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5 Ways to Use Athlete Influencers in a Sleep Focused Campaign

Mar 9, 2021 4:13:46 PM / by Sarah Abbe posted in sleep, Parterships, influencer marketing agency, sleepinfluencer


Without getting the proper amount of sleep, an athlete is unable to perform to his or her best ability both physically and mentally. Thus, in order to leverage influencers in your sleep focused campaign, look no further than athlete influencers to promote your brand. Athletes amass large followings on their social media pages that are impressionable and actively engaged. Because they truly understand the importance of sleep, athletes can speak passionately and persuade their audience to purchase a sleep product. Ultimately, creating partnerships with athlete influencers will allow sleep based companies to aggregate a profitable audience.  

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Athlete recovery in professional sports: how our brands can help

Sep 6, 2017 5:02:33 PM / by Arsène Rasoamanana posted in mental, mental boost, muscle recovery, pickle juice, pickle power, recovery, sleep, smart mattress, sports sponsorship, stretching, Tranzlabs, u-gym, Uncategorized, vitamins, athlete recovery, boost, Brand Endorsements, Brazyn, cramp, cramps, deep muscle massage, eight, eight sleep, foam roller


When we think of professional athletes, the first things to pop in mind are likely to be: training, dedication, nutrition. However, rest and recovery are as important as the above mentioned! Without a good recovery, all the past training and nutritional plans won't blossom as well. Recovery techniques and technologies have largely evolved thus, improving athlete recovery. In this article we will talk about the brands great products for athlete recovery

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