CBD has become a major buzzword across many different industries. From sports to food it seems CBD has a new use every day. I am sure you are wondering if this cannabinoid extract is really all that; can CBD really be effective in so many different ways? The answer across the board seems to be a resounding yes. In one study examining the effect of CBD on cortisol levels cannabidiol (CBD) caused a significant drop in levels of the stress hormone after administration. In another study examining the antipsychotic effects of CBD, it was discovered that cannabidiol is a well tolerated treatment for people suffering from schizophrenia as it has several antipsychotic properties. Clearly CBD is more than just a buzz word thrown around by companies trying to sell a product. So we know the stuff works, the next question is how do we market it to consumers?

Here are 4 strong ways to get results from your CBD marketing strategy:


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CBD Sports Marketing tip #1: Break through the noise and get into the effectiveness of your product 

An easy way to accomplish this task is to have snapshots of product reviews ready to go. Sponsored athletes are a great way to get some weight behind your CBD brand’s claims. If a professional athlete stands behind your products efficacy consumers are far more likely to buy into the hype and make a purchase. There are thousands of new CBD companies popping up, therefore it is important to attempt to differentiate your brand. A great way to differentiate is by demonstrating that your product is the most effective in the CBD sphere.

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CBD sports marketing tip #2: Take advantage of micro-influencers

The sports marketing scene can often seem daunting. If you look at any major sport you will see the top athletes like Lebron James signing billion-dollar lifetime contracts. This can be a major turn-off for many smaller scale companies, but fear not, micro-influencers can be just as effective in many cases. Regardless of the visibility in these sort of monster deals, there are still a plethora of athletes on social media with follower cohorts that are wide ranging and therefore have different prices for sponsorship that suit smaller brands. For CBD brands, marketing themselves using athletes with 10k-100k followers is essential.  What you get with these athletes are fan bases that are incredibly engaged with the influencer and their social media platforms. 


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CBD sports marketing tip #3: Capture demographics one at a time

Specificity is often king in getting your message through to consumers. CBD companies like HerbStrong have done extremely well becoming a household name in the fitness industry as a recovery drop. Through the use of fitness influencers their sales have skyrocketed. By focusing heavily on on one demographic brand recognition is raised more quickly.  


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CBD sports marketing tip #4: Partnerships with other brands and event spaces

Perhaps the fastest and most effective CBD marketing strategy is the use of partnerships. Take, for example, the CBD manufacturer Abacus Health Products. Abacus has partnered with Gillette Stadium, which has massively raised their brand awareness. Through their partnership Abacus has gained access to an entirely new consumer base consisting of New England sports fans. This kind of sponsorship is hugely beneficial to any brands marketing abilities. 

Here are a few athletes that have closed deals through OpenSponsorship.com that involve CBD Sports Marketing

David Valdez

Perri Goldstein

Patrick Sweeney

Ryan Carlyle


Post by Andre Maman
January 17, 2019