Tech and sports marketing is a match made in heaven

In our era of social media, it's easier than ever for professional athletes to share their opinions, life, likes and dislikes with their fans. This is one of the main reasons tech and sports marketing go so well together! Companies have turned to professional athletes for marketing campaigns for decades. The content produced of course has evolved. However, the process to get those sports marketing campaigns going and especially, getting in contact and negotiate with these professional athletes was still a war-path until a couple of years ago.

OpenSponsorship is breaking the mold by connecting all kinds of professional athletes, teams and events with companies of all sizes and industries on its platform. No more headaches cold calling/emailing athletes and agents, scheduling calls with 8 hours of difference!

Just post a campaign up on the website for all athletes to see and apply to. On top of that it is possible to select the athletes you are most interested in and invite them to your campaign!

Tech and Influencer marketing Event in NYC

On the 21st of September we held a "Tech and... influencer marketing" event at General Assembly in NYC. This event featured company leaders from different industries explaining how technology has impacted their field, how they adapted to it and also what they expect in the future.

The featured companies were Eight, Solepack and OpenSponsorship. Eight produces smart mattresses that track the quality of sleep! Solepack makes adds on to your backpack for sneakers. We had two of our team speaking at the event - our CEO & founder Ishveen Anand (Forbes' 30 under 30) and our Sales lead, Jason Bergman. To represent Eight, co-founder & CMO: Alexandra Zatarain (Forbes' 30 under 30). And, to represent Solepack Founder & CEO Mike Sala!

An interesting fact here is that on top of being among "tech leaders" in their respective fields, both Eight and Solepack are using our services! Talk about being tech-savvy!

You too can use the best sports marketing platform for your brand! Simply go here to sign up!

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Arsène Rasoamanana

Written by Arsène Rasoamanana

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