In Q1 of 2024, we've seen some seriously cool collaborations between brands and athletes. It's like every time you scroll through your feed, there's another awesome partnership popping up, showing us how creative these partnerships can get. Here at OpenSponsorship, we've been in the thick of it, matching up companies with some of the most talented athletes around. And let me tell you, it’s been a blast! We’ve got stories of underdogs, tales of massive wins, and everything in between. In this post, we’re diving into 10 of our all-time favorite athlete deals from the past quarter. Trust me, these are the kind of partnerships that not only get fans excited but also shake up the marketing game in a big way.

10. Midwest Cards + Allan Nascimento

Allan and Midwest Cards teamed up to produce an unboxing video of their latest UFC packs. Allan takes us inside his training octagon to actually open up the packs! His team was given creative freedom to produce a reel that would resonate with his audience while making sure that the messaging was clear. Check out the reel below! 


9. Callaway + Rati Thamcharoneket

In this deal, Callaway sent Rati on a mission he knew would be a success - head to the course and use their latest AI-designed driver. There are few better matches than when a brand asks an Athlete to put their product to the test and show it off to their audience. Rati did not disappoint, creating brilliant content with the Callaway club right out of the box. Check it out below! 


8. Gel Blaster + Brylie StClair

On the field, Brylie is an all-star outfield for Mississippi State University softball. Off the field, she can be seen sporting cowboy boots and in the country kicking back to Luke Bryan tunes. In this reel, Brylie took us out into the woods for some fun times shooting her brand new Gel Blaster. Giving creative freedom to Athletes can do wonders for content creation and this is one of those times where it all came out great! 


7. Travelodge + Chris Boucher

With 82 games per year, Chris Boucher travels a lot! In this campaign, the power forward for the Toronto Raptors teamed up with Travelodge Canada to show his fans where he stays when moving around the great north. Check out Chris's Instagram here!

Chris Boucher

6. 1st Phorm + Ellie Dendulk

Ellie had exactly one week before heading back to college from break and the start of lacrosse season was soon to follow. Because of this, it was time to start getting back in shape to perform on the field. In this reel, Ellie walks us through her plans to work out and eat healthy with help from 1st Phorm line of protein products. Check out the TikTok blow!


5. BeastMode Brand + Ashley Dozier

Ashley Dozier, a professional women's soccer player, teamed up with Marshawn Lynch's brand BeastMode to show us how she trains off the field. This high-paced reel will get your blood going and have you itching to get back in the gym and train like a beast! Check out the full reel below. 


4. The Vitamin Shoppe + Beau Bartlett

Beau is an Olympic hopeful for the 2024 Paris Games and so he is training hard day in and day out! As one of the top-performing wrestlers in D1 college wrestling, everyone is constantly trying to train like Beau. In this reel, he teamed up with The Vitamin Shoppe to show everyone one of his most important parts of training - eating healthy. Check out Beau's full reel below. 


3. OGIO + Belén Mozo

Belén Mozo is a Spanish professional golfer, fitness enthusiast, and super mom. In this partnership with OGIO backpacks, she takes us along for a family fun day to the beach. When Athletes pull back the curtain on their lives and share their families in reels, it always pays dividends with views and love from their audience. Check out the full beach day video below!


2. Qunol + Brandon Zingale

When a reel is coming out from Brandon Zingale, you're in for a genuine laugh! His sports-focused content is always hilarious and engaging. In this partnership, Brandon collaborated with Qunol to show off how he is staying so healthy. In true Brandon fashion, the reel is of him having a conversation with none other than himself! Check out the full reel below.

1. Ka'Chava + Shaun White

To kick off their partnership, Shaun White made a reel of him shredding down the mountain and finishing the day with a nice glass of Ka'Chava's super blend. This reel was the start of a longer-term partnership that was a match made in heaven. Shaun has been a customer of Ka'Chava since 2021 and even mentioned them in a few articles. The partnership has flourished into much more than a reel, but this is the one that started it all! Check out Shaun's video below.


More to Come!

And just like that, we've wrapped up an epic first quarter of 2024 with some of the coolest brand-athlete partnerships we've ever seen. Each one of these stories is a reminder of how thinking outside the box and teaming up with the right athletes can really turn the game around for a brand. For anyone out there looking to make a splash in sports marketing, take these tales as your playbook. Here at OpenSponsorship, we’re all about making these awesome connections happen, and we’re stoked to see what kind of creative and inspiring collabs the rest of the year will bring. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries, mixing it up, and making waves in the sports world together. Here's to more unforgettable partnerships in 2024!

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Jeff is OpenSponsorship's Director of Marketing. He typically writes about sports sponsorship, marketing, and tips & tricks for brands.