In 2024, the Summer Olympics in Paris will open doors for brands to connect with athletes on marketing campaigns. This global event will bring together diverse sports, including the first-time appearance of breakdancing, set against the backdrop of Paris's rich history. It's a chance for athletes and sponsors to join in a celebration of sport, culture, and global friendship, showcasing both time-honored and new sports to a worldwide audience. 

So, what are the sports and how does your brand get involved?

  1. Aquatics

    • Artistic Swimming
    • Diving 
    • Marathon Swimming
    • Swimming: Features a variety of styles including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly, across different distances. Swimming is known for its high-speed races and has been a staple in the Olympics, highlighting stars like Michael Phelps.
    • Water Polo 
  2. Archery

  3. Athletics (Track and Field): Includes a wide range of activities from sprints, middle and long-distance races, hurdles, relays, jumps (long, triple, high, pole vault), and throws (shot put, discus, hammer, javelin). This category is renowned for showcasing versatile athleticism and has featured legends like Usain Bolt.

  4. Badminton 

  5. Basketball

    • Basketball 
    • 3×3 Basketball (2 events)
  6. Boxing (13 events)

  7. Breaking (2 events): Making its debut, this urban street dance competition is expected to bring a new, dynamic element to the Olympics.

  8. Canoeing

    • Slalom (6 events)
    • Sprint (10 events)
  9. Cycling

    • BMX Freestyle (2 events)
    • BMX Racing (2 events)
    • Mountain Biking (2 events)
    • Road Cycling (4 events)
    • Track Cycling (12 events)
  10. Equestrian

    • Dressage (2 events)
    • Eventing (2 events)
    • Jumping (2 events)
  11. Fencing (12 events)

  12. Field Hockey (2 events)

  13. Football (Soccer) (2 events)

  14. Golf (2 events): Known for its precision and skill, golf in the Olympics is a test of consistency over four rounds, showcasing top players from around the world.

  15. Gymnastics

    • Artistic (14 events): Features individual and team events on different apparatuses including the floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bar for men, and vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise for women.
    • Rhythmic (2 events)
    • Trampoline (2 events)
  16. Handball (2 events)

  17. Judo (15 events)

  18. Modern Pentathlon (2 events)

  19. Rowing (14 events): Involves a variety of boat classes over a 2000-meter course, testing athletes' endurance, strength, and technique.

  20. Rugby Sevens (2 events)

  21. Sailing (10 events)

  22. Shooting (15 events)

  23. Skateboarding (4 events)

  24. Sport Climbing (4 events)

  25. Surfing (2 events)

  26. Table Tennis (5 events)

  27. Taekwondo (8 events)

  28. Tennis (5 events): Features men’s and women’s singles and doubles, and mixed doubles. Known for intense matches and showcasing tennis stars from around the globe.

  29. Triathlon (3 events)

  30. Volleyball

    • Volleyball (2 events)
    • Beach Volleyball (2 events)
  31. Weightlifting (10 events)

  32. Wrestling

    • Freestyle (12 events)
    • Greco-Roman (6 events)

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3 Ways To Sponsor Olympic Athletes:

There are several ways to sponsor Olympic Athletes! Below are three of the common methods for brands to connect with the Athletes and their agents directly.

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  2. Direct Messaging (DM) Athletes: While it's possible to contact athletes directly via social media, this method can be intrusive and is often less effective and professional.

  3. Contacting Their Agent: Reaching out to an athlete's agent is a traditional and effective method, ensuring negotiations are handled professionally and respecting the athlete's formal representation.

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Want To Sponsor Olympic Athletes?

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