We’ve talked about repurposing content in digital marketing, but haven’t touched upon how relevant and effective professional athletes have proven to be in email marketing.

Being associated with a professional athlete gives brands the ability to connect on a more emotional level with their potential customers. Including athletes in your marketing material can help provide a more in depth and personal engagement with your target audience.

However, the inclusion of an athlete alone does not always mean a successful email marketing campaign. When including an athlete in your email marketing campaign, there are other tips and tricks you can follow to help optimize the success of your campaign.

See Below for 3 tips on how you can incorporate athletes into your next email marketing campaign.

  1. Include athletes in your subject line – Increase click rates by UP TO 100%. Including the athlete's name in your subject line serves as an attention grabber that will make readers more likely to open and read your email.
  2. Create interesting and relevant content surrounding your brand - a great example of this would be Glassdoor and Draymond Green’s “8 Tips to stay fired up in the workplace”. This headline was both relevant to Glassdoor's brand and relevant to the athlete they featured- the emotional, fired-up NBA Champion Draymond Green.
  3. Include athlete centered coupons and enter-to-win as a call to action to potential customers → The possibility to win free memorabilia if you enter your email is a great way for brands to help drive engagement.
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How do you increase open rates, and decrease bounce rates through email marketing? That’s easy : include their name in the subject line of the email.

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Spencer Peek

Written by Spencer Peek

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