We are excited to share some knowledge and show off some OpenSponsorship athletes in this blog about the Top 10 NFL Fantasy football athletes on OpenSponsorship. This list is put together by Guest Blogger, Derek Blair.

Each year over thirty three million people participate in fantasy football. It gives fans the opportunity to be more involved with the NFL and to compete against friends and family. OpenSponsorship interacts with fantasy football stars each year so we thought why not do a list of the Top 10 NFL Fantasy football athletes on our platform. Seen below is a list of the Top 10 NFL Fantasy football athletes that are available on OpenSponsorship for sponsorship opportunities, whether that be social media, content marketing, photoshoots or appearing at store events.

The rankings for the Top 10 NFL Fantasy football athletes are accurate as of November 1, 2017 as week 8 of the NFL is completed. The points that this Top 10 NFL Fantasy football athletes have accumulated throughout the season reflect standard scoring which is seen in most fantasy football leagues.

Todd Gurley - Running Back: Los Angeles Rams (136 Points)
Melvin Gordon - Running Back: Los Angeles Chargers (124.1 Points)
Drew Brees - Quarterback: New Orleans Saints (120.14 Points)
Jared Goff - Quarterback: Los Angeles Rams (105.26 Points)
DeAndre Hopkins - Wide Receiver: Houston Texans
Jameis Winston - Quarterback: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Antonio Brown - Wide Receiver: Pittsburgh Steelers (101.5 Points)
Jordan Howard - Running Back: Chicago Bears (96 Points)
Chris Thompson - Running Back: Washington Redskins (93.3 Points)
LeSean McCoy - Running Back: Buffalo Bills (92.3 Points)

All of these Top 10 NFL Fantasy football athletes fall within the top 40 fantasy football players in the entire NFL. All of the athletes have a profile on OpenSponsorship and are ready to be your brand ambassador. So, if you would like to advertise or grow your brand by contacting one of these players, sign up for a free account today.

Todd gurley Top 10 NFL Fantasy Football Athletes on OpenSponsorship. Todd Gurley is Number One.


Ishveen Jolly

Written by Ishveen Jolly

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