As the engines roar to life and the 2024 Formula 1 season gears up, the air is thick with anticipation for what is set to be another exhilarating round of the world's premier racing championship. With 24 races spanning the globe, from the dazzling lights of the Bahrain opener to the spectacular finale in Abu Dhabi, the F1 calendar is a goldmine of opportunities for brands looking to accelerate their marketing efforts and connect with millions of passionate fans worldwide.


The Power of F1 Marketing

Formula 1 isn't just a sport; it's a global spectacle that combines speed, strategy, and technology, captivating audiences from Monaco's luxurious harbors to the vibrant cityscape of Singapore. This international appeal makes F1 an ideal platform for brands aiming to enhance their global presence and engage with a diverse, loyal fan base that spans continents.

Marketing campaigns centered around F1 can take various forms, from sponsoring teams and drivers to engaging in trackside advertising or launching promotions timed with race weekends. The visibility that comes with F1's global broadcast reach, combined with the sport's association with excellence and innovation, can significantly boost brand recognition and customer engagement.

Seizing the Moment: Marketing Around the Race Calendar

  • Each Grand Prix weekend is a festival of speed and excitement, offering unique narratives and countless moments that can amplify your marketing campaigns. Whether it's the historic circuits of Europe, the night races in Asia, or the new frontiers in the United States, each race brings its own flavor and opportunities to engage with audiences. 
  • Strategic marketing efforts can leverage the excitement building up to race weekends, such as:
  • Timing promotions with the race calendar to generate buzz and drive sales.
  • Creating content that resonates with the F1 audience, from behind-the-scenes insights to driver interviews or race previews.
  • Hosting events or watch parties for key races to foster community and enhance brand loyalty.

Full race calendar for the Formula 1 2024 season:

Bahrain Grand Prix: Feb 29 - Mar 2
Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Mar 7-9
Australian Grand Prix: Mar 22-24
Japanese Grand Prix: Apr 5-7
Chinese Grand Prix: Apr 19-21
Miami Grand Prix: May 3-5
Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix: May 17-19
Monaco Grand Prix: May 24-26
Canadian Grand Prix: Jun 7-9
Spanish Grand Prix: Jun 21-23
Austrian Grand Prix: Jun 28-30
British Grand Prix: Jul 5-7
Hungarian Grand Prix: Jul 19-21
Belgian Grand Prix: Jul 26-28
Dutch Grand Prix: Aug 23-25
Italian Grand Prix: Aug 30 - Sep 1
Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Sep 13-15
Singapore Grand Prix: Sep 20-22
United States Grand Prix: Oct 18-20
Mexican Grand Prix: Oct 25-27
São Paulo Grand Prix: Nov 1-3
Las Vegas Grand Prix: Nov 21-23
Qatar Grand Prix: Nov 29 - Dec 1
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Dec 6-8​​

Connecting Brands with F1 Talents Through OpenSponsorship

At OpenSponsorship, we bridge the gap between the high-octane world of Formula 1 and brands looking to make their mark on the global stage. Our platform simplifies the process of connecting with drivers, teams, and events, making it accessible for brands of all sizes to engage in sports sponsorship. Access a wide network of drivers and teams looking for sponsorship opportunities. Tailor your marketing campaigns to align with your brand values and goals, whether it's increasing brand visibility, launching new products, or driving sales. Utilize our expertise to navigate the intricacies of sports sponsorships, ensuring your brand leverages the full potential of F1's global platform.

Campaign Inspiration: Alex Albon & OnePlus

Our team worked with Alex to develop an idea for a reel that would capture his followers' attention and also show off the OnePlus giveaway they were hosting. 24 hours before the reel was released, Alex posted a teaser on his IG story that alluded to the giveaway - driving hype around it. The next day, the reel was posted and saw an immediate influx of viewers and users eager to enroll in the giveaway. The video got 2m views and 5k giveaway entries in under 24 hours! Check out the full case study.

Embark on Your F1 Marketing Journey

As the 2024 season unfolds, the time is now to align your brand with the speed, precision, and glamour of Formula 1. Through OpenSponsorship, your path to becoming part of this electrifying world is clearer and more accessible than ever. Whether you're looking to sponsor a rising star in the driver's seat or align with the teams that push the boundaries of technology and performance, we're here to make those connections happen.

Embrace the opportunity to put your brand on the global stage, driving forward with the same spirit of innovation and excellence that propels the heroes of Formula 1. With OpenSponsorship by your side, the race is yours to win.

Connect with us today to explore how your brand can become part of the Formula 1 legacy. Let's write the next chapter of your marketing success story together, one thrilling race at a time.


Jeff is OpenSponsorship's Director of Marketing. He typically writes about sports sponsorship, marketing, and tips & tricks for brands.