Technology: Mankind's best friend

Crafting and innovating are two of the many unique qualities of mankind. We built cudgels and spears to defend ourselves against wildlife. Then, we started crafting and building to improve our daily lives. Today, as many of us strive for athletic excellence, science and technology come together to help us fulfill our goals and dreams. In this article we will focus on some key football technology which could shape the future of the game.

We at Opensponsorship are sports enthusiasts, weekend warriors and former sports agents. This is why we love all the new technologies that can help us and our athletes perform better and stay healthier. This is also one of the reasons why we love connecting our 2900+ professional athletes, teams and events with companies for marketing purposes!

Our friends at SportTechie have been a great source of information to us to write this post.

Football technology

Motus QB -- analysis of throws

Football Technology -- Analysis of Throws Football Technology -- Throwing analysis and tracker

The Motus for QB gives detailed data related to throwing metrics and technique. It tracks the angle of throw, speed, position of the arm, rotation and more! Providing athletes with an unprecedented accuracy of data collected from their throws. Basically, this offers athletes a great way to monitor their progress/performance as you can go back and compare your throwing stats.

One of the most important abilities of an athlete is consistency. Especially at the quarterback position which is considered the most important and difficult position in sports.

Indeed, an inch can make the difference between a catch, an incomplete pass and an interception. Therefore, owning a device that gives you precise data on your technique and results without disturbing your training is a must for athletes aiming for excellence. Coaches can also review their Quarterbacks' stats to determine which is the most consistent, strong,...

I believe this is why this Motus QB will be one of the upcoming football technology to be used by professionals and aspiring professionals of the sport to improve their already incredible abilities.

Go Rout -- Get your perfect rep. Everytime.

Go Rout Football Technology -- Device displaying plays chose Football Technology -- Go Rout, device to display the play

GoRout revolutionizes the way we learned to play the game. Forget about ever-lasting huddles and signal calling mess! Using GoRout, coaches can communicate with all players using one single button. And there's more to it... All players can now get the play directly on their device. No more interceptions because of a miscommunication!

These two features together allow the team to get more and better reps in, in the same amount of time. No wrong route or block! Coaches can also change a route or a concept through the device directly. During practice it may be easy to communicate with your coach and teammates. But, once come game time, the environment is completely different and quarterbacks already have so many plays to remember.

Having a visual display of the concept makes it easy for the coach and quarterback to communicate with each other and be understood by the other players. Especially with their new product that you can attach to your helmet. This one displays the plays directly in front of your eye!

GoRout in a few words? Simple, efficient and everybody is on the same page.

SportsVideoInnovations -- Integrated cameras in football helmets

Football Technology -- Schutt Vision Helmet: Capturing POV video footage Schutt Vision Helmet by Sports Video Innovations -- Filming POV footage

Every ambitious athlete wants to review its workout or practice to spot and improve on its weaknesses.

SportsVideoInnovations brings this dream to life for football players. We had seen GoPro cameras mounted on players in some schools and professional teams. Schutt Vision Helmet Camera is much more fitting to the needs of this brutal yet beautiful game that is football. Indeed, the camera is integrated into the helmet.

Being able to replay performances with a POV angle is a remarkable innovation for both athletes and coaches. Coaches can see straight away if a player is not executing some directives. I.E.: wait until the last moment to play the deep ball as a Defensive Back. It also gives athletes the ability to get back into the mindset they had during the recording while simultaneously allowing them to analyze small details of what they and their opponent did.

X2 Biosystems' X-patch Pro -- Concussion monitoring with small device

Football Technology -- X2 Biosystems XPatch Pro Football technology -- X2 Biosystems' X Patch Pro

Injuries are like the plague of sports. Everybody hears about it, but nobody really cares about it until it happens to them. Concussions are some of the most dangerous and overlooked injuries in sports.

It has become a very common injury, especially in Football where a lot of helmet to helmet contact is made. The major league obviously addressed the issue as best as they could by penalizing these conducts. However, the concussion test performed by medical staff has too much uncertainty. This is why this product is awesome! By simply wearing a 1.5x coin sized device behind your ear, hits which might lead to a concussion are accurately monitored and reported to coaches/staff! Coaches and athletes using this device can detect concussions that may have went unnoticed otherwise.

Football technology like these above will without a doubt impact the game as we know it today.
In a few years, maybe we will have complete vital signs trackers to have real-time information on the players I.E.: injuries/hits sustained and have POV cameras on every player, allowing fans to be as close to the action as ever before. But also new devices like GoRout to help athletes perform better and get ready faster for the next play.

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Post by Arsène Rasoamanana
July 26, 2017