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B2B sports sponsorship? That’s A-OK

Nov 1, 2016 1:50:06 PM / by Ishveen Jolly posted in Aon, KPMG, Lotus, Manchester United, Phil Mickelson, ROI, sports sponsorship, teams, athletes, B2B, Barclays, Brand Endorsements, business, Dell, EMC, Endorsement, events, Formula 1, Guinness World Record


We hear it all the time: Sports sponsorship isn't a B2B strategy. There's no concept of B2B sports sponsorship.

While it's a valid concern from companies who focus on B2B sales ... if you think about the pro sports community and the $60B in sponsorship spend that you see at work every time you tune into a game, you’ll realize that this thinking has little merit.

B2B sports sponsorship


Sports fan-hood is omni-present; it can be experienced by anyone ... even the chairmen and CEOs of your partners and future partners. By employing B2B sports sponsorship, you can get face-time and favor among this elite group. Having an endorsement deal with an athlete, team, or event will reinforce your brand, build your reputation, and grow exposure no matter what market you are in. And being a recognized sponsor can provide benefits for helping you conduct further business, including a luxury suite at a game to host VIP guests and facilitating introductions to their favorite stars.

B2B Sports sponsorship is affordable, has proven ROI, and can be applied to nearly any business, including those who sell software, financial services, healthcare, security and all other verticals. To create your brand profile and schedule a demo today, please visit

What does B2B sports sponsorship even look like? Here are three of our favorite B2B sports sponsorship deals:

1. Aon and Manchester United. There is no risk management needed when you sponsor one of the five most valuable sports franchises in the world.

2. In 2014, EMC's branded Lotus Formula 1 car set a Guinness World Record with this stunt (not during championship racing, of course).  EMC was later acquired by Dell in Q4 of 2015.
*Quiz: How many EMC logos can you count in 30 seconds?

3. I'd like to think Phil Mickelson, who wears both KPMG and Barclays logos during tournament play, sat in on this meeting.


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2016 - a great start to the year - sports sponsorship galore

Jan 22, 2016 9:52:08 PM / by Ishveen Jolly posted in 500startups, accelerator, rightsholder, sanfrancisco, sponsorship, sports, targets, teams, Uncategorized, athletes, brands


IT’S 2016 and we are super excited to share with you how our year has started. We have worked hard to make the sports sponsorship industry more efficient and effective. With the close of 2015 we focused on athlete endorsements, event partnerships with brands and SAAS tools to generally improve the sports sponsorship process, via the marketplace.
As our valued user, reader and follower, we want to thank you for your continued support and interest in our sports sponsorship marketplace. Below are some highlights and what you can expect from us this year:
  1. We now have over 1500 rights holders and 650 brands signed up to the platform interested in sports sponsorship partners. We have directly connected brands from across the world - big and small - with over 300 athletes and events, to enter into product, royalty, equity and cash endorsement deals.
  2. We got into the highly coveted 500 startups accelerator in San Francisco.
    • Definition Accelerator: something that brings about acceleration, in particular the device, typically a pedal, that controls the speed of the engine.
    • We definitely have our foot on the pedal with the amazing team here, so expect big and bold things from the OpenSponsorship engine!
  3. We are adding new tools and functionality constantly. You will be updated on these over the coming weeks, and we really value your feedback. Let us know how we can improve your experience on the platform, how you think we can grow the community and generally how we can make the World of Sports Sponsorship more efficient, effective and fun!
We wish you all a great 2016 and if you find yourselves in San  Francisco give us a shout.
Love from Ishveen and your OpenSponsorship family.


Love from OpenSponsorship - the sports sponsorship marketplace Love from the best sports sponsorship marketplace connecting brands to teams, events and athletes for cash, product, royalty and equity endorsements


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