Golf, with its unique blend of tradition, precision, and global appeal, provides a fertile ground for brands looking to make a significant impact. At OpenSponsorship, we've had the privilege of facilitating connections between leading brands and the world's most talented golfers. Today, we're highlighting four campaigns that stand out for their creativity, effectiveness, and the way they've leveraged the spirit of golf to drive unparalleled brand engagement. From Kestrel Golf's innovative approach to AIG's strategic partnership, LIV Golf's bold endeavors, and Izod's classic alignment, these campaigns embody the essence of successful brand-golfer collaborations.

Below are a few of our favorites. 

1. Izod

Izod partnered with Francis Biondi, a golf influencer and instructor on a social media campaign. The campaign was designed to take Francis his golf lessons on social media and their latest golf fashion. The campaign was such a success because it was a natural fit for Francis to work with Izod and the content came off to his audience as very organic because it was doing what he is already doing day in and day out - sharing tips and tricks that his followers can use on the course. This makes a great case for any brand that would like to work with Athletes on marketing their apparel products in an organic way.


2. AIG

AIG teamed up with Tony Finau, a professional PGA golfer and champion. At the time, AIG was a major sponsor for the 2020 Women's AIG Open, an LPGA event. In order to get more eyes on the event that they sponsored, they teamed up with Tony to share promotions of the live coverage of the event and some of the highlights to hype it up. This was a natural fit because all of Tony's audience was avid golfers and loved watching the game so they'd be a perfect fit for watching this AIG tournament. This is a great example of leveraging the audience of one athlete that directly matches the audience you're trying to reach for your event.

Opensponsorship golfer campaigns


3. Kestrel Golf

Kestrel Golf partnered with Averee Dovsek and Morgan Pankow - two golf-focused influencers that produce fantastic content about golf education, products, and more. While both of the influencers are female, their audiences are actually made up of 80% male fans (we know this thanks to OpenSponsorship's social analysis engine!). They both produced reels about Ketrel's new performance tees - one where they talked about the product of itself and unboxed it. And another where they were physically using the product on the golf course. These reels brought in tons of comments with fans reassuring that they'll be picking up these tees online. This is a great example of product seating with influencers that have an athletic side to their social media feed - perfect for any brand that needs good content with their product put in front of a purchasing audience for an affordable rate. Check out the full case study!


4. LIV Golf

LIV Golf drives awareness of its events by parenting with golf influencers. Their team came to us wanting to increase the number of stream viewers of their highlight anticipated golf tournament. They had developed a social graphic and stream link that they needed help getting in front of as many golf fans as possible. Some athletes were also selected to attend the live events and create social posts while at the event to show fans that they can still get tickets to see the event in person. This is a solid example of how to utilize many athletes at once in a low-lift way that is going to help boost your awareness among the audience that you want to attract. Check out the full case study here!

(Below is the banner that LIV Golf has their athlete partners post on their stories)


5. Callaway

Callaway partnered with Andrew Jensen to put their latest hybrid clubs to the test. Andrew is a professional golfer and avid YouTuber - his content is a mix of reviewing courses giving tips and reviewing products. This is a perfect alignment between Callaway and Andrew because Andrew's audience comes to his contact expecting reviews and tips to improve their own golf game. This is a great example of leveraging an athlete for a product review in an organic way that can directly lead to sales. Check out Andrew's profile!

In Closing

As we reflect on these four standout campaigns between Kestrel Golf, AIG, LIV Golf, and Izod, it's clear that the synergy between brands and golfers goes beyond mere sponsorship—it's about crafting stories that resonate with audiences, embody brand values, and elevate the game of golf itself. These partnerships showcase the power of aligning with athletes who can authentically represent a brand and engage with its audience on a meaningful level. At OpenSponsorship, we are committed to continuing to bridge the gap between exceptional golfers and forward-thinking brands, fostering connections that not only achieve marketing objectives but also celebrate the rich traditions and exciting future of golf. For brands looking to make their mark in the sporting world, partnering with golfers offers a unique opportunity to connect with audiences in a genuine and impactful way. Let us help you find your perfect match in the golfing world and drive your brand towards greater success. 





Jeff is OpenSponsorship's Director of Marketing. He typically writes about sports sponsorship, marketing, and tips & tricks for brands.