“Train like Thomas the Tank Engine, if you have natural ability, train” said professional diver William Trubridge. The 34 year old, currently resident in the Bahamas, is a World Champion in unassisted freediving and current world record holder in both CNF (unassisted freediving) at 101m (331ft) and FIM (free immersion) 121m (397 ft). He stresses the key to his dives is the preparation and training; “I stretch my body, especially the torso.”

Growing up in New Zealand, Trubridge idolized athletes such as Jesse Owens and Chris Harris (Cricket). His favorite city is Auckland, New Zealand where he attended school but others top on his list are Paris, Boston, Barcelona, and Florence. Trubridge names the Antarctic Ocean as top of his list to free dive, given it has some of the greatest mammalian free divers as well as boasting one of the wildest ecosystems on the planet.

Not only is Trubridge a world class diver, but he is a man of intellect and passion. He is an Ambassador for New Zealand's endangered Hector's and Maui's Dolphins, Ambassador and co-founder of Canaryscore, and Ambassador for the Ocean Recovery Alliance.

We wish Trubridge great success for 2015 and beyond and I am sure good things are on the horizon for him, although he wouldn't share because he keeps his goals secret until they are complete!

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