Congratulations, you just climbed your way into the top 100 of the ATP rankings! You are playing in numerous countries and appearing on TV channels across the globe.


ATP has recently relaxed the rules around partnering with certain product categories, while also allowing bigger logos and more logos to be placed on the playing shirt.


Winning combination surely?!


No... maybe we can give some analogies in parallel worlds to help explain:


- First time home buyers, have no idea where to start looking and what they can get for their budget, so use websites to figure out what they can afford and what appeals.


- A young couple wants to go out for dinner, rather than going to the same old or guessing what’s good and available, they go online, find matches to their taste and book a table.


- You are busy at work, trying to plan a trip to Hong Kong to see some friends, you get on to an online travel portal, find the best deal and book right away.


Online marketplaces are giving the user more power to achieve their objectives quickly, efficiently and cheaply. Sponsorship might be one of the last industries to adopt the online marketplace model, but we at OpenSponsorship are well on track.


Our business model of free to list and free to search, shows our confidence in being able to connect brands and rights holders and get deals done.


We give you and / or your agent the voice to let brands globally know you have a great sponsorship opportunity. Brands connect with you directly and its then up to you to negotiate, close and deliver.


Our sign up form is easy, quick and accessible to all in the professional sports world. Whether you are a pro agent or a new athlete who has never entered a sponsorship deal before, you will be able to sign up and create your own listing and packages because we have pre-defined everything including the available rights and product categories.


We welcome you to the world of OpenSponsorship and can’t wait for you to get more $$$ in exchange for offering Brands some great marketing rights.