Why You Shouldn't Try to Go It Alone in the World of Sports Sponsorships

If you're a decision maker when it comes to implementing marketing strategies at your company, then listen up. I know, I know. You're tempted to go it alone when it comes to sports sponsorships. "I can do this," You think, bravely - and wrongly. Trust me, I've tried to do it without OpenSponsorship. Before my time here, I secured and managed strategic partnerships at my old job. I've done it both with and without OpenSponsorship and, let me tell you, OpenSponsorship was the partner I never knew I needed.

So learn from me, savvy marketers, and read up on the six main reasons why You + Us = <3.

We'll Think of the All Things You Won't

Our founder and CEO, Ishveen Anand, has over a decade of experience from the other side. As an agent, Ishveen saw firsthand the headache of setting up sponsorship deals between athletes and brands. The traditional way of doing things has a knack for overcomplicating simple tasks at every step in the process. From crafting mutually beneficial contracts to agreeing that deliverables have been completed to ensuring that the athlete received the promised payment, we make it so much better.

But if you've never run a sponsorship deal before, you probably don't even know how easy OpenSponsorship is in comparison to the traditional model. Talk to anyone that's tried to run a deal on their own. You'll see that OpenSponsorship is easier, totally comprehensive, and more efficient.

We'll Track Your Campaign From Creation to Execution

...Yes, better than you can. As soon as you and your chosen athlete hit "Accept Proposal" on OpenSponsorship, we start tracking everything. Like, literally everything. We're here to make sure your sponsorship experience is as smoooooth as possible. From the deliverables you requested to the due date you requested them by, rest easy knowing we've got it covered.  Brands that use multiple athletes simultaneously find our tracking tools especially helpful.

Gone are the days where you have to manually check in on each separate Instagram post to see what sort of engagement is going on. From the comfort of your campaign dashboard, you can see the Cost Per Engagement, the exact creatives that were posted, the Google Analytics report of traffic driven to your site or app, and so much more! That way, you can make informed decisions moving forward about which athletes work best with your messaging, which creatives performed best, and other pertinent insights. Let us know if you want any help configuring these tools!

We'll Connect You to the World of Sports Sponsorships

It may go without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. At OpenSponsorship, we completely democratize the sponsorship process. How else would companies be able to connect with thousands of professional athletes every single day? We put the power of connection in both the hands of our brands and our athletes - a radically simple idea. We've heard from a lot of our brands who have tried to go it alone in the sports sponsorship world.

One of the biggest takeaways after using OpenSponsorship is how much time it saved them. They didn't need to cross their fingers for a returned phone call, wonder about ROI, or worry about the bill getting paid anymore. Suddenly, they had access to this world that was easier, more efficient, and highly trackable.

Tired of trying to go it alone? Check us out and see how we can take your marketing strategy to the next level!

Mary Zakheim

Mary is a content writer and strategist. To see more of her work on influencer marketing, subscribe below to the OpenSponsorship blog.