You did it. You achieved “Professional Status”, qualified for a National Team, or got signed to a professional squad’s roster. Now what? The pressure is on to perform, and that means staying healthy and minimizing distractions outside of training. Meanwhile, you have to figure out the logistics and expenses that come with living and training the way you need in order to be successful. Tackling the endeavor of how to get sponsored if you’re a Professional Athlete is moved to your front burner, and your self-promotion is running on overtime.

Most hear you’re a “Professional Athlete” and think that sounds pretty cool, pretty sexy, pretty glamorous. A lavish life of playing games for a living and getting paid to workout and take care of your body. A life full of free stuff and huge signing bonuses. Maybe if you’re in the top 10% with the Tom Brady's and Michael Phelps of the professional athletics world, this is near reality. But, what most don’t know is the other 90% of “Professional Athletes” spend their non-training time trying to make ends meet. Being a Professional Athlete isn’t easy, and finding steady paychecks are few and far between. Finding part-time employment that works around a full-time training schedule is also extremely rare. In order to lower training, living, and travel costs, athletes will work to attract attention on social media or send out cold emails in the hopes of landing sponsorship deals.

Navigating the process of how to get sponsored if you’re a professional athlete is often extremely time consuming and yields little reward. OpenSponsorship provides athletes and potential sponsors a centralized platform to connect, streamline the sponsorship process, and make deals. The days of Professional Athletes having to google “how to get sponsored if you’re a Professional Athlete” and fish in the dark for opportunities are over.

The process of how to get sponsored if you’re a Professional Athlete is as easy as this: This is the homepage for the leading marketplace for athletes, and explains How to Get sponsored as a professional athlete

  • Go to
  • Click the button that says “I am an Athlete, Team or Event”
  • Enter your name, email, phone number, and create a password
  • Login and create a profile (Link to your social media!)
  • Click on the “Campaigns” tab and browse/apply!



Athletes, it really is THAT easy. Let’s help each other and get the word out!