the winner of the 2017 Masters, Sergio is a Spanish professional golfer who plays on both the PGA Tour and the European Tour. García has won 36 international tournaments as a professional, most notably the 2008 Players Championship and the 2017 Masters Tournament. García was also the Chairman of Spanish football team CF Borriol.


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The Next stage

Feb 21, 2022 10:51:10 AM / by James Waters posted in marketing opportunities, open sponsorship, Brand Endorsements, Foundations, retired


The Next Stage: 8 Retired Athletes Doing Good in the World

The news is always full of professional athletes using their huge incomes from play and endorsements for lavish over-the-top lifestyles, but that’s not the only game in town. The majority of pro athletes play their part, live their lives, and spend their salaries wisely. 

And a few go the extra mile, turning their fame and financial independence into a chance to do charitable works. Leading by example and leveraging their resources, they're sometimes responsible for raising millions for charities close to their hearts.

8 Retired Athletes Living an Inspiring Second Act

1. Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner built house to help people with disabilities

Not exactly a household name even in his prime, Cardinals quarterback Warner spent more time on good works during his career and less on seeking fame. In 1999, he established the First Things First Foundation, which focuses on providing emotional support and financial assistance to single parents with children in the hospital long term.

After retirement, Warner increased his charitable role, expanding his local outreach and paying for an annual Disney World trip for at-risk or underprivileged children. He has won the Muhammad Ali Sports Leadership Award and been named by USA Weekend as its Most Caring Athlete. 

2. Andrea Jaeger

Younger readers might not remember the name of this popular and successful professional tennis player from the 1980s, but those involved with her Silver Lining Foundation (later dubbed the Little Star Foundation) are very familiar with her. 

Andrea Jaeger rallies Little Star 'network' amid COVID-19 fight

In the 1990s, Jaeger donated all of her career earnings to build a Colorado retreat for youth cancer patients. This $1.4 million gift attracted other donors to the facility. The Foundation recently sold the retreat to focus on other endeavors but continues its work.

4.  Jeff Gordon

There are a lot of ways to fight cancer, with most of the attention and money going toward research for a cure. NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon goes the other route, putting his money, name, and efforts behind helping people who have cancer today.2014 Jeff Gordon #24 Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation 1/64 Diecast

The Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation, established in 1999, leverages Gordon’s wealth and solicits funds to support children battling cancer. They fund programs to treatments with higher survivorship and improve quality of life during treatment and care. A children’s hospital in North Carolina was named in his honor for his contributions.

4. Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey's Childhood Is More Tragic Than You Think

This infamous MMA fighter and Olympic Judo gold medal winner made waves with the speed at which she defeated both male and female opponents on the mat and in the octagon. She has retired from the UFC, but not from sports. She maintains a highly successful career in professional wrestling.

Since her partial retirement and before, Rousey has routinely given money and offered her name and influence to various charities. She specifically fights charities that help with hunger and mental health. For example, she supports the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, which offers free counseling to those without funds, and Freerice, a program that donates rice to hungry people all over the world. 

5. Andre Agassi

Tennis star Andre Agassi had a bad-boy reputation in the 1980s, but he has had decades of philanthropic efforts.20 Minutes With: Former World No. 1 Tennis Player Andre Agassi on Education  | Barron's

In 1994, well before retirement, he started the Andre Agassi Foundation. Based in Las Vegas, it uses Agassi’s funds and other contributions to provide safety, opportunity, and education for at-risk youth in the local area. In 2001, he established a tuition-free college preparatory academy. Underprivileged students who qualify receive top-notch education and coaching, with a 100% graduation and college acceptance rate.

6. Kristi Yamaguchi

Renowned figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi took Olympic gold and world titles both as an individual and with a partner. She later entered the Olympic Hall of Fame and became a celebrity champion on “Dancing With the Stars,” and she has long been a favorite for her skills and on-camera demeanor. But she has also earned our respect with what she’s done since hanging up her skates. 

Ice Theatre of New York to honor Kristi Yamaguchi

She organized the Always Dream Foundation, whose mission is supporting organizations that serve children, shortly after ceasing her Olympic participation. She donates her own money and collects funds through various activities, then passes them on to programs in need of support. In recent years, Always Dream has provided grants to purchase computers for afterschool enrichment programs, clothing for at-risk students, and summer camp tuition for the underprivileged.

7. Sergei Fedorov

This center for the Washington Capitals started his charitable involvement while he was still playing. In 1998, he donated his $2 million salary to establish a foundation to help underprivileged and at-risk children in and around Detroit.

Sergei Fedorov - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

The Sergei Fedorov Foundation supports children with summer camp tuition, college assistance, and finding jobs for teens to get them employment experience and keep them off the streets. It still operates today, over 20 years later, though it has expanded its mission into health and development concerns as well.

8. Dikembe Mutombo

This Hall of Famer played 18 seasons in the NBA but made his most significant mark in his humanitarian work. He started the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation in his native Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997. The effort began by using his excess wealth to leverage the differences in cost of living between the USA and the impoverished country, but it soon grew into a major effort to improve living conditions throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Defensive Player Ladder: Q&A with NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo |

Beyond that ongoing effort, Mutombo also participated in supporting causes, including the Special Olympics, funding a women’s Olympic Basketball team for Zaire, and helping the United Nations Development Program and Basketball Without Borders. In 2007, he finished a 10-year project of opening the first modern hospital in Kinshasa, the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital.

Final Thought

Honorable mention goes to President Jimmy Carter. He’s someone who has led stellar humanitarian efforts and also was an athlete. In high school, he played tennis, basketball and participated in track. At the U.S. Naval Academy, he ran cross country

In the 40 years since his presidency, Carter’s accomplishments include:


  • Founding the Carter Center at Emory University, dedicated to advancing peace and health worldwide and improving life in more than 80 countries
  • The near-eradication of Guinea worm disease worldwide
  • Founding the Carter Center to observe elections in more than 38 countries and ensure open, honest, safe voting
  • Working regularly with Habitat for Humanity, swinging a hammer on job sites into his 90s
  • Receiving the United Nations Human Rights Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Nobel Peace Prize

Any athlete (or anybody else) setting their sights on a post-retirement act that gathers applause, accolades, and attention should study this ex-president closely.

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The Future is Female

Feb 8, 2022 11:58:08 AM / by J F posted in marketing ideas, marketing opportunities, open sponsorship, Brand Endorsements, Investors, women, female athletes, WNBA, Draymond Green, Pay gap, International women's day



“Women are powerful” and “the future is female” are both encapsulating phrases that help empower women and their success. International Women's Day is approaching - March 8, 2022. This is the day for the world to celebrate women in all fields of work along with their accomplishments. One in particular is appreciating the influence women have had in the sports world, both as athletes and business women. 


It is never an easy fight for women in sports - there is a constant need to prove and stand up for themselves in a male dominated world. But that has not stopped them; women are succeeding on every level of the sport industry. Check out this list of the top 10 most powerful women in the business of sports in 2021.

The Fight for Equal Pay in Women's Sports - Women's Sports Foundation

Being a female athlete is one battle, but the biggest war is fighting to show just how amazing the female athlete truly is. The best example of women empowering women is the WNBA.

WNBA Celebrates 25 Seasons in 2021. Count It. – SportsLogos.Net News

The WNBA is a fantastic example of women fighting for their success every day as an association, not just as individual athletes. They are constantly competing against a billion dollar industry, the NBA, while trying to make a name for themselves, as well as create great opportunities for the women basketball players of the world. One area of distinction between the two leagues is the stark difference in player salaries - the average WNBA salary (less than $100,000) is only 1.5% of the average NBA salary (roughly $7 million). Draymond Green, NBA champion of the Warriors, has been known to support this crisis, and also states how important it is for them to target those who “say” they support equality for women, but do not take action to it. The answer to driving higher pay for WNBA players? Increasing revenues, which therefore would increase the salary pool . So how can that be accomplished?

Warriors' Draymond Green sounds off on WNBA-NBA pay gap, taking action | RSN

Draymond also discusses how important marketing campaigns are for female athletes. It can help generate revenue and awareness for this specific industry of women. There are thousands of fashion, skincare, beauty, food, beverage, wellness, and fitness brands that want women as the face of their brand because women are what sells the most. But they do not want female athletes. So it is important to help understand and promote female athletes in the marketing industry because not only will it help them generate more revenue and awareness, but it will also help women based industries like the WNBA. 

OpenSponsorship is the world's largest and smartest marketing platform. WIth over 11,000 athletes, 2,600 of them are females, we can help place the right athletes to the right brands. Opensponsorship can help influence brands to want to work with females athletes, even more specially WNBA players. Ishveen Jolly, our CEO, is a powerful woman in the business of sports. As a female herself she understands the importance of helping guarantee these female athletes what they deserve and not the bare minimum.

On the other hand, there is groundbreaking news for the WNBA. The WNBA recently had a huge breakthrough as they recently were able to raise $75 million from gaining a dozen of new investors. This revenue will be going towards revamping the association and giving what the player deserves in terms of expansions, salaries, and benefits. These investors include funding from Nike, Condoleezza Rice, Laurene Powell Jobs, Pau Gasol, N.B.A. and W.N.B.A. team owners, and other sports and business figures. This not only helps excel women's sports in general, not only the WNBA. It will help fans and investors around the world be able to take women and women in sports more seriously by showing their worth. It is a constant battle for women everyday they step out into the world, it is important that those who say they are advocating for women equality, really are. 

Support female athlete, female leagues, and most importantly support women as gender.

Happy International Women's Day!

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4 Reasons Athletes are the Best Ambassadors for Real Estate

Jan 31, 2022 7:06:53 AM / by J F posted in marketing opportunities, open sponsorship, brand ambassador, Daniela Zohlman, Real estate, Baron Davis, Athlete relocation


Top 4 Reasons Athletes are the Best Real Estate Ambassadors

The life of a professional athlete is something that is always changing. While their career is never guaranteed, neither is the location or team they play for. Athlete relocation is a real thing. This makes pro athletes the pinnacle of moving. Due to contracts, trade, and waives, athletes can move multiple times throughout their career, sometimes multiple times during the season. It can be argued that it is hard for them to settle. 

After Nearly Three Years on the Market, Shaquille O'Neal Finds Buyer For  Florida Megamansion - Mansion Global

As the world’s largest and smartest marketplace for connecting athletes in search of sponsorship to brands looking for athlete influencers to sponsor their product, Opensponsorship thinks the real estate industry is a great hit for both sides of the deal. 

So…..wouldn't you say that the real estate industry can benefit from partnering with athletes? There are several reasons why. Here are 4 of them:


They are constantly moving to prime real estate cities. 

Professional sports teams (NBA, NFL, MLB, etc.) are often located in major cities and prime locations for that state. When you turn the corner, there are athletes everywhere in your city. Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago are big cities with different real estate industries, but each of these industries contain a plethora of athletes. The real estate market this past year was booming and it has made homes in particular cities prime investments for professional sport athletes who are newcomers to these cities.

Daniela Zohlman, a local luxury real estate agent in Miami, Florida noted "that the recent events in the real estate market has made finding the right house for athletes a lot more difficult, but rewarding." Here is a list of top real estate locations within the last year that also host multiple professional sports teams.

- Denver, Colorado = Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Rockies (MLB) Colorado Avalanche (NHL), & Denver Broncos (NFL)

- Los Angeles = Los Angeles Lakers & Clippers (NBA) Los Angeles Rams (NFL) Los Angeles Angels & Dodgers (MLB), Anaheim Ducks & LA Kings (NHL)

- Charlotte, North Carolina = Carolina Panthers (NFL), Charlotte Hornets (NBA)
- Dallas, Texas = Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Texas Rangers (MBL), Dallas Mavericks (NBA)
- Phoenix, Arizona = Arizona Cardinals (NFL), Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), Phoenix Suns (NBA)
The Closest Big 4 Pro Sports Team to Each US County (NHL/NFL/MLB/NBA) [OC]  [4000x2700] : r/MapPorn


Players often move due to trades, new contracts, and waivers.

Professional players have to move on the spot with no idea of where exactly they will live in a new city. As athletes relocate, they often have up to 3 days to report to the new team.

Daniela, an expert in the real estate industry (Engel & Voelkers), sat down with us to discuss her experience with athlete relocation, the challenges, and perks of working with athletes. She stated that athletes she works with can sometimes be challenging because they are more interested in off market real state. This can be houses that may not be listed on the market currently or homes that are still occupied. Professional athletes like exclusive homes that often come with amenities that may be hard to come by. So the market can be slim. It is also a timely process that sometimes needs to happen a lot sooner than can be processed. But with all that, she agrees that the real estate industry definitely benefits from them in many ways and that athletes could be a great brand ambassador for the industries because it can describe their annual lifestyle. It not only helps benefit the athlete, but helps the market as well. With this short time span athletes have to discover a new house and pick up and move their families and things into a new city.

While teams often provide moving services, there isn't often a real estate agency waiting to give them the house they may want or need. Statistics show that in the 2020-2021 NBA season, there were a total of 24 trades, each deal containing multiple athletes. While in the NFL, in March 2021 there were 17 trades that happened.

Athletes often purchase multiple homes.

Professional athletes rarely get to play for their home cities. For instance a player may be born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, but will be drafted or contracted to play in the Bay Area/ San Francisco. While seasons do not last the entire year, players want to be able to be comfortable in their home cities with a home there. That way they always have a place to be close to their families and a place during the off season. They also have a home in the city they are currently playing for, whether they choose to rent or buy, they have to have a semi-permanent place to stay during the season.

Athletes also often buy a house for their families. There are plenty of feel-good stories of newly professional athletes making their first big purchase as a new house for their mom, or paying off a house for their mom. This can be a dream marketing opportunity for real estate investors and agents. It creates a specific category for the real estate industry that is beneficial to particular real estate brokers, investors, and agents in local cities.

Pro athletes often turn into real estate investors during or after their career.

Have you ever heard of Sweet Ventures? This is a real estate agency founded by NFL player William Sweet, and hosts several property rentals. Sweet felt a sense of urgency early on in his career to invest his playing earnings, given the average NFL career lasts merely three seasons. He quickly decided real estate was an effective way to preserve and invest those earnings.  When it comes time for professional athletes to retire, they are often looking for avenues to invest and create income opportunities. Real estate is one of the best markets to do so, particularly in certain markets where home values continue to swell above their purchase price.

There are many current and retired athletes that have entered into the real estate space. One of them being, Baron Davis. Davis is the prime example of an invested-minded athlete, as he often invests into many other categories as well, who has placed heavy emphasis on real estate investment.

There are also several retired pro athletes that are well known for being real estate investors as well as real estate brokers. Here are some:Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith, Magic Johnson, Shaq O’Neal, David Robinson, Alex Rodriguez, & Martin Braithwire. Braithwire explained his reasoning for investing in real estate: “I want to win in anything I do, but I want my business career to define me far more than my sports career. A sports career is short-lived and is uncertain. Business real estate, legacy, passing it down to your children, that goes on for generations long after I'm gone.”


Martin Braithwaite | FacebookMartin Braithwire

To conclude, athletes are great ambassadors for real estate companies.  They are frequent movers, live in high-profile markets (markets that also happen to be the fastest growing) and are often the most popular celebrities in these markets, and also continue to invest in real estate during and after careers. Using athletes as brand ambassadors can generate exposure and create credibility amongst potential clients. Look no further than OpenSponsorship when it comes to facilitating these partnerships - we work with 12,000 pro + college athletes and have done over 10,000 deals. It is such a simple piece of the puzzle: athletes can be a vital piece of the "game plan" for any real estate firm's marketing strategy. 

OpenSponsorship | LinkedIn

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YouTube advertising with influencers

Feb 10, 2021 1:07:00 PM / by Ishveen Jolly posted in marketing opportunities


When looking at levering influencers for your YouTube advertising and marketing campaigns, athlete influencers are a great option. Athlete influencers are increasingly joining YouTube and producing great content that has high engagement, a lot of viewers. YouTube influencer marketing relies on the influencer being an expert for the brand - luckily for us and you athletes are experts and credible voices on many topics whether that be health + wellness, fashion, food, staying healthy, managing finances, caring for family and friends, entertainment, gaming, and many more topics.

Athlete influencers are able to build YouTube content that relates to their sports, their life off the field, their endorsements, their charitable ventures and more. The ability for athletes to add content that relates to their life as well as their brand marketing and endorsements is important for an engaged fanbase. 

Options on how to leverage athlete influencers in YouTube advertising campaigns include:

1. Integrations with the athlete promoting your products between a video of other highly engaging and potentially viral YouTube content. 

2. Having a fun video from the athlete influencer showing off the uniqueness in your product in an engaging and interesting way. 

3. Integrate your products into the athlete YouTube video production e.g. if you are f&b brand, the athlete showing you fit in their day, or being part of a gaming video. Or if you are a sleep product showing the athlete's night regime. 

When using athlete influencers in YouTube there are many ways to ensure you get ROI and that you are able to track ROI:

1. Include a coupon code in the YouTube video by the athlete influencer so that even if someone doesn't seem the below comments or text, they can use the coupon for a discount which can be tracked. 

2. Add a UTM tracking link in the comments of the YouTube video. One of the best things about YouTube influencer campaigns are that you can add a clickable link so viewers can go straight from the YouTube athlete influencer video to your ecommerce site to shop. 

Now that you are sold on athlete influencers for YouTube advertising and marketing campaigns, here are some of our athletes on YouTube. To see the full list - signup for a free brand account and you can search by YouTube

Soccer athlete influencers on YouTube: 

Soccer athlete Luis Nani, captain of Orlando City SC - LINK

Soccer athlete Karim Benzema - LINK 

Soccer athlete in Futsal Michael Bolvin - LINK

Wresting / MMA / UFC athlete influencers on YouTube:

Wresting athlete Chris Jericho - LINK

MMA athlete Georges St Pierre - LINK

MMA athlete Francis Ngannou - LINK

WWE athlete Daria "Sonya Deville" Berenato - LINK

NBA / Basketball athlete influencers on YouTube:

NBA athlete Nate Robinson - LINK

NBA athlete Amare Stoudemire - LINK

Street basketball legend Tom Connors - LINK

American Football athlete influencers on YouTube:

NFL athlete Jamal Adams - LINK

NFL athlete Terron Beckham - LINK

NFL athlete Tyreek Hill - LINK

Olympic athlete influencers on YouTube:

Olympic skiing Julia Mancuso - LINK

Olympic Gymnast Jake Dalton - LINK

Olympic Track and Field athlete Michelle Carter - LINK

Automobile racing athlete influencers on YouTube:

Automobile racing athlete Hailie Deegan - LINK

Automobile racing athlete Collete Davis - LINK

Automobile racing athlete Gustavo Yacaman - LINK


Jake Dalton youtube


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Why your brand should partner with olympic athletes

Sep 29, 2020 9:45:48 AM / by Ashton Jimenez posted in marketing opportunities, olympics, open sponsorship


Every four years, the whole world joins together to celebrate the talented athletes who participate in the Olympic games. This year, the 2020 Olympics were postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. This delay creates a unique opportunity for brands to launch long-term campaigns to drive continuous sales growth across both the summer and winter games. Who should the focus be for these campaigns? Olympic athletes.

The prolonged spotlight on Olympic athletes makes them the best candidate for your brand’s next influencer marketing campaign. Not only are Olympic athletes competing on a world stage, they have strong ties at the local and national level. Brands can utilize this reach by sponsoring an Olympic athlete with a strong personal brand.

Due to Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter, brands are not able to reference the Games in any marketing capacity during the blackout period from nine days before the opening and three days after the closing of the Olympics. What does this rule mean for you? It is even more important for brands to work with athletes before this blackout period begins, and ensure their marketing campaigns during the games follow the limitations set forth by the rule.

The OpenSponsorship platform is a great way to make successful sponsorship deals with Olympic athletes. The large followings of these athletes can be leveraged by your brand to increase your sales and social media engagement. Here are some great examples of deals with Olympic athletes from the OpenSponsorship platform:

1. Gabby Douglas x Little Ceasers

This partnership utilized a TikTok video that has reached over 20.7 million views on the platform. Gabby Douglas’ olympic gymnastic moves helped propel this video to become a viral sensation, creating great exposure for Little Ceasers. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 3.59.52 PM


2. Kristi Castlin x TIDL

Kristi, a 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist in the 100 m hurdles, is one of several olympic athletes who partnered with TIDL sports through our platform. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 3.52.24 PM

3. Rose Lavelle and Emily Sonnett x Quorn

These two US Women’s Soccer National Team are both partnered with Quorn. Most recently, they participated in a friendly competition cook-off using Quorn products! Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 3.50.11 PM

4. Steven Benedict x The Frazier Brand

Steven Benedict, a professional track and field athlete and an Olympic hopeful, partnered with The Frazier Brand for some inspiring content!

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 3.44.06 PM

Partner with an Olympic athlete for your next influencer marketing campaign and reach a loyal fan base to help increase your engagement and sales. OpenSponsorship provides you with the opportunity to connect with a long list of Olympic athletes. Sign up now to get started!

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Retargeting customers using athletes influencers with whitelisting UGC

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Repurposing the content that comes from the athlete influencer deal is really important. We have written a lot on the topic of how to get the maximum ROI from athlete influencer campaigns by whitelisting the athlete social platform to boost ads, adding the athlete content to an email marketing campaign to increase click through rates, or adding the content to areas of your website to reduce bounce rates. 

Here is a chart from Shopify showing that 80% of female US digital shoppers have had second thoughts about buying something they added to their shopping cart impulsively. This % remains fairly consistent across all genders and age ranges, showing that all ecommerce stores need to be working hard to retarget their potential customers in ways to get them to make the leap of faith and purchase the product! 

Abandon Cart-Shopify Presentation

Retargeting these customers via Facebook using the athlete's Facebook and Instagram channel and showing a great UGC from the athlete showing why the product is great is just what is needed. We have proven to deliver 8x ROAS using this strategy. And of course it makes sense - when a potential customer leaves your site, it helps to see more ads from you (of course you are going to say your products are great), it helps even more to show ads from other people saying you are great.  

We have tested this across micro and macro athlete influencers and have found that the strategy works just as well with well known athlete superstars, as well as micro athlete influencers who might not be very recognizable but produce great content. In fact we often recommend this strategy of starting with a few micro / medium athlete influencers for around $500 - $1K per athlete. Just make sure you select athlete influencers who are authentically interested in your brand and will make great content. Then use them in a whitelisting retargeting campaign so you can compare and contrast what works. You can do this for as little as around $10K - see more in this whitelisting proposal deck. 

Belen Mozo sponsored

We are really excited about the ability to get brand awareness uplift from athletes, as well as use their content to drive sales by retargeting your website customers who didn't make it to purchase. Drop us an email to learn more or sign up for a free account today at



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