When we think of professional athletes, the first things to pop in mind are likely to be: training, dedication, nutrition. However, rest and recovery are as important as the above mentioned! Without a good recovery, all the past training and nutritional plans won't blossom as well. Recovery techniques and technologies have largely evolved thus, improving athlete recovery. In this article we will talk about the brands great products for athlete recovery



Athlete recovery: U-GYM deep muscle massage device U-GYM deep muscle massage device


Massages' impact on athletic performances has been proven a long time ago. U-Gym pushed the concept further. As professional athletes, often you have access to a professional to take care of your body. But, what if you could get recovery massages at anytime, anywhere?

Let's say you want to grind on the beach. You can now get your massage in straight after your workout to relax and lighten your legs for stretching and the drive home!



Athlete recovery: Pickle Juice for electrolytes Pickle Power, reduces muscle cramp


Cramps suck, I think everybody can agree on this one. Picklepower is a cramp's worst ennemy! Fuel your muscles with electrolytes and say goodbye to your cramps for good. On top of that, this picklejuice is healthy.

Tranzlabs Multivitamins + Hydration + Immune system and mental boost


Athlete recovery: Tranzfuze beverage Tranzfuze, mental and immunity system boost, multivitamin beverage


The mental aspect in training shouldn't be overlooked. It takes a lot of will to push your body and mind to the limit on a regular basis. Tranzlabs' multivitamin beverage is perfect for hydration, helps your immune system and also gives a boost to the mental! Produced in FDA certified facilities. If you don't feel like 100% mentally and physically, Tranzfuse is the answer!

Eight sleep's mattresses


Athlete recovery: Eight sleep: smart mattress Eight sleep's smart mattress tracks quality of sleep


Sleep is one of the most important part of recovery. This is when all the micro tears and broken muscle fibers are rebuilding. Great sleep is key for mental and physical well-being! Eight's make it possible to track your quality of sleep. Therefore, it is possible to detect what factors may be impacting your sleep negatively and positively!



athlete recovery: Brazyn foam Roller Brazyn Morph: collapsible foam roller


Brazyn's foam rollers are great to take your recovery to the next level! Foam rollers are great to get your muscle ready for exercise, but also to get into the stretching session following your training. The usual problem with these are the amount of space it takes to carry.  Brazyn's rollers can be folded to a flat position. Making it easy to carry in bags!


Post by Arsène Rasoamanana
September 6, 2017