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Fearless Content Marketing Strategies in Extreme Sports

Jul 10, 2020 12:47:05 PM / by Pemba C. Sherpa posted in sports sponsorship, athlete marketing, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, Extreme Sports, Outdoors Lifestyle Brands


The world of Extreme Sports is a treasure trove of surreal and engaging content. Countless times large prints of photos from extreme sports have caught the eyes of consumers when they’re posted on walls of retail stores and outlet malls. When shopping for outdoor lifestyle gear, equipment, and clothing, I personally find myself more drawn to purchasing an item if it has a photo of someone wearing in its appropriate climate or terrain. As consumers, we have come to trust the validity of a product through reviews, photos, and videos of individuals using it prior to our purchase. Brands such as GoPro, Red Bull, and Anheuser-Busch have been taking advantage of this form of consumer behavior.


Gopro chart-1


As shown in the chart above, we can see that GoPro has become the leader in sponsorships when it comes to the world of extreme sports. GoPro has gone with a very simplistic approach when it comes to sports sponsorships and content marketing. GoPro has made sure to offer independence to their ambassadors and sponsored athletes. Instead of entering the scene with their own agendas, the brand has done an excellent job of letting the sponsored athletes and the sport itself mandate the production of the content. GoPro, like many other brands listed above, understands the importance of curating and repurposing exciting content for their customers. Being in the outdoor lifestyle market, this has been the perfect strategy for GoPro to become the household brand for outdoor cameras and video recorders. When it comes to sponsorship strategies, GoPro has a portfolio of superstar athletes within extreme sports, as well as a number of annual sporting events. 


Gopro header-1


What GoPro does is very simple but effective, the marketing strategy is to curate content that shows the use of their products in the most organic and authentic way possible. There aren’t any short forceful videos of athletes holding the product and saying a generic line. These are athletes and outdoor enthusiasts using the products to showcase their skills and display the beauty in their own respective sports. The content consists of beautiful backdrops of mountains, slow-motion clips of surfing under a huge wave, and an overall appreciation for mother nature. The content that GoPro has been able to curate has given them the advantage when it comes to dominating the market. 


Gopro pic


Brands such as GoPro, Anheuser-Busch, and Red Bull have done an excellent job at recognizing the potential of content marketing with extreme sports. However, this doesn’t mean that smaller brands can’t enter the scene and have their own successful content marketing campaigns within the sport. Thanks to the help of social media, content marketing isn’t exclusive to brands with million dollar marketing budgets. The easy to use platform called Opensponsorship can help your brand take advantage of content marketing campaigns at a cost that’s appropriate for your own budget.


Opensponsorship offers a wide range of options and filters which allows brands to run their own influencer marketing campaigns in their own specific ways. The platform is full of features; 20+ filters when searching for influencers, up to date data on the followers for each influencer, average costs indicators, campaign template/builder, and many more. Sending messages to potential brand ambassadors, negotiating prices, and getting mid to end campaign reports are just a few of the features that makes the whole process seamless on the Opensponsorship platform. Here are a few tips that will help your brand create the next viral campaign with the Opensponsorship platform:


Data on the Following-to-Engagement Ratio – View the up-to-date on the potential brand ambassadors, and see if they have their followers and your target audience match.

Brand Alignment – Check the past histories of campaigns that the influencer has been a part of. View their most used keywords and phrases to see if they’re the right fit for your brand.

Always Negotiate – Utilize Opensponsorship’s proposals feature to negotiate the payments for your influencers using a campaign-based partnership model. This means the influencer gets paid for doing a series of posts as opposed to a singular, one-off activations. You’ll get more content and more bang for your buck this way.

Provide Custom Promo Codes – Opensponsorship allows you to integrate with your Google Analytics or Shopify account to provide each influencer with a custom UTM link This will allow you to measure any traffic driven back to the brand’s website from each influencers post, as well as the number of new users and transactions completed with total spend.


Opensponsorship makes it easy for brands of all sizes to run their own content marketing campaigns. With more than 6,000 influencers and athletes on the platform, brands have the opportunity to specify every last detail of their marketing campaigns. Let's create great content that speaks to your brand!

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Using Content Marketing Strategies to Restart Your Season

Jun 26, 2020 3:33:38 PM / by Pemba C. Sherpa posted in athlete marketing, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing


Sports are back! Well, at least a few are. As some states in America gradually start to re-open, we have started to see a gradual increase in activity from the sports world as well. The NLF and the NBA have given permission to a select number of teams to open up practice facilities for voluntary workouts. The MLB is looking into hashing out the details of a proposal which looks to open up their season in July. What does this all mean for the rest of the sports world? It’s a sign of hope with a whole lot of red tape.


Although the seats won’t be filled in the stadiums for another few months, the games will go on. With the negation of electronic billboards, and other physical ad space going largely unnoticed due to the absence of attendees. There is still a plethora of digital content that can be capitalized on for marketing purposes. Aside from the television rights, and commercials, there are brands who have taken notice of other forms of marketing. 


NBA jersey patch

A perfect example of this can be seen from the recently adapted patch sponsorships on players’ uniforms in the NBA and WNBA. When both the NBA and WNBA searched for new revenue opportunities, the jersey patch program came into mind. The program has reportedly generated more than $150 million in revenue for both the teams and league. In the NBA,  20 teams have stepped into the patch sponsorship program. NBA teams, the league and the brands involved expressed the program to have been an overwhelming success, with exposure numbers easily exceeding projections.


Now what if your brand doesn’t have the budget to become an NBA team sponsor? This is where content marketing comes into play. Content marketing has always been a great way for brands to identify themselves. A way to both introduce their image and stay present on the minds of consumers. There have been countless examples of brands executing content marketing strategies in the most authentic way possible. Here an example of how one brand successfully executed their content marketing strategy.


Neptune Ice_Todd


Brands have taken advantage of the digital marketing age, where content can be selected, curated, utilized, and even repurposed. Brands such as Neptune Ice have capitalized on this trend by directly partnering with professional athletes for their marketing campaigns. Neptune Ice used Opensponsorship to find the perfect ambassador for their brand. The end result was a partnership with NFL Atlanta Falcons’ running back Todd Gurley (shown using product above). With this partnership, Neptune Ice was able to acquire vast amounts of organic content that they ultimately repurposed for their social media marketing campaigns, landing page, and even offline marketing campaigns.


When it comes to content marketing, Opensponsorship has successfully helped hundreds of brands from Anheuser-Busch’s Bon & Viv Seltzer to Popeye’s to Vitamin Shoppe’s Isopure. Opensponsorship is an online platform which enables brands to utilize influencer marketing campaigns in a seamless and efficient way. Opensponsorship allows brands to work with a range of influencers, and as of this year Opensponsorship has reported having over 6,000 influencers on their platform. Athletes help to drive sales, brand awareness, PR and engage new & existing customers.  Whether you are looking to drive sales to your own website, a partner website's such as Amazon or a retail store such as Target, athletes can be key to a successful marketing campaign. 


Opensponsorship makes it easy for brands of all sizes to run their own content marketing campaigns. With more than 6,000 influencers and athletes on the platform, brands have the opportunity to specify every last detail of their marketing campaigns. Let's create great content that speaks to your brand for your next marketing campaign!

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Fresh Content from the Cooler

Jun 5, 2020 12:20:31 PM / by Pemba C. Sherpa posted in influencer marketing, sponsorship campaigns, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, product marketing


In this age of digital content, authenticity reigns supreme. Now more than ever, brands from all industries have made it a priority to align themselves with the lifestyle of their target audience. Brand marketing strategies have centered around creating content that reflects the products and services being placed seamlessly around authentic content. When we speak of digital content, we are talking about videos, photos, and any other pieces of produced proprietary media. In regards to authenticity with digital content, there is a brand that I would like to highlight in this article, and that brand is YETI. YETI is a brand that manufactures outdoor lifestyle products such as ice chests, coolers, stainless-steel drinkware, and other related accessories. When it comes to brand alignment, YETI is far above its competitors.


Yeti outdoor


After establishing themselves in the high-end cooler market with the most durable and temperature-retaining products. YETI had become a household name in the US by 2009, at least in the households that prefer an outdoor lifestyle. Since then, YETI has grown exponentially in terms of popularity and revenue. Now with the market in the ‘cooler’, YETI as a brand had a big choice to make. Do they go for the continued expansion or focus their efforts on retaining their loyal base of customers? The marketing minds at YETI said, why not do both? The strategy that they laid out focused on one key component, organic product placement.

Yeti film

YETI started producing short films and documentaries that highlighted the lifestyles of iconic individuals like the legendary fisherman Mark Engler, the renowned chef Eduardo Garcia, and many others. These individuals are perfect examples of embracing the outdoor lifestyle. YETI took this partnership to a new level by telling their stories through some of the most cinematically appealing short films that we have ever seen. Shots of beautiful ocean floors crawling with sea life, the grittiness of the unforgiving weather, and slides of alluring landscapes are all narrated by their respective outdoorsmen mentioned above. These short films can really make you think you’re watching a movie made by a major film production company. The subtle yet recognizable product placement within the films alone places YETI as one of the best advertisers of all time.


Yeti film 2


As a professional marketer myself, I can confidently state that one can understand the definition of digital content marketing by simply watching one of the many short films produced by YETI. This strategy of producing high quality content through the stories of icons such as Eduardo Garcia has helped YETI reposition themselves to its humble beginnings. The company itself was started by two brothers from Texas who sought to manufacture and sell products that spoke to their lifestyle. Now with the company controlling the majority of the market, YETI has made it a priority to go back to its roots. 


Partnerships with icons in the outdoor lifestyle world played a major role in the success of YETI’s content marketing campaign. The authenticity of the product placement in their films and documentaries helped YETI re-establish its brand image to its target market. Opensponsorship is an online platform that can help brands do the same. Opensponsorship makes it easy for brands of all sizes to run their own content marketing campaigns. With more than 6,000 influencers and athletes on the platform, brands have the opportunity to specify every last detail of their marketing campaigns. Let's create great content that speaks to your brand image!

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Working Out From Home: How Brands are utilizing content to reach their audience at home

May 29, 2020 5:53:50 PM / by Pemba C. Sherpa posted in influencer marketing, Fitness, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, at home workouts, growth marketing


While we are all practicing social distancing and staying home to bring down the curve. Some fitness brands are looking to help us lower our own unwanted curves from the safety of our home. Top fitness brands such as Peloton and Equinox have been very effective utilizing content marketing strategies to reach their target audience. Peloton has been leading the way with their own film studios which reportedly pumps out about 950 original programs per month. Equinox has started bulking up their social presence with the use of their social media platforms which now streams out live and pre-recorded workout sessions for all of its followers. Among both of these brands, there’s a resounding truth, content is king.


Peloton bike


Peloton arrived to the fitness community with a hot start, where the company was awarded 2016’s Fast 50 among many others. Founder and CEO John Foley doesn’t see his company as just a fitness brand. He sees it as a software, hardware, and content company. Anyone who takes a few minutes to analyze the company will come to agree with John Foley’s statement. One can even argue that the hefty price tag on the equipment/bike has to be justified by its added software, hardware, and content. John Foley and his team understands that, and this is why they’ve made it a mission to produce high quality content every chance they can. Peloton reportedly has celebrity instructors being paid six figures, many of who have their own cult followings. Peloton produces content like a media company, with reports showing at least 12 live classes per day and 950 original program content per month. In 2018, Peloton has even gone ahead and acquired the B2B music aggregation and streaming service Neurotic Media to sharpen their content marketing strategies.


Peloton Trainer


Needless to say, Peloton has made all the right moves to justify calling themselves a tech and content company. When you combine the top instructors with the production capabilities of a media company, your content will be top-notch. With Peloton leading in market share, we know that they didn’t stumble on to the number one spot. Peloton has made a conscious effort to lead with their product marketing strategies. It’s evident that a large portion of their strategy was focused on content marketing. Peloton has done an excellent job at understanding how the customers view their products at home. The company knows retention and loyalty are their key  when it comes to surviving with a subscription based business model in any industry. In late 2016, Peloton was able to show a record breaking 95% retention rate, and a 4.8 out of 5 stars in average per 1,000 reviewers. With the wheels turning in such a fine tuned machine, it’s easy to say Peloton has become a household name when it comes to working out from home.


Equinox gym


Equinox has a reputation for having the top tier facilities in the fitness industry. However, since the pandemic, everyone has been trying their best to stay fit from home. Equinox understands the importance of staying relevant with their customers, and this is where content marketing has helped them. Equinox has recently been beefing up their social media presence on all of its platforms by giving out quality content. Both members and non-members who follow Equinox on any of their social media accounts have been blessed with free workout videos that they can follow along with. Equinox has been making it a priority to produce and release quality content that all members and prospective members can enjoy.


WFh Equinox


This is a great example of content marketing, as we have relevant, organic content that is also in demand. Everyone at home now has the opportunity to choose from a wide list of at-home workouts. Everything from yoga, to high intensity training, and even zumba is now available for everyone through Equinox’s social media accounts. 


Content marketing has become more useful than ever, with everyone looking to capitalize on their new found time with entertainment, news, and workout classes. Brands such as Equinox and Peloton have taken the lead with their own content marketing strategies in the fitness industry. Now you don’t need a multi-million dollar media outlet like Peloton or a large budget like Equinox to execute your own content marketing campaigns. Opensponsorship is an online platform that enables brands to execute content marketing campaigns in the easiest way possible. All you need to do is tell us what you’re looking to do with your next marketing campaign. Our platform will then utilize analytics to show you the best move forward. Check us out here at

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Opportunities in esports with Content Marketing

May 19, 2020 11:01:48 AM / by Pemba C. Sherpa posted in National Basketball Association, Parterships, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, NBA2K League, esports, MLS Esports, Esports Marketing


Esports, the term has become one of the hottest buzzwords in the recent years. The world of esports has been rising, thriving, and developing itself into a force that can no longer be ignored by the current juggernauts in the sports world. esports flexes its muscles with a vast number of die hard fans selling out stadiums and high stakes tournaments & leagues being viewed through various streaming platforms solely dedicated for the sport. Major sport leagues and brands all across the world have already taken notice and have started creating partnerships to jump on board. 




Sports leagues and brands have already begun effectively maximizing their partnership values through content marketing strategies. Let’s look at the NBA for example, in 2017 the NBA renewed their partnership with the gaming title NBA2k. This partnership granted NBA2k the positioning of the official game for the NBA. While the NBA looked at this as an opportunity to ease their transition into the world of esports. The NBA created the NBA esports league, which included teams that were owned and operated by the actual teams within the NBA.


NBA2k draft


Each team consists of a roster of 2k players who went through a draft, similar to the real NBA draft. The players in the draft were chosen through their accolades in the NBA2k video game, which made it exciting and gave this draft a feel of realism. Everything from the draft, to the season openers, and to the championship games were video recorded and streamed on Twitch. The NBA has even started to produce original content exclusive to NBA2k gamers on a weekly basis. NBA2k gamers are shown tips, tricks, and exclusive interviews from celebrities and players on their loading screen as they wait to play the game. As for the die hard fans of the league, even if you are able to watch the game on television, you are still able to receive live updates of the league and its standings while you're enjoying digital game.


This partnership between the NBA and 2k has allowed the NBA to collect a massive amount of content throughout the initiative. With the content, the NBA created a presence in the esports community as an innovative organization. The NBA perfectly executed their content marketing strategy to positively impact their positioning in the world of esports. With content that meets the esports fans in their own world, all the while communicating the organization’s image in a non-invasive way.


Brands across all industries have taken notice of the impressive fan base that esports carries. Brands such as State Farm, New Era, Dell and many more have taken a huge interest in partnering with the NBA2k league. The opportunity to become sponsors in an esports league that is already associated with the NBA is a no brainer. Sponsorships have flooded into the 2k league for all facets of the game. Everything from the uniforms, to the drinks that are placed on the gamers’ tables have become sponsored. This is all due to the opportunities that have already blessed so many other brands with quality content and brand relevance in the world of esports.


esports NFLMLS esports


The NBA isn’t the only major sports league that has entered the esports era. Fifa, the NFL, and the MLB have also started building their presence in the world of esports. Exclusive naming rights, content marketing, and sponsorships have been a huge part of how brands and sports leagues have maximized their partnerships in esports. As more brands look to find their way into the digital gaming space, we here at Opensponsorship help make the process a whole lot easier. Our platform allows brands to partner with renown esports athletes such as Jacob Winneche from team Dignitas, Rochelle Woods from the Piston GTs (NBA 2k team), and Chris Holly from NYCFC’s esports team to name a few. Opensponsorship helps brands implement their marketing campaigns effectively with the help of analytics and reporting through the platform. If you are interested in learning more about how your brand can work with esports athletes at Opensponsorship, click here or reach us at

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How important will Content Marketing be in 2020?

May 12, 2020 5:53:50 PM / by Pemba C. Sherpa posted in influencer marketing, athlete influencer, brand ambassador, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing


The impact of Covid-19 is evident, we have seen how it affects businesses and consumers alike. We are witnessing the shift in focus for companies both large and small. The importance of digital content marketing rather than on-site experiential marketing will be a major theme moving forward. As consumers rely on watching sports on a television screen instead of going to a stadium. Using online applications to work from home and to stay in touch with friends and family. This major shift in the landscape is an opportunity for marketers and brands to utilize content marketing strategies to reach their consumers in newer ways.


Content marketing has always been a great way for brands to identify themselves. A way to both introduce their image and stay present on the minds of consumers. There have been countless examples of brands executing content marketing strategies in the most authentic way possible. Here an example of how one brand successfully executed their content marketing strategy.



As a premier outdoors sports brand, North Face announced their partnership with a number of top-tier female athletes for their campaign ‘She Moves Mountains’. The idea behind the campaign was to shed light on female athletes in the world of mountain sports. The lack of female representation in the sport was an issue that North Face made clear of tackling. The campaign consisted of creating content around female athletes who are champions and icons of the sport. Not only was this a great way to push the sport to new heights, this was also a fantastic opportunity for North Face to build their brand identity in the digital and social media realm.



North Face utilized all the content that was derived from the campaign and published them strategically on to their Instagram account. North Face uploaded pictures, videos, and exclusive content all into their Instagram account. Combining great quality content with the athletes wearing and using their products, is really the bread and butter of content marketing strategy. This campaign allowed North Face to feature the selected athletes, and really bring in an essence of authenticity to their brand image online. The content marketing strategy may sound very simple, but it was also powerful and very versatile. 


Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great ways for a brand to communicate with their customers. These social media channels allow brands like the North Face to express their values in an authentic way. Proper exhibition of a positive brand image through the use of social media channels allows brands to stay in touch with their customers. Content marketing is a pivotal part of this marketing channel, and this form of marketing will be more important as we slowly transition back to some state of normalcy. If you’d like to find out how your brand can take advantage of this trend, check out our platform here at

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