Deals, deals, deals! We absolutely love to see the content coming out from athlete and brand collaborations. We put together 20 of our favorite deals that have happened on OpenSponsorship. Some of them are hilarious Instagram reels that show off brands. Others are behind the scenes of an athlete's training and the products that help them improve every day. 

#1 - Brandon Zingale & Callaway Golf

Brandon Zingale partnered with Callaway Golf to show off their new driver with a face that was designed by AI. This TikTok is a classic unboxing that has fans super curious about the new driver and how it will perform on the course! Click here to check out Brandon Zingale's profile on OpenSponsorship.



#2 - Allen Lazard & 1MD Nutrition

Allen Lazard and 1MD Nutrition connected to have their supplement be part of his "Juice of the Day" series on TikTok. The video had hundreds of comments - mostly fans asking him if this is the product he's using to become such a beast on the field! Check out Allen's OpenSponsorship profile here.



#3 - Terrion Arnold &

Embarking on a dynamic journey into the world of cryptocurrency, Terrion Arnold joins forces with on Instagram by unboxing their latest crypto fashion. Click here to check out Terrion Arnold's profile on OpenSponsorship.



#4 - Paulina Dao & Decathlon

Paulina Dao takes us on a fall hike of the Eastern Sierra to showcase her Decathlon backpack. Her adventure shows off how Decathlon's products are a natural fit for any hiker who needs a bit of extra space. Her reel got over 200k views with a following of 51k! 



#5 - Emily Young & Exhale Coffee

Fueling her track and field performance, Emily Young spilled the beans on Instagram on how she powers up with partner Exhale Coffee. For her it's not just coffee, it's a performance ritual. Click here to see Emily's OpenSponsorship profile.



#6 - Cole Cucitrone & BeastMode

Cole Cucitrone partnered with BeastMode to show off their sneakers. He incorporates them into his practice routine, showing style and functionality. Check out Cole's OpenSponsorship profile here.



#7 - Alex Albon & OnePlus

F1's Alex Albon takes his 2.3 million+ Instagram followers on a fast and smooth ride with his OnePlus phone. One lucky fan who entered the giveaway got a free OnePlus phone that had the default background image set to a selfie of Alex. Click here to view his profile on OpenSponsorship.



#8 - Alyssa Spencer & Ka'Chava

Alyssa Spencer partnered with Ka'Chava to create wave-breaking UGC. She brings the beach vibes to her pre-surf ritual, pouring in Ka'Chava for a nourishing start. Check out Alyssa's OpenSponsorship profile here.



#9 - Noelle Lambert & Gutzy Organic

Noelle Lambert collaborated with Gutzy Organic to announce a giveaway for their probiotic during one of her rehab biking sessions. Click here to see Noelle's OpenSponsorship profile.



#10 - Francis Biondi & IZOD

Talk about a match made in heaven... Francis Biondi and IZOD link up to share golfing tips on Instagram while showing off their latest apparel for days on the tee. Golfers will want to check this one out for the tip and stay for the fashion advice. Check out Francis's profile on OpenSponsorship.



#11 - Greg Gurenlian & Gel Blaster

Greg teamed up with Gel Blaster to show off their latest toy in front of the holiday season. Greg did this by using the toy to take out his frustrations after a college football game - the reel is hilarious! Click here to view Greg's OpenSponsorship profile.



#12 - Chantel Jefferies & Boxbollen

Chantel Jefferies - a DJ and fitness influencer teamed up with Boxbollen to take her swing at their punching challenge. She created a reel of her taking on the challenge that was shared with her 3 million+ followers on Instagram. Check out Chantel's profile on OpenSponsorship.



#13 - Haley Daniels & Travelodge

Haley Daniels, a Canadian Olympian, teamed up with Travel Lodge Canada to show off their assortment of hotels that are close by outdoor winter getaways. She showed us the backwoods of Canada that ended with a cozy night at one of their hotels. Click here to check out Haley's OpenSponsorship profile.



#14 - Nate Miceli & Alchemy Bikes

Nate Miceli connected with Alchemy Bikes to produce stunning UGC. Nate took one of their custom mountain bikes to the trail and put it to the test. They ended up with photos and videos of the bike doing what it does best - conquer the trails. Click here to view Nate's OpenSponsorship profile.



#15 - Dean Mojo & FitXR

Dean Mojo, the ultimate hypeman, and FitXR linked up to show his followers how they can get an intense boxing-style workout in VR! Click here to see Dean's OpenSponsorship profile.



#16 - Justin Stuckey & Harmless Harvest

Justin Stuckey teamed up with Harmless Harvest to show other students at Auburn what he drinks to keep hydrated on and off the track. Click here to check out Justin Stuckey's OpenSponsorship profile.

Justin Stuckey_1Justin Stuckey_3

#17 - Iman Shumpert & JD Sports

Iman Shumpert partnered with JD Sports to attend one of their new store openings in the Los Angeles area. He went to the store like any other guest and shocked fans as he walked around shopping and taking selfies with them. Click here to check out Iman's profile!



#18 - Trenten Merrill & ProBoost

Trenten showed the world the power of ProBoost's supplements with this outrageously funny reel! It's a brilliant spin on his sport - the long jump - and the benefit of using their products. Click here to check out Trenten Merrill's OpenSponsorship profile.



#19 - Blaise Ffrench & Linqto

Blaise Ffrench teamed up with Linqto to share how he invests in companies and startups. He takes his Instagram followers on a guided tour for financial success through his computer. Check out Blaise's profile on OpenSponsorship here.



#20 - Kesha Collins & Terron Beckham with Xplore Fitness

We have a couple Kesha Collins and Terron Beckham who crafted a sidesplitting Instagram reel to unveil their Xplore Fitness ice bath. Couples bring a unique synergy and authenticity that captivates followers, creating genuine and memorable connections. Click here to view Kesha's and Terron's OpenSponsorship profiles.



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