Whether your agency represents a Silicon Valley startup or a new or established brand, you are faced with an age-old problem: how do you market a brand?

Even more difficult, how do you so creatively, affordably, and effectively ? Most agencies, both B2B and B2C, follow five steps:

  1. Branding (messaging, logos)
  2. PR (blogging, events)
  3. Social Media (content, contests)
  4. Interactive (web, SEO, apps)
  5. Media (broadcasts, online displays).

Built on years of practice, these methods are important for establishing any brand. However, a new avenue has taken hold of the industry, becoming essential for brands both large and small: influencer marketing.

Appointing a brand ambassador, tapping a social influencer, or securing a celebrity endorsement earns your brand a stamp of approval from a voice your consumers trust and admire. When a brand puts a celebrity behind its product, they average 3x the ROI than without (Click to Tweet). 

That said, brands that are not Fortune 500 companies tend to steer clear of these type of endorsements. We often hear, It’s too risky,” “We can’t justify the cost,” or “We’re just not ready.”

This is what OpenSponsorship—a marketplace for sports sponsorship—was built to solve. We work directly with agencies of all sizes to procure talent for their brands that suits their needs, their scale, and their budget. 


We make it fast.

We’re not talking about a multi-year contract that takes weeks of negotiation and piles of legal paperwork to finalize. Agencies send us RFPs for all types of brands with as little as a 24-hour turn-around. Imagine that.


We make it targeted. 

Our proprietary in-house tools allow us to sort and identify the optimal talent for your brand based on sport, gender, location, interest, fan analytics, ranking, keywords, and more. Using strategic and tactical data, we pair your brands with the right professional athlete. It’s not a shot in the dark, but an alignment that’s optimized to win.

We make it integrated. 

OpenSponsorship’s comprehensive tools can be used as a package to make a full-service system for sourcing, managing, and tracking sponsorship from start to finish. Or each tool can be utilized in isolation to improve the performance of a single aspect of the sponsorship process.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you.

Let us help you choose the right influencers, find athletes that connect with your target audience, set goals, and measure your campaign. Click below to get started on growing your brand with sports sponsorship today.

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Ishveen Anand

Written by Ishveen Anand

Ishveen is the CEO and Founder of OpenSponsorship, which she started because she loves sponsorship but hates hold calling. She was recognized in 2015 on Forbes 30Under30 for Sports.

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