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UEFA Euro 2020 Athletes on OpenSponsorship

May 25, 2021 11:51:21 AM / by Tracey Wilson posted in Sponsor, football, soccer, Euro 2020, UEFA


European soccer has been a positive outlet from the stresses of this past year, and the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament is another opportunity to sponsor some stand-out athletes popular both regionally and internationally. This is the first time that the tournament will be held in more than two countries, with half of the countries hosting an international tournament for the first time. The tournament will also be celebrating its 60th anniversary and projecting that it will have over 5 billion live viewers. So, this is a great opportunity to reach an audience excited to be back in stadiums and engaged with their favorite sport and athletes. 

Because Euro 2020 was rescheduled for June 11 to July 11 now is the best time to connect with some of our athletes for sponsorship. Here are some of our athletes taking part in the tournament that would be ideal for any brand looking to capitalize on the digital connection fans have built with their favorite athletes. 

Recognized for his exceptional passing, shooting, and dribbling abilities, the 29 year old midfielder from Belgium is widely considered as one of the best players in the world. Kevin De Bruyne plays a fundamental role in the Belgium national soccer team, and alongside Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, they made a deadly trident up front. Other than the numerous titles that he has won playing at Manchester City, he has been awarded important individual achievements such as "Bundesliga Player of the Year", "Manchester City Player of the Year", "FIFA World Cup Dream Team: 2018", and "Premier League Playmaker of the season". Now, on the 2020-2021 season, De Bruyne has lead Manchester City to reach its first UEFA Champions League final, looking to raise the first-ever UEFA title for the club. Clearly, one of the EURO 2021 main attractions.

For Manchester United, Romelu Lukaku played a key role on the team through his aggressive passing, which led to many goals, but since joining Inter Milan he has been making his mark as a striker scoring 34 goals in 51 matches this past year. In addition to reaching his personal goal of 300 career goals Lukaku has been awarded "2019-20 UEFA Europa League Player of the Season," "Best Belgium Footballer abroad: 2020," "IFFHS World's Top Goal Scorer: 2020," and the "Italian Football Hall of Fame (Davide Astoria Fair Play Award): 2019." In addition to this Lukaku strives to maintain a positive presence on social media, even in the face of adversity.

Defensive players do not always get the recognition they deserve, but Dutch National Daley Blind is one that stands out. Blind rose to prominence through his defensive strategies and performance during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which is considered an impressive example of modern defending. Daley started his career with Ajax, having come up through the academy, but he also had the opportunity to play for Manchester United, where he played a crucial role in the 2015 FA Cup triumph. Daley has since returned to his boyhood club, Ajax, where he continues to prove his versatility and has also acted as a leader to the younger players on the squad as the vice-captain.

John Stones is a young English defensive back, who has been part of the impressive Premier League Championship-winning Manchester City squad for the past three seasons. Stones is also slated to be one of the best center-backs in world football today and expected to play a key role in the Champions League final this Saturday. Since joining Manchester City Stones has enjoyed some real positive momentum, which has been attracting attention from rival clubs this transfer window. Stones shows a real passion and excitement, which is anticipated to help this young defender to continue to rise as he builds his career.

With the transfer window coming up Declan Rice is another young prospect getting a lot of attention from rival teams such as Chelsea and Manchester United. Rice has made his mark as a midfielder for West Ham United where he has scored several key goals for the club and has been awarded "West Ham United Player of the Year: 2019-20." In addition to this honor, Rice was "London Football Awards Young Player of the Year: 2019" and has played for both the Republic of Ireland and English National Teams.

N'Golo Kante is a strong and versatile midfielder known for his ball-winning abilities and has become more offensively driven under the Chelsea manager, scoring more goals and providing more assists than he had previously. Kante was an integral member in Leicester City winning its first Premier League title and has since had a notable and successful rise within the English league. In addition to his two Premier League title wins he has been awarded "Leicester City Players' Player of the Year: 2015-16," "Chelsea Player of the Year: 2016-17, 2017-18," "French Player of the Year: 2017" and "ESPN Midfielder of the Year: 2019." Kante was even France's "Man of the Match" for his performance in the 2018 FIFA World Cup match against Denmark.

Fellow Frenchman Karim Benzema has made a similar impact in the Spanish League, La Liga. Benzema has been a creative and dynamic striker for Real Madrid since 2009 where he has raised the league trophy there times and is hailed for his performance in the most recent title race. This season he even rose in the La Liga goal rankings to be just below Lionel Messi. In addition to his La Liga success, Benzema has been awarded "UNFP Best French Player Playing Abroad: 2018-19, 2020-21," "Trofeo Alfredo Di Stefano: 2019-20 (Annual Association Football Award)," and "MARCA's Best Player in 2019-20." Benzema has also had the opportunity to play for the French National Team in the FIFA World Cup four times.

Portugal is another talent-producing powerhouse in Europe and Andre Silva is just one of several athletes you can find on OpenSponsorship playing in Euro 2020. Silva recently transferred from Serie A's AC Milan to Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany, where he scored 26 goals in 31 games. At the age of 25, Silva has already been honored as "Segunda Liga Breakthrough Player of the Year: 2015-16," "Bundesliga Goal of the Month: June 2020," and "Bundesliga Player of the Month: January 2021." Within the Bundesliga Silva has made great strides towards his full potential, gaining the interest of other international clubs such as Barcelona and Manchester United.

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Athletes on TikTok

Mar 30, 2020 4:08:57 PM / by Zack Smith posted in ad, ads opportunities, how to find sponsorship, influencer marketing, influencers, LeBron James, marketing, marketing ideas, marketing opportunities, marketing strategy, marketing tools, NBA, open sponsorship, OpenSponsorship, shaquille o'neal, social media, social media athletes, Sponsor, sponsored athletes, sponsoring athletes, sponsors, sponsorship, sponsorships, sports, sports marketing, sports marketing campaigns, sports sponsorship, sports sponsorships, sports technology for athletes, athlete endorsement, Athlete Endorsements, athlete marketing, athletes on social media, Basketball, brand deals, Brand Endorsements, brands, Endorsement, endorsements, fan engagement, National Basketball Association, trends, Tik Tok


The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the sports world by storm, and athletes now have an unprecedented amount of time on their hands leading to an increase in the number of athletes on TikTok. Some are taking on new hobbies -see Giannis Antetokounmpo learning the guitar and Cody Zeller learning to cook and play the guitar (well, trying to). Some are doing their best to stay in shape at home- nice setup, Serge Ibaka! But most of all, athletes are more active and engaging on social media than ever before. The most interesting takeaway from this uptick in social media activity has been the increase in athletes on TikTok.

If you’re not familiar by now, TikTok is a social media platform where users can post short videos of just about anything they want- dancing, comedy, music, tricks, or one of the countless “challenges” that go viral on the platform. TikTok began to take off in 2019 has over 500 million active users, making it a great place for influencers, like athletes, to build their brand and engage with their audience.

The sports world began to take notice long ago, with teams, leagues, broadcast networks, and even team mascots creating accounts and regularly posting content, ranging from highlights, messages from players, and just normal funny clips. The NBA even invited TikTok stars Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, and Jalaiah to 2020 All-Star Weekend. The former three made videos with several NBA stars, including OpenSponsorship athletes Nikola Jokic and Pascal Siakam, and even helped out Aaron Gordon with this Dunk Contest dunk! And now, with athletes home and quarantining, they have had the time to join in on the fun themselves, and we love seeing athletes on TikTok.

Philadelphia 76ers rookie Matisse Thybulle was one of the first- “the only logical thing for me to do at this point is to start making TikToks!” He has been regularly posting content, even taking the time one day to interact with a fan who was hoping an NBA player would notice his post. Star Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant joined in too, making a fake player introduction to help cope with him missing basketball. Young Thunder stars Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Darius Bazley teamed up in a different way than usual to perform one of the hundreds of viral dances that become popular on TikTok.

But it’s not just the young guys having fun on TikTok, even the world champ athletes are on TikTok! LeBron James and his family enjoy the platform, where LeBron’s son Bronny posted a video of the family dancing that LeBron later re-posted on his Instagram story. Retired athletes on TikTok include NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal who is a regular on the platform and collaborated with Forto Coffee to create a fun and energized post promoting their coffee shots that received over 310 thousand impressions and nearly 19 thousand engagements.

TikTok is the hottest social media platform in the world right now and athletes on TikTok prove that the sports world is taking notice. These posts garner massive amounts of impressions and engagement from fans and partnering with athletes on TikTok is the perfect way for brands to connect with these audiences. Talk to an OpenSponsorship rep today to take advantage of this opportunity, or send us an email

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Four Reasons Why Your Brand Should Sponsor Sports  Events

Jan 15, 2020 4:57:24 PM / by Spencer Peek posted in Sponsor, sponsorship campaigns, sports sponsorships, events, Parterships


Sponsorship of sports events has been a strategy in place for decades, however with the rise of digital marketing some marketers think event sponsorship is outdated - not the case! Sponsorship of sports events is more relevant, alive and effective as ever, thanks to a big need for brands to directly connect with their customers; get their products into the hands of customers and win trust and loyalty. 

The modern consumer is constantly bombarded with information from companies vying for their business. As a result of this, consumers are hesitant to engage with a business they have never heard of (even if it is the better choice) and instead go with the brand that they know and trust.

This has caused a dilemma for new brands trying to break into industries. How do you develop a relationship with new customers that directly leads to new business? An excellent way to build this trust with consumers is through sponsorship of sports events where you can directly connect with your target audience. 

OpenSponsorship, your one-stop shop for sports marketing, can help you tap into sponsorship of sports events OR if you are already doing it, then we can help you to maximise your ROI through best practices. Book a demo today to learn more. Here are four reasons why sponsorship of a sports event makes sense for your marketing strategy. 

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

Having a known reputable sports event promote your brand logo, name and messaging is one of the best ways to drive brand awareness in an effective way. The more authentic the fit between brand and event, the better. The more aligned the audience of the event to your existing or desired target audience, the better. Example: Party City is a significant sponsor of sports team and events; sports is often a family affair and a celebratory one (hopefully!!), so it’s a perfect fit. 

Brand Awareness from the sponsorship of a sports event is not just signage at the event, it also includes your logo on their website, emails, marketing materials, PR and any other content they are putting out. 

  1. Lead Generation

Sponsorship of sports events is a great way to drive lead generation - whether email, phone numbers, app downloads and actual paying customers. 

Pre-event: The event organizers will often give the sponsor access to the attendees directly, or will promote the sponsorship to their attendees with a call-to-action from the brand. Thus, before the event even begins, the ability to sell and/ or collect leads gets started. 

During the event: Typical sponsorship of sports events includes a booth where your company representatives can engage directly with potential customers. Thus the ability to collect contact details, emails, customer feedback continues. Even take a credit card machine so you can sell your products right there, if applicable. 

Post-event: When you follow up with attendees you met or the list of attendees provided by the event organizers, the response rate will go up significantly because they recall your brand name and the brand loyalty you have brought by sponsoring the event they just attended. 

  1. Product Sampling

Sponsorship of sports events is a phenomenal way to get real-time, honest feedback from your - current or prospective - customers. Product sampling is an awesome benefit of sponsorship of sports event. Some companies will even take product sampling one step further and sell their products to the event attendees.  

Another great benefit of product sampling at sports events is that there is a higher chance the attendees will save your product given your product is a memento from that special sports event they attended - the same can't be said from most other tradeshows or street side product sampling! 

Depending on your sponsorship contract with the event, you may be able to use the logo of the event to customize your product to make it even more special. 

  1. Developing Goodwill, Loyalty and Community Relationships

Sponsorship of sports events is not only a marketing strategy, but it is often a CSR or Community activity. Everyone knows that sponsorship is often the only reason an event can be put on, and therefore many attendees are very thankful of the sponsors and rewards those companies with their loyalty. 

Investing in communities is a must and sponsorship of sports events is a great way to invest in your community, as well as getting the marketing benefits associated with the event. There are also many events that are purely charitable, e.g. one of our partners Tiger Woods Foundation who we partnered up with Tito's Vodka. 


Want to bolster your brands image through sporting event sponsorship? You're in luck, we have three exciting properties across three sports that are sure to help your company build brand awareness and exceed ROI goals.

Looking to place your brand in some of the most iconic venues on the planet? The American Rodeo at AT&T Stadium and Rodeo New York at Madison Square Garden are excellent opportunities to reach a massive audience in an organic way.


Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 11.16.28 AM


Targeting a college student or young adult demographic? Check out our offerings with the PGA of America property Nextgengolf. These events will give your company the chance to reach hundreds of thousands of consumers who are gaining spending power by way of email lists and on-site activation.


Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 11.18.40 AM


Looking to tap into the new wave of streamed sports? The American 7s Football League is one of the fastest growing sports leagues in America. With front page promotion and live streaming on Twitch and Facebook Watch along with a TV distribution deal secured on Eleven Sports, the A7FL is poised to have another breakout year.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 11.13.49 AM


Come check out these offerings and all the other exciting opportunities we have at OpenSponsorship

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Sports innovation for athletes

Jun 23, 2017 3:59:58 PM / by Arsène Rasoamanana posted in american football, humon, influencer marketing, innovation, innovation for athletes, innovations for athletes, marketing, marketing opportunities, NBA, NFL, Sponsor, sponsoring athletes, sponsorship, sport technology, sports, sports innovation for athletes, sports marketing, sports sponsorship, sports techie, sports technology, statsports, UFC, vicis, athlete health, athletes on social media, Brand Endorsements, breakthroughs, Endorsement, football, guardlab


What's cooler than sports innovation for athletes? It enables athletes to play harder for their team, be safer while competing and fans can know more about their favorite athletes.

OpenSponsorship is the leading marketplace for sports sponsorship. We are finding ways to connect more of these cool brands to professional athletes. This week we have been focused on finding out who are the coolest companies bringing sports innovation for athletes. We then find ways to make these matches between the brands and pro athletes. We help the sports innovation companies decide who to use, what to do and how to do it (clue: largely social media and content marketing based).

Our friends over at Sportstechie have been a major source of knowledge to understand who is leading the charge in sports innovation for athletes. We have also been referencing the sports brands highlighted by the Sports Technology Awards (quick plug: we were named a finalist in 2015 in the category of Best Technology facilitating commercial returns!).

So how do we do this matchmaking process for these companies who are bringing sports innovation for athletes? Thanks to integrations with IBM Watson and the largest marketplace network of athletes, globally, we are able to find which athletes who are talking about sports innovation; who are already promoting innovative products and even find which athletes get the best engagement on social media when they do promote a sports innovation for athletes.

Our Top 4 Sports Technology Products Which Stood Out As Great Sports Innovation For Athletes And Teams

I/ GuardLab's 3D Printed Mouthguard

Sports innovation, sports technology: Guardlab, 3D printed mouthguard

Concussions are plaguing sports nowadays and thus this first entry on our 'sports innovation for athletes' list operates in the all-important security space. According to Head Case's website, the number of total concussions doubled from 2002 to 2012. Mouthguards are an integral part of head protection in many sports. Such as rugby, soccer, american football, combat sports and of course martial arts. Lots of players throw their elbows from left to right at head height. It is easily understandable that players want to protect their head, mouth and teeth. 3D printed mouthguards ensure a top-notch fit and thus, protection.

Our idea for this sports innovation, Guardlabs, is to find an athlete that is not happy with their current fit, and design a custom product for the athlete to use. A great before and after shot showing the better fit would be great. Using an MMA fighter who is known to produce great content would be recommended. Someone such as Andre Fili - full disclosure we assume he wears a good mouthguard.

II/ Vicis' Zero 1 Football Helmet


Sports innovation for athletes: Vicis Zero 1 Helmet Vicis Zero 1


Football helmets are known to be hard, very hard. Football helmets all feature the same principle: a hard shell coupled with padding inside for comfort and shock absorption. However, Vicis is going in the opposite direction by featuring a soft shell and multiple layers to redistribute the impact over the whole helmet. And thus this helmet is second on our list of best sports innovations for athletes.  Judging by their testing, helmets are much more efficient by absorbing impacts with a soft and adaptive surface. This approach could reduce concussions significantly.

Our idea for this sports innovation, Vicis, is to find an athlete that is known for hard knocks. Such as a Defensive Tackle in the NFL e.g. Cleveland Browns athlete Desmond Bryant.

III/ StatSports' Sensors

Sports innovation, Sports technology: StatSports tracking device and software

StatsSports have been developing sensors which are being used by lots of sports teams across 6 of the most popular sports in the world. Soccer (FC Barcelona, Juventus), rugby (Springboks, Chiefs), football (Panthers, Raiders), hockey, athletics and basketball (Grizzlies, Wizards). These Sensors get into our list of top sports innovations for athletes thanks to the incredible accuracy in measuring many criteria. E.g. for American football - Power, Snap reaction, speed and acceleration at time of first hit. This sports innovation is all about helping performance.

Our idea for StatSports, is to use their sports innovation for athletes, by exemplifying the accuracy of Statsports Sensors over traditional methods. They could have a NFL player do the 40 yard dash and then post it on social media. Fans could guess what the acceleration rate was, and whoever got closest to the StatSports time gets to meet the player. Jeremy Langford, NFL running back for the Chicago bears would be great for this sponsorship.

IV/ Humon Hex

Sports innovations for athletes: Humon HexThis innovation in sports for athletes focuses on performance and predicting tiredness, by determining Oxygen levels in real-time. This sports innovation also helps athletes know if they are warmed up enough before a workout. Then allows athletes to set limits for a workout and enables athletes to quantify the effort they are putting in.

Our idea for Humon Hex is to use their sports innovation on athletes who have been active on social media talking about oxygen levels and its importance. E.g. recently surfer Luke Davis told his Twitter followers that he was taking "oxygen utilization" supplements.

If you are a brand sign up for free here to access our roster of 2600+ athletes, teams and events. If you are an athlete you can sign up for a free account here. Then, start applying to campaigns posted by our brands! :)


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How Can Athletes Find More Marketing Deals?

Apr 11, 2017 2:43:54 PM / by Jason Lampkin posted in Influencer, influencer marketing, influencers, jason lampkin, Local athletes, Local Businesses, social media, social media athletes, Sponsor, sponsored athletes, sponsoring athletes, sponsors, sports, sports brands, Sports Sponsor, sports sponsorship, sports sponsorships, athlete, athlete endorsement, Athlete Endorsements, athlete influencer, athlete marketing, Brand, brand ambassador, brand building, Brand Endorsements, branding, business, gronk


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jason Severiano Lampkin - that's me in the picture above - and I'm one of the new interns here at OpenSponsorship. Though many - if not all of you - will never have even heard of me, there once was a time when people thought the world would never forget my name. Instead, I became the man that many never even get the chance to know.

I excelled in sport from a young age and was touted - as is often the case for prodigious talent, particularly in soccer - as “the next Michael Owen.” Admittedly, we shared many similarities; we went to the same junior school and high schools, we played for the same local and county sides, we both played for Manchester United, and - as you'll see from the video below - we both possessed an electrifying turn of pace. But a cruel twist of fate and a wicked twist of my knee was all it took for my promising soccer career to take a quite drastic U-turn.

The only silver-lining with the ACL injury was that it meant that I was still following in Michaels footsteps.

But enough of the sob story. Let’s fast-forward five years and focus on the positive.

After a fun-filled, success-sprinkled collegiate career on a sports scholarship at Long Island University, I’m finally heading into the final few weeks of my MBA. I’d never imagined that I’d be picking up a post-graduate diploma - I’d always fantasized about lifting trophies instead  - but I did envisage a future where I’d still be involved in sport in some way, so thanks Opensponsorship for making one prophecy a reality!

Working here has opened my eyes to the countless possibilities the modern-day athlete can be exposed to. I’d had a glimpse of it in my days as a first-team squad member at Aston Villa, and after a week of working on delightful deals for all the amazing athletes on our site, I decided to give it a go myself. I wanted a piece of the pie, so I applied to every campaign I could find and crossed my fingers for a bite. Within a week, I’d already partnered with two brands and was in discussion with a couple more. 

You can find my OpenSponsorship athlete profile HERE.

I was hungry for deals and OpenSponsorship served up some real delights. For instance, one of the brands I decided to work with - Yümmy Bazaar - offered partnered athletes tasty treats from their World Sampler Box in return for a simple social media post, meaning that I got to sample snacks from Spain, Georgia, Russia and Italy just for twiddling my thumbs. My fingers worked faster dipping in to the pack of Ibizan sea-salt chips than they did on the caption! Hardly hungry work.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 16.14.41

The success I’ve experienced on OpenSponsorship - just as an intern and former professional athlete - has whetted my appetite for more and I can only imagine the feasts that awaits all of you big-hitters out there. And though I’m sure you’re all thinking that I’m operating on some insider information, please believe me when I say that the deals I’ve done have been completely my own doing.

Brands are looking for interested athletes that will interact with their product or service and engage their followers, and us athletes are looking for good brands to work with to make some extra income. It’s simple math and it always equals a favourable outcome for both parties.

So let's look at another OpenSponsorship example...

Take our skilled skateboarder Greg Lutzka for instance. He submitted a proposal that was accepted by one of our brilliant companies - EightSleep - and produced an awesome social media post telling his thousands of followers about the tremendous technology involved with the company's ingenious mattresses.


OpenSponsorship; Greg Lutzka & EightSleep "Got great sleep last night !! Comfort meets technology with the @eightsleep smart mattress. I was super hyped to control everything from my I-phone including the smart alarm, bed warming, sleep trends data and much more !! Big Thanks to eight sleep !! #eightsleep #technology #smartmattress "


So not only does Greg now get a better nights sleep, he can also rest assured that we at OpenSponsorship will keep working around the clock to keep finding him - and all of our other athletes - fantastic partners offering outstanding opportunities.

Greg's social following easily trumps mine - just look at how our Instagram followings compare (seve_says vs greglutzka) - but OpenSponsorship's platform helps to level the playing field and make applying to campaigns a fair game for all of their athletes. There are deals to be done for athletes of all shapes, sizes and social stats; from the established pro's of the sportsphere - like Russell Westbrook and Rob Gronkowski - to the niche stars like myself.

There's plenty of promising campaigns - like the ones in the picture below - currently up on our site that have been recently posted by brands seeking athletes to promote their fantastic product or service.

OpenSponsorship Campaigns

Keen for a slice of the action?...

If you're an athlete and interested in partnering with some awesome brands and earning extra income, royalties and free product, CLICK HERE to create your free OpenSponsorship account. For all of our fantastic athletes already signed-up, please follow THIS LINK to view all of the wonderful opportunities just waiting for you to apply.

Apply intently to campaigns you’re interested in; foster a good relationship with the brands on our platform; accept deals that delight you; fulfil your requirements and reap the rewards. It's like anything in sport; the more you put in, the more you get out.

Stay hungry, my friends!

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How Can I Find the Perfect Athlete to Promote My Brand?

Mar 24, 2017 5:38:54 PM / by Jason Lampkin posted in amanda ruller, Influencer, influencer marketing, influencers, Local athletes, Local Businesses, social media, social media athletes, Sponsor, sponsored athletes, sponsoring athletes, sponsors, sports, sports brands, Sports Sponsor, sports sponsorship, sports sponsorships, trago, athlete, athlete endorsement, Athlete Endorsements, athlete influencer, athlete marketing, Brand, brand ambassador, brand building, Brand Endorsements, branding, business, gronk


Last week, we helped one of our brands (Trago) work with one of our athletes (Amanda Ruller) for an amazing social media post.

Amanda is a professional football player, Olympic weight-lifting competitor, CrossFit fanatic, personal trainer & the winner of a Hyundai Sonata on The Price is Right TV show! For these reasons, she has a very loyal following of over 90k social media followers (well maybe except the last part) and is always looking on OpenSponsorship for the next best brand to promote.

Two weeks ago, she applied and was accepted to Trago's campaign on OpenSponsorship. They were looking to give a free bottle ($79 value) in exchange for exposure via social media. Even with her large following, Amanda agreed to post in exchange for free product because of how much she loved the brand!


Amanda Ruller Amanda Ruller posing with Trago product


Trago used OpenSponsorship to drive sales, increase brand recognition, and add a "coolness" factor by partnering with a professional athlete. And this is just one post! They've had more than 20 applications just in the last 2 weeks from more athletes like Amanda.

Want to get in on the fun? I'll give you the steps:

1. Create a free account on

2. Create a campaign (job posting for our athletes) to promote your brand on OpenSponsorship and attract interested athletes.

3. Start a 7 day (risk free!) trial with us to publish your campaign.

4. Receive incoming applications from professional athletes to promote your brand.

5. View all of your applications in one place along with different information and social media demographics from each athlete. Pick the ones you feel are the best fits for you!

To learn more or ask questions, reach out to an OpenSponsorship rep or send us an email at today!

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Shirt Sleeve Sponsorship Opens Up

Mar 20, 2017 4:34:14 PM / by Jason Lampkin posted in Influencer, influencer marketing, influencers, Local athletes, Local Businesses, NBA, shirt sleeve sponsorship, shirt sponsorship, sleeve sponsorship, social media, social media athletes, Sponsor, sponsored athletes, sponsoring athletes, sponsors, sports, sports brands, Sports Sponsor, sports sponsorship, sports sponsorships, athlete, athlete endorsement, Athlete Endorsements, athlete influencer, athlete marketing, Brand, brand ambassador, brand building, branding, business


Manchester City's 2007/08 season started with new owner Thaksin Shinawatra splurging £30 million by adding eight relatively high-profile players to the first team squad. The main source of the funds? The Thai billionaire businessman's bulging wallet. Sure, the teams sponsorship agreements helped, but secondary shirt sleeve sponsorship, which would have added another stream of income, hadn't even been considered. In fact, the idea hadn't even been considered in the entire soccersphere.

City had spent three of the four previous Premier League seasons finishing in low mid-table positions (i.e., two to four places above the relegation zone). The team was badly in need of an influx of new blood if it was to avoid a similar fate, or worse, in the upcoming season. This meant that Thaksin would have to dig deep in to his pocket to get the ball rolling on the required turnaround. A decade down the line, it's fair to say that the initial investment has paid dividends. Three domestic cups, two domestic league titles, and one new owner later, the 2016/17 Citizens look a whole lot different.

Soccer aficionados will argue long into the night about the means that facilitated the Citizens meteoric rise from mid-table meddlers to top-tier competitors. They will no doubt call in to question the source of the funds and cite the rules of financial fair play, and ponder whether the transition would have been possible without Shinawatra and subsequent owner Sheikh Mansour bankrolling the process. One thing that cannot be questioned, however, is that their plan - both on-and-off the field of play - has been beautifully executed. The Blue Moon has well and truly risen, and City's groundbreaking shirt sleeve sponsorship agreement with South Korean manufacturer Nexen Tire could well shine a new light on the world of sports sponsorship and propel the team even further forward.

Next season, a new rule will come in to play allowing Premier League teams like City to have a secondary sponsor on the sleeves of their shirts. And it won't be long before we see other EPL sides strike shirt sleeve sponsorship deals as they try to keep-up with their cash-strapped and commercially savvy Mancunian counterpart. We can certainly envisage our super Spur, Erik Lamela, sporting a Tottenham strip with a secondary sponsor displayed just below his shoulder.

And as we gaze in to our crystal ball, we foresee a future where shirt sleeve sponsorship deals become commonplace right across the soccersphere. Foreign teams, keen to compete with the likes of City and Spurs in European competition, will soon start searching for such commercial opportunities of their own. So too will teams from other nations intent on tilting the axis of world soccer from Europe to a different continent.

So then that begs an important question. How long 'til we see other Opensponsorship soccer stars like Atletico Madrid's Koke and Juventus' Paulo Dybala sporting strips with sleeve sponsors on them? A bigger budget - derived from shirt sleeve sponsorship deals - would give their teams more purchasing power and enable them to attract the best talent. This would ultimately increase their chance of success. City have, after all, proved that cunning commercial craft goes hand-in-hand with lifting trophies and raising a global profile. And as the team becomes more and more successful, their sponsors are exposed to a greater number of potential clients. It's a cyclical, symbiotic and lucrative relationship.

Sports sponsorship is a big, big business, particularly in the Premier League - the most watched league in the world. City and their shirt sleeve sponsors Nexen both stand to make a pretty penny from the deal. Nexen - like City's Thai owner Thaksin Shinawatra ten years ago - rightfully expect to see a return on their investment. A shirt sleeve sponsorship agreement with such a successful club will no doubt cover the South Korean company's outlay many times over. Their brand awareness will be significantly boosted both in Britain and abroad, leading to an increase in sales.

The benefits that shirt sleeve sponsorship agreements will bring both the sports teams and the brands they partner with are innumerable. Simply put, shirt sleeve sponsorships make sense: they are a win-win in a game that is designed to be win-lose. Perhaps Nexen read our "7 Reasons to Use Sports Sponsorship" as a brief before partnering with the boys in blue, in which case, Cheonmanaeyo! (You're welcome!)

And with the Philadelphia 76ers becoming the first NBA team to strike a shirt sponsorship agreement in May last year, it won't be long before other sports follow suit. The NBA will allow the 76ers to wear StubHub's logo on their jerseys starting in the 2017/18 season. Savvy business when considering that the move is expected to generate at least $100 million annually for the league.

"I've always been jealous of the English Premier League teams. NASCAR figured it out a long time ago," 76ers CEO Scott O'Neil said when he was interviewed after completing the deal. "For some reason, the big four sports in North America have not. I think it's an unbelievable opportunity." Opening up shirt sponsorship space is a big leap for the NBA. Opening up secondary shirt sleeve sponsorship spots would be a slam dunk. MLS, NFL, MLB and NHL take note, and sports that space! Secondary sponsorship is coming to a sleeve near you soon!

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Rising Stars of the MLB to Watch During Spring Training

Mar 7, 2017 2:59:07 PM / by Branden Mongiovi posted in Influencer, influencer marketing, influencers, Local athletes, Local Businesses, social media, social media athletes, Sponsor, sponsored athletes, sponsoring athletes, sponsors, sports, sports brands, Sports Sponsor, sports sponsorship, sports sponsorships, Uncategorized, athlete, athlete endorsement, Athlete Endorsements, athlete influencer, athlete marketing, Brand, brand ambassador, brand building, branding, business, gronk


A meme showing the excitement about the return of baseball.

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (almost), and baseball season is upon us (almost again). All right, maybe its just spring fever, but the OpenSponsorship team could not be more pumped about the upcoming MLB season. Just a month removed from pitchers and catchers reporting, most teams already have about 10 preseason games under their belt.


This time of the year has huge implications for young MLB talent. Each MLB team has three minor league levels under their umbrella, A, AA, and AAA. For the guys who were chosen to play during spring training, this time could mean the difference between a multi-million dollar contract, and waiting another year to get one more shot at it.


A hit, an error, a big play, a tendency a coach liked or disliked could mean the difference between a life long dream come true, or another year making below minimum wage at the minor league levels. There are a million ways to impress a coach, and a million ways to show a coach that you may not have what it takes to play at the next level. Spring training is the optimal time to make your self stand out from the crowd, you just have to hope your training paid off, and the cards are in your favor on those days.


When connecting your business with professional athletes, it is incredibly important to be able to recognize talent and where a player’s career may be heading. Luckily for you, we’ve done that part for you and compiled a list of the hottest young talent in the MLB looking for business opportunities on OpenSponsorship.


So with no further ado, PLAY BALL!

Yankees star catcher Gary Sanchez taking a swing at the plate.

Gary Sanchez, 24

Catcher, New York Yankees

Need I say more? I will anyway. This guy is holding the hottest bat in baseball and has a lot to prove this season. With any shot of making the playoffs last season a miracle and a half away, The New York Yankees decided to restructure in the last third of the season. They terminated A-Rods contract, made some position changes, and promoted some minor league players to join the squad. In that youth movement came Gary the Great. In 53 games played, the young stud belted 23 home runs, had 42 RBI’s, and was one of the best defensive catchers in the league. He is the whole package as well as a stand up guy with strong family values that any organization or business would be lucky to have in their corner.


Astros SS Carlos Correa is an MLB star and a great athlete endorser.

Carlos Correa, 22

Short Stop, Houston Astros

Carlos has a resume that is near impossible to compare to. Number 1 overall draft pick in 2012. Rookie of the year in 2015 when he was transferred to the big leagues. He has the fire and hunger of a rookie trying to make a name for himself, and the poise of a veteran who’s been around the block once or twice. "I just don't want to be one of the best players -- one of the best shortstops -- to ever play the game,” Correa said “I want to be like Roberto Clemente, one of the best humanitarians to ever be around the game." This guy has an unbelievable work ethic with a selfless attitude that is admired by all who knows him.


Roberto Osuna is an MLB star and a great athlete influencer endorser.Roberto Osuna, 22

Pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays

Coming out of Mexico, Osuna holds the record for youngest pitcher to do just about everything. He was drafted at the unimaginable age of 16 and has worked his way to the pros, making his MLB depute in 2015 at 19 years old. Osuna was invited to spring training in 2015 as a non-roster invitee. While initially not expecting to have any chance at making the major league team out of camp, Osuna impressed Blue Jays management through the first half of the spring. He has electric stuff and the peak of his career is in front of him.

Yankees shortstop Gleyber Torres is a rising MLB star and a great athlete endorser.

Gleyber Torres, 20

Second Base, New York Yankees

Torres is our youngest on the list at 20 years old. The Venezuelan was drafted by the Chicago Cubs. He was a centerpiece in a blockbuster trade that sent Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees to the Cubs while Torres was sent to New York. Never having started at second base, he is one of the prime candidates for the Yanks at the position this year. He's been preforming tremendously in spring training and we see him as a potential starter if things go the right way for Gleyber.


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Three Companies doing MLB Sponsorship Right

Feb 24, 2017 4:36:08 PM / by Branden Mongiovi posted in Influencer, influencer marketing, influencers, Local athletes, Local Businesses, social media, social media athletes, Sponsor, sponsored athletes, sponsoring athletes, sponsors, sports, sports brands, Sports Sponsor, sports sponsorship, sports sponsorships, Uncategorized, athlete, athlete endorsement, Athlete Endorsements, athlete influencer, athlete marketing, Brand, brand ambassador, brand building, Brand Endorsements, branding, business, gronk


Looking to make a quick buck? All you have to do is create a sport, and have it become America’s greatest past time. Sounds easy right? The MLB as a whole is thriving when it comes to sponsorship revenues. In 2016 it was estimated that sponsorship dollars from the top 9 companies involved with the MLB would reach $360-400 million. This number is solely league revenue and does not include individual team and stadium/property sponsorship. When adding those categories to the grand total, it is estimated sponsorship revenues would reach nearly $800 million by the end of the 2016 season.

The 2016 MLB season was a year of tremendous growth. League sponsorship activation and renewal is up from the previous year by nearly $120 million. Commissioner Rob Manfred made a strategic play in labeling all of the MLB’s assets as “One Baseball.” His idea was to put television rights, online media, and the traditional business of the league for sponsorship under one umbrella. What does that mean? Basically if you are a sponsor of the MLB, you now have access to every platform in which they control, including the MLB Advanced Media, a huge online streaming service.

Lets take a look at some companies that are leading the sponsorship push for Major League Baseball.


The American motor company Chevy has been involved in MLB sponsorship since 2005. Just last year they renewed their sponsorship with the league, continuing their partnership as Official Vehicle of Major League Baseball. Aside from that, they are also the Official Automotive Sponsor of the MLB and USA Baseball’s Play Ball initiative.

“Chevrolet’s partnership with Major League Baseball is a natural fit and allows the brand and our dealers to connect with generations of Americans on a personal level through the support of hometown teams at both the professional and youth levels,” said Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet Marketing


Not to mention, they gifted a pearly new 50th Edition Chevrolet Camaro to the 2016 World Series MVP, Ben Zobrist.

New Era

The headwear company New Era has been producing on-field team hats since 1939. Come 1993 they became the exclusive on-field cap of the MLB and have been ever since. Prior to the 2015 season, MLB reached an agreement with New Era extending their exclusive hat rights through the 2019 season.

Stroman -CAPSON Our athlete Marcus Stroman in the #CAPSON campaign 

Taco Bell

MLB sponsorship partner since 2004, Taco Bell has been running creative and engaging campaigns for the loyal baseball fan base. For the 6th year straight, Taco Bell activated its “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” promotion. The deal is as follows, for every stolen base in the World Series, the deserving (IMO) citizens of the US are able to “steal” a taco. If you don’t like free tacos, what’s your deal?


lindor Cleveland Indian's Francisco Lindor slides into second base, gracing the US with free tacos. Lindor for president!                                  

Partner with one of our MLB stars

Gary Sanchez  had a record-breaking rookie season with the Yankees in 2016. Belting 28 homeruns in just 53 games, he is widely considered one of the most exciting players to watch in baseball. Every time he gets to the plate, and behind it (catcher) you expect something extraordinary. Here’s an athlete that has been extremely active in player appearances since his come to stardom. Want Gary to come to your event or training facility to attract new customers? Lets set it up. #ElGary

Gleyber Torres ranked the no. 1 prospect in the Yankees organization right now. Gleyber has tremendous potential with his quickness and abilities at the short-stop position. This is another one of our young guys that we expect will do great things over the next few seasons. Get him while you can!





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