National Runners Month celebrates the dedication, passion, and achievements of runners around the world. Throughout the month, runners of all levels unite to showcase their love for the sport through races, challenges, and community events. It's a time to honor the physical and mental benefits of running, as well as the camaraderie that comes with being part of the running community. OpenSponsorship, a platform connecting brands with athletes, plays a significant role in supporting runners during this month and beyond. Partnering with notable athletes such as Hunter Woodhall, Sanya Richards Ross, and Emma Coburn, OpenSponsorship facilitates opportunities for brands to collaborate with these runners on sponsorship deals, promoting products, events, and initiatives that resonate with the running community. As National Runners Month unfolds, OpenSponsorship continues to empower athletes and brands alike to make meaningful connections and celebrate the spirit of running.

OpenSponsorship Runners

Hunter Woodhall

    • Hunter Woodhall is a remarkable Paralympic sprinter, known for his incredible speed despite being a double amputee. He has earned both silver and bronze medals at the Paralympic Games and has been recognized as an NCAA All-American.1hunter-woodhall-2000-06e6f49234bb438fb3b579b4c306892e

    Jorden Hall

    • Jorden Hall is a standout hurdler specializing in the 400m hurdles. As an NCAA champion and representative of the USA in international competitions, he continues to showcase his talent and determination on the track.

    Allison Stokke

    • Allison Stokke has made her mark in the world of pole vaulting, setting numerous records and gaining widespread attention for a viral photo. Beyond her athletic achievements, she has transitioned into a successful career as a fitness model and influencer.1allison_stokke

    Tyson Gay

    • Tyson Gay is renowned as one of the fastest sprinters in history, holding the title of the second fastest man over 100m. With multiple world championships and Olympic appearances, he has left an indelible mark on the sport of track and field.

    Sanya Richards-Ross

    • Sanya Richards Ross is a distinguished sprinter in track and field, celebrated for her Olympic gold medal and numerous world championships. Her remarkable career has solidified her status as one of the most decorated female track athletes of all time.

    Queen Harrison Claye

    • Queen Harrison Claye has made her mark as an Olympic hurdler, excelling in the 100m hurdles. With multiple national titles to her name, she continues to inspire with her speed and agility on the track.

    Andoree Jackson

    • Andoree Jackson, a prominent NFL cornerback, seamlessly juggles football and track. His exceptional speed and agility, evident on the field, translate well to the track, especially in the 400m dash. With NCAA championships and international representation for the USA, Jackson stands out as a formidable presence in both sports1Adoree’_Jackson_2018_08-09

    Nick Symmonds

    • Nick Symmonds is a distinguished middle-distance runner and two-time Olympian. As a silver medalist at the World Championships, he is not only known for his athletic prowess but also for his advocacy for athlete rights.

    Justin Gatlin

    • Justin Gatlin has etched his name in track and field history as an Olympic gold medalist and multiple-time world champion. His exceptional speed and determination have solidified his status as one of the greatest sprinters of all time.15-fascinating-facts-about-justin-gatlin-1697693110

    Emma Coburn

    • Emma Coburn has excelled as a steeplechaser, earning an Olympic bronze medal and multiple national titles. With American records in the steeplechase to her name, she continues to push the boundaries of her sport with her talent and dedication.


      As National Runners Month celebrates the dedication and camaraderie of the running community, brands are presented with an ongoing opportunity to connect with this passionate audience through OpenSponsorship. The platform serves as a vital conduit for meaningful connections between brands and athletes such as Hunter Woodhall, Sanya Richards Ross, and Emma Coburn. Leveraging the influence of these esteemed athletes, brands can effectively engage with the running community, aligning their products, events, and initiatives with the values and aspirations of runners. OpenSponsorship facilitates authentic partnerships that endure beyond National Runners Month, enriching both athletes and brands by fostering genuine connections and resonating with the running community on a profound level


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