Equestrianism, a sport rich in tradition and skill, has captured the hearts of millions around the world. From the grace of dressage to the thrill of show jumping, horseback riding boasts a diverse array of disciplines that draw in enthusiasts globally. Icons like Georgina Herrling, Elisa Wallace, and Chris Mosier have risen to prominence, showcasing their talent and passion on the international stage. The sport's appeal extends beyond the arena, with a dedicated fan base tuning in to witness the excitement and finesse of equestrian competitions. Within this fervent community lies a prime equestrian athlete sponsorship opportunity, offering brands a genuine way to connect with an engaged audience. OpenSponsorship stands as the gateway to these connections, providing brands with the means to forge meaningful partnerships with riders, teams, and events in the equestrian world, while leveraging influencer-generated content on social media to amplify their reach and engagement.

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    • Georgina Herrling: Based in California, Georgina Herrling is a renowned figure in dressage, celebrated for her elegance and precision. With over 50k followers on social media, she offers a captivating glimpse into the beauty of dressage, inspiring aspiring equestrians worldwide.

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    • Elisa Wallace: Hailing from Georgia, Elisa Wallace is an accomplished eventing athlete known for her tenacity and skill. With a social media following exceeding 100k, she fosters a vibrant community of passionate equestrians, sharing her journey and insights with authenticity and warmth.

    • Leona Mayor: Texas-native Leona Mayor shines brightly in the world of show jumping, captivating audiences with her fearless approach and impeccable technique. Boasting over 30k followers on social media, she serves as an inspiration to riders of all levels, sharing her electrifying performances and love for the sport.

    • Chris Mosier: Representing Minnesota, Chris Mosier is a trailblazing para-dressage athlete and a leading advocate for transgender inclusion in sports. With a dedicated following of over 20k on social media, Chris champions diversity and courage, inspiring others to embrace authenticity and pursue their dreams.

    • Stella Grace VonEye: Florida-born Stella Grace VonEye is a rising star in reining, showcasing her mastery of western riding with grace and finesse. With a strong social media presence of over 40k followers, she shares her passion for the sport, captivating audiences with her talent and dedication.

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    • Iman Perez: Emerging from the vibrant equestrian community of California, Iman Perez is making waves in eventing with her unwavering determination and grace. With over 25k followers on social media, she inspires others with her resilience and commitment to excellence, embodying the spirit of the sport.

    • Susan Wachowich: Colorado-native Susan Wachowich is a respected endurance rider, known for her resilience and endurance on long-distance rides. With a dedicated following of over 35k on social media, she shares her passion for the sport, offering insights into the challenges and triumphs of endurance riding.

    • Claire Cumbee Robinson: Kentucky-bred Claire Cumbee Robinson is a rising star in dressage, captivating audiences with her elegant performances. With over 15k followers on social media, she shares her journey with authenticity, inspiring others with her dedication and love for the discipline.

    • Leah Lang-Gluscic: Illinois-native Leah Lang-Gluscic is a distinguished dressage competitor, renowned for her technical precision and artistry. With over 20k followers on social media, she shares her passion for the sport, offering insights into the beauty and complexity of dressage, inspiring riders of all levels. 

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The world of equestrian sports is a vibrant tapestry of talent, passion, and dedication, embodied by athletes like Georgina Herrling, Elisa Wallace, and Leona Mayor. These equestrians, alongside others like Chris Mosier and Stella Grace VonEye, command the attention of a diverse and engaged audience with their captivating performances and strong social media presence. Within this passionate community lies a golden sponsorship opportunity for brands seeking to align themselves with the grace, athleticism, and tradition of horseback riding. OpenSponsorship bridges brands and equestrian athletes, offering a platform where partnerships can flourish. Brands can leverage the influence and reach of these athletes and their influencer-generated content to authentically and effectively connect with their target audience.