Now more than ever, brands are leveraging influencer marketing to promote their products and maximize their revenue. When brand managers plan influencer marketing campaigns focused on their female consumers, they often select fashion, mommy, beauty bloggers or reality stars. We may be a bit impartial, but we think our roster of 1000+ female athletes are actually the perfect influencer and brand ambassador for your brand. Our female athletes love fashion and beauty, and are mothers, wives, and often come on TV in reality TV shows.

Also, athletes in your female focused influencer campaigns make sense because:

1. Many female athlete influencers have huge followings: Check out these Olympians on our site with over 1 Million followers - Gabby Douglas, Nastia Liukin, Jordyn Wieber, and more.

2. Many of our female athletes have amazing engagement rates on social media. The average influencer has around 3% engagement rate on Instagram, many of the USA soccer team have over 8% engagement rate on Instagram.

3. Athletes, male and female, are global. With athletes competing globally, many athletes have appeal all around the world. Check out one of our USA athletes and World Cup winner, Rose Lavelle, who recently changed teams from the Washington Spirit in the US to Manchester City in England.

Brands should also use athletes in their female influencer campaigns because women's sports are at an all time high, and numbers continue to prove so. It is predicted that the upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympics will feature female participation of 48.8%, an all time Olympics high. Female athletes are getting more media attention and generating larger fan bases than ever before, and brands can benefit greatly from this in their campaigns. As this trend in women’s sports has continued to grow in recent years, so has the usage of female athlete influencers. From 2013 to 2017, sponsorships with female athletes increased by 47%. This statistic highlights the growing marketability and widespread appeal of female athletes in the eyes of the consumer. However, the full potential of female athlete influencers in brand’s campaigns is yet to be reached, especially in today’s age of technology.

There is no overstating the presence of social media in today’s society. The many platforms have various dynamics and usages, making social media extremely widespread. You can find female athletes with large followings on all outlets from Instagram to Youtube to Facebook to Linkedin and many others. As posting on social media is quite simple, brands can use this to their advantage. Brands can utilize female athletes for their female focused campaigns when trying to reach anyone and anywhere. This is because female athletes have diverse follower demographics on top of female athletes being completely global. Social media sponsorships with female athlete influencers can be very advantageous for brands with female focused campaigns because of this widespread use of social media, diverse athlete followings, and global aspect of sports.

In conclusion, Female athletes present profitable exposure while bringing tremendous upside potential for brands as women's sports continue to grow. Thus, partnering with a female athlete could revolutionize the way in which female-focused brands attract and aggregate their audiences: cultivating several lucrative and meaningful deals. Social media creates easy, but definitely worthwhile, sponsorship opportunities for both the brand and the athletes. Brands need to recognize the realm of possibilities for female athletes and their increased appeal as sponsors for female focused campaigns.

On Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, Opensponsorship held a free discussing this topic. We had a stacked panel of former professional athletes, company founders/CEOs, sport league directors, and sponsorship specialists. You can learn more about the speakers and watch the entire recorded webinar HERE.


Curtis Kestenbaum

Written by Curtis Kestenbaum

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