The Power of Athlete Appearances in Regional Marketing

Regional marketing has rapidly become a pivotal strategy for brands, big and small. Why? It offers a targeted, nimble approach that can drive higher returns on marketing spend compared to broader campaigns. And when it comes to regional marketing, athletes, especially, emerge as gold-standard influencers.

Why Athletes?

Athletes don’t just influence; they embody the spirit of the region they represent. They reside in your regional market, consistently appear on TV, and more often than not, they're seen competing and triumphing for your regional demographic. Their followers on social media are the very people you aim to engage – your potential regional customers.

For instance, imagine the impact P.K. Subban had when he teamed up with JD Sports to shop and meet fans at a store opening  -all while sharing his experience on social media. These athlete appearances don't merely get noticed; they resonate.

P.K Subban + JD Sports Appearance Highlight


Why is Regional Marketing So Effective?

  1. Resource Allocation: Regional marketing lets you channel your resources towards the areas that genuinely need investment. Whether they're your best-performing markets, cities that could do with a boost, or places that tie into other business goals like recruitment or executive residence, you can be precise.

  2. Focused Targeting: For small to medium-sized businesses, regional marketing ensures that advertising dollars are aimed squarely at potential customers, reducing wastage from broader campaigns that may not always hit the mark.

  3. Tailored Approach for Big Companies: Even for Fortune 500 entities, regional marketing allows them to adapt to the unique tastes, competitors, and requirements of specific local markets.

  4. Real Connections: Utilizing regional athlete influencers means you can leverage tangible interactions, like local appearances or meet-and-greets. These face-to-face engagements, supplemented by localized social media posts, can create deeper connections than a nationwide TV campaign might.

The Added Value of Athlete Appearances

Athlete appearances, especially in regional marketing campaigns, are not just about visibility; they're about creating an intimate bond with the audience. These athletes are often viewed as local heroes or inspirations, and their endorsement or association brings credibility and trustworthiness to the brand they're supporting.

For instance, KJ Johnson’s association with Tanger Outlet’s Christmas tree lighting will not only boost their event attendance but will solidify the outlet’s position as an integral part of the community.

Similarly, P.K Subban's presence at JD Sports’ store opening didn't just draw crowds; it highlighted JD Sports’ commitment to its clientele by bringing in a renowned athlete they admire.

Finding the Perfect Athlete Influencer for Your Campaign

Looking to integrate this powerful strategy into your marketing efforts? OpenSponsorship is here to guide you:

  1. Explore our Athlete Roster: We cover over 140 countries and have athletes from every state in the US. Simply sort by location to find the best fit for your market.

  2. Deep Dive with Recommendations: Fine-tune your search by exploring the Instagram followers of potential athlete influencers and match them with your brand using recommendations. Filter by city, state, or country and analyze where their followers are based. For optimal results, we recommend looking for athletes with 5% of followers from a specific city, 20% from a state, and 50% from a country.

  3. Leverage Campaigns: Use the OpenSponsorship campaigns feature to showcase your brand to our vast network of over 18,000 athletes. Define your needs, and our athletes will line up to collaborate with you.


Regional Activations We Love!

Popeye's + Multiple Athletes

Fast food chain Popeye's launches it's Chicken Sandwich in Chicago with Bulls, Redsox and Bears athletes including Tarik Cohen, Denzel Valentine, Tim Anderson, Pedro Strop

popeyes launch

Bonobos + Dwayne Bacon

Menswear fashion apparel brand Bonobos ensures a strong launch for their new Charlotte store with the help of an appearance and some social media posts by NBA Hornets player Dwayne Bacon

Fanduel + Aqib Talib

Sports betting company and Daily Fantasy Site Fanduel promote their new contests and activate local sports fans using regional idols such as NFL SuperBowl champion Aqib Talibaqib talib promoting fanduel 

Embracing Authentic Connections: The Athlete-Driven Edge in Regional Marketing

In conclusion, regional marketing, bolstered by athlete appearances, offers brands an unparalleled avenue to build meaningful, lasting connections with their target audiences. In a world flooded with generic advertising, this localized, personalized approach can be the game-changer your brand needs. Click here to create a brand account with OpenSponsorship!

Ishveen Jolly

Ishveen is the CEO and Founder of OpenSponsorship, which she started because she loves sponsorship but hates hold calling. She was recognized in 2015 on Forbes 30Under30 for Sports.