In the high-speed world of Formula 1 racing, where every second counts and the thrill of the chase captivates millions worldwide, lies the untapped potential for brands looking to elevate their marketing game. This blog post is your roadmap to unlocking the power of F1's global platform, offering 10 innovative ideas for brands in the health/wellness food & beverage, athletic apparel, and gaming & technology sectors to collaborate with F1 drivers and teams. From nutritional partnerships to exclusive tech endorsements, learn how you can harness the excitement of the F1 season to drive your brand forward. Plus, discover how OpenSponsorship can be your ally in connecting with the stars of the racing world to kickstart your next successful marketing campaign.

For Health/Wellness Food & Beverage Brands

  • Nutritional Partnerships: Develop a line of driver-endorsed nutritional products, such as energy bars or hydration drinks, tailored for performance. Brands have seen incredible success with these product lines and bundles!
  • Lifestyle Campaigns: Use drivers in marketing campaigns that emphasize a healthy lifestyle, focusing on diet and hydration strategies for peak performance. As they head up to race day, collaborate with them at home.
  • Social Media Challenges: Engage with audiences through challenges that promote healthy eating or fitness routines, led by drivers on social media platforms.

For Apparel Brands

  • Exclusive Merchandise Lines: Collaborate with drivers or teams to create exclusive athletic wear lines, featuring high-performance materials and driver branding.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Training Content: Showcase the rigorous physical training F1 drivers undergo, promoting your brand’s apparel and accessories.
  • Event Sponsorship and Brand Ambassadors: Sponsor fitness events or marathons with drivers as brand ambassadors, wearing and promoting your athletic apparel.

For Gaming & Technology/Apps

  • Racing Simulators and Games: Partner with drivers to develop or endorse racing simulators and video games, offering fans an immersive experience.
  • Wearable Technology Collaborations: Work with drivers to promote fitness and health-tracking technology, highlighting the importance of data in improving performance.
  • Driver-Exclusive App Content: Offer apps that provide exclusive content from drivers, such as training tips, race insights, or personal health and fitness routines.

How to Leveraging OpenSponsorship

OpenSponsorship stands as a pivotal bridge connecting brands directly to the thrilling world of Formula 1 racing. This innovative platform simplifies the process of forging meaningful partnerships with F1 drivers and teams, offering brands a unique opportunity to engage with a global audience. Through OpenSponsorship, brands can easily discover and connect with potential partners in the racing domain, facilitating collaborations that resonate with their marketing objectives and target demographics. The platform's streamlined approach ensures that brands, regardless of their size or industry, can leverage the unparalleled visibility and excitement that comes with F1, driving their promotional strategies to new heights.

Campaign Inspiration, OnePlus and Alex Albon

A case study about a social media giveaway campaign with Alex Albon, F1 Driver, and OnePlus, an innovative cell phone manufacturer. Our team worked with Alex to develop an idea for a reel that would capture his followers' attention and also show off the OnePlus giveaway they were hosting. 24 hours before the reel was released, Alex posted a teaser on his IG story that alluded to the giveaway - driving hype around it. The next day, the reel was posted and saw an immediate influx of viewers and users eager to enroll in the giveaway. 


Jeff is OpenSponsorship's Director of Marketing. He typically writes about sports sponsorship, marketing, and tips & tricks for brands.