How Athlete Generated Content can Benefit Brands

Athletes and influencers have a lot of sway when it comes to consumer behavior. In fact, athletes are often the key decision maker when it comes to sports sponsorship. And, with athletes and influencers generating a lot of content, there's a lot of opportunity for brands to get their message out there. But how can brands best take advantage of this content?

First, it's important to understand the athletes and influencers that are creating the content. What are their interests? What is their audience interested in? By understanding these factors, brands can create content that is more likely to resonate with the athletes and influencers' followers.

Second, brands need to make sure that their content is high quality. With so much content being generated, athletes and influencers are looking for material that is well-produced and engaging. Brands should invest in quality video and audio production to ensure that their content stands out.

Finally, it's important to build relationships with athletes and influencers. These relationships will help ensure that athletes and influencers continue to create content that is favorable to the brand. In addition, building relationships with athletes and influencers can also help brands get access to exclusive content that can be used to further boost engagement.

Attitude of US Adults Towards Influencers Athlete Branded Content growth

How is OpenSponsorship committed to helping brands boost engagement by leveraging athlete generated content?

At OpenSponsorship, we are dedicated to helping brands boost engagement by leveraging athlete-generated content. Our unique platform brings athletes and brands together to create highly effective sponsors hip opportunities that truly capture the imagination of fans.

With our deep understanding of the sports landscape, we aim to bridge the gap between athletes and brands by offering valuable insights into fan behavior, as well as expert consulting services on everything from social media strategies to marketing plans. We also provide athletes with cutting-edge tools and resources that help them grow their online presence and reach a wider audience. Through all of these efforts, we have become a trusted partner for many leading brands looking to tap into the incredible power of athlete-generated content.

So, if you are looking to increase engagement among your target audience, whether through digital advertising or targeted promotions, OpenSponsorship is here to help. Our proven approach has helped countless brands connect with their audience in meaningful and impactful ways, and we look forward to doing the same for you whether you are a brand or an athlete!

OpenSponsorship Campaigns

Our platform does more than just create opportunities for athletes, it provides brands the opportunity to efficiently discover athletes that match their promotional needs. Look at the brand Jabra, their Head of Public Relations and Communication, Karl Bateson, has been able to complete deals, through OpenSponsorship, that “has resulted in over 100 professional athletes showcasing our brand”. He knows that it was “all made possible from OpenSponsorship”. Because of Jabra’s success on OpenSponsorship, we are the “only platform approved by Jabra”.

Jabra and OpenSponsorship with Karl Bateson

Top 3 Performing Brands at OpenSponsorship with The Highest Number of Deals Accepted & Engagement (Q1, 2022)

5strands logo    5Strands testing kit

About: 5Strands is a small business who dug their roots in the Gluten Free industry early on. The team travelled to trade shows, getting on the ground and spreading awareness of gut health and food intolerances.

Brand Reach: 2.7M Users 

Brand Engagement: 93K

Deal Count with OpenSponsorship: 25 Deals in Q1 & in Total

5Strands is no doubt one of our best performing brands so far as the brand has successfully completed 25 deals through our platform! We are excited to work with them and help them find the right athletes for their products and testing services. 

Athlete Generated Social Media Deliverables:

5Strands Testimonials  5Strands Testimonials  5Strands Testimonials

  Greens Plus logo. Greens Plus products

About: Greens Plus provides the highest quality non-GMO, gluten-free and organic superfood products. Packed with real whole foods for optimum nutrition.

Brand Reach:  6.4M

Brand Engagement: 215K

Deal Count with OpenSponsorship: 24 Deals in Q1 (296 in Total)

24 is a pretty impressive number for us as a platform as well as for a brand for just one quarter. Greens Plus is within our top 5 most interacted brands with extremely impressive engagement. Overall, we have been very successful in helping this food & beverage brand, partner with athletes on all of the 296 successful deals till date. 

Athlete Generated Social Media Deliverables:

Greens Plus testimonials   Greens Plus testimonials   Greens Plus testimonials

Greens Plus testimonials   Greens Plus testimonials


  fitkyt logo  FITKIT Duffle bag

About: FITKYT is the story of two successful women who believe fitness products can empower people to be resilient and healthy. 

Brand Reach: 2.7M

Brand Engagement: 91K

Deal Count with OpenSponsorship: 15 Deals in Q1 (19 in Total)

OpenSponsorship is extremely proud to have connected FITKYT, an amazing fitness brand that has successfully connected with 19 athletes to promote their products by posting content to their social media. 

Athlete Generated Social Media Deliverables: 

Ernest Owens with FITKYT  FITKIT social media  FITKIT Yoga mat

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