Are you a brand, company or product who wants to improve awareness, target and reach a specific demographic, increase sales or overall just BUILD YOUR BRAND? If you haven't thought about using athlete endorsements before, we suggest you start. Athlete endorsements are one of the most valuable types of marketing campaigns and it has been shown that consumers are more than 1.5x more likely to purchase a product if an athlete they like endorses it.

OpenSponsorship offers you the ability to create relationships with athletes, teams and sporting events in order to facilitate sponsorship deals in a wide range of mediums. No matter what your brand is looking for in an athlete endorser, we can provide it.


We are proud to work with over 5,000 athletes on our platform across all different countries and sports.

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Brands Can Coordinate

Athlete Appearances, Content Marketing, Event Partnerships, Location Specific Interactions, Product Endorsements, Social Media Influence, Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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Subscription Pricing

Silver Level Access - $399/mo Gain access to our network of athletes, use our campaign builder for all your athletic sponsorship and marketing needs, PLUS handle all billing, contracts, invoicing and payments through our platform.

Gold Level Access - $799/mo All above features PLUS dedicated digital newsletters sent to our network promoting your sponsorship opportunities for your brand. ALSO INCLUDES Personal outreach from our team to specific athletes you want to work with (whether they are in our network or not.)

If you're not ready for a subscription, we also offer a free trial! Make an account, create your campaign, and reach out to an OpenSponsorship rep to get the campaign launched and see how things go. We think you'll like it!

Make an account for your brand, company or product today. Start your free trial at



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