Are you new to the world of athlete sponsorship? For those with a lower budget, Instagram Stories may be the perfect way to test working with an athlete to promote your brand. 

Instagram stories are 15-second images and videos that are only viewable for 24 hours. With over 500 millions Instagram users using the Story feature, it’s become an effective channel for brands to reach their customers. 

Compared to permanent posts, Instagram Stories generally provide a more unfiltered, personal glimpse into an athlete’s life because they are more casual and take less effort to create. 

We’ve compiled several reasons why we think Instagram Stories are the best way for you to test athlete sponsorship:

  1. Cheaper alternative to permanent images and videos. Because Stories only last on an athlete’s account for 24 hours, most athletes charge less since the content isn’t posted on their main feed. Additionally, Stories generally require less effort and time for an athlete to create. 
  2. Athletes generally have their largest audience on Instagram. Get the biggest bang for your buck and promote your brand on a channel that has a greater reach. 
  3. Utilize “Story Highlights” to increase the time length of your promotion. The feature, “Story Highlights,” allows athletes to keep specified stories on their profile for as long as they want in comparison to the 24 hours previously allowed. Because this option would live on the athlete’s main page, it may increase the cost.
  4. Add links to Stories to direct users to your website. Any business account with over 10K followers has the ability to attach a clickable link to the Instagram Story. This feature makes it possible for athletes to direct their followers to your latest offering without having to leave the app or jump through hoops. It’s the easiest way to boost traffic and sales with a single tap. which is currently impossible to do in the captions of permanent Instagram posts.

One of the newest features we’ve launched at OpenSponsorship is the ability to view insights from an athlete’s Instagram Story. An athlete will now send you a screenshot of the Story Insights so you can view key analytics like website clicks, impressions, and shares.

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