When looking at levering influencers for your YouTube advertising and marketing campaigns, athlete influencers are a great option. Athlete influencers are increasingly joining YouTube and producing great content that has high engagement, a lot of viewers. YouTube influencer marketing relies on the influencer being an expert for the brand - luckily for us and you athletes are experts and credible voices on many topics whether that be health + wellness, fashion, food, staying healthy, managing finances, caring for family and friends, entertainment, gaming, and many more topics.

Athlete influencers are able to build YouTube content that relates to their sports, their life off the field, their endorsements, their charitable ventures and more. The ability for athletes to add content that relates to their life as well as their brand marketing and endorsements is important for an engaged fanbase. 

Options on how to leverage athlete influencers in YouTube advertising campaigns include:

1. Integrations with the athlete promoting your products between a video of other highly engaging and potentially viral YouTube content. 

2. Having a fun video from the athlete influencer showing off the uniqueness in your product in an engaging and interesting way. 

3. Integrate your products into the athlete YouTube video production e.g. if you are f&b brand, the athlete showing you fit in their day, or being part of a gaming video. Or if you are a sleep product showing the athlete's night regime. 

When using athlete influencers in YouTube there are many ways to ensure you get ROI and that you are able to track ROI:

1. Include a coupon code in the YouTube video by the athlete influencer so that even if someone doesn't seem the below comments or text, they can use the coupon for a discount which can be tracked. 

2. Add a UTM tracking link in the comments of the YouTube video. One of the best things about YouTube influencer campaigns are that you can add a clickable link so viewers can go straight from the YouTube athlete influencer video to your ecommerce site to shop. 

Now that you are sold on athlete influencers for YouTube advertising and marketing campaigns, here are some of our athletes on YouTube. To see the full list - signup for a free brand account and you can search by YouTube

Soccer athlete influencers on YouTube: 

Soccer athlete Luis Nani, captain of Orlando City SC - LINK

Soccer athlete Karim Benzema - LINK 

Soccer athlete in Futsal Michael Bolvin - LINK

Wresting / MMA / UFC athlete influencers on YouTube:

Wresting athlete Chris Jericho - LINK

MMA athlete Georges St Pierre - LINK

MMA athlete Francis Ngannou - LINK

WWE athlete Daria "Sonya Deville" Berenato - LINK

NBA / Basketball athlete influencers on YouTube:

NBA athlete Nate Robinson - LINK

NBA athlete Amare Stoudemire - LINK

Street basketball legend Tom Connors - LINK

American Football athlete influencers on YouTube:

NFL athlete Jamal Adams - LINK

NFL athlete Terron Beckham - LINK

NFL athlete Tyreek Hill - LINK

Olympic athlete influencers on YouTube:

Olympic skiing Julia Mancuso - LINK

Olympic Gymnast Jake Dalton - LINK

Olympic Track and Field athlete Michelle Carter - LINK

Automobile racing athlete influencers on YouTube:

Automobile racing athlete Hailie Deegan - LINK

Automobile racing athlete Collete Davis - LINK

Automobile racing athlete Gustavo Yacaman - LINK


Jake Dalton youtube


Ishveen Jolly

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