How Much Does It Really Cost To Partner With Athletes?

As a brand looking to get involved in the world of sports sponsorship, you may be wondering how much it costs to sponsor an athlete. This can vary greatly depending on the type or level of sport you are interested in, the popularity and success of the athlete you wish to work with, as well as the types of deliverables you are looking to create with the athletes.

At OpenSponsorship, we offer brands a platform where they can connect directly with athletes, teams, and events for marketing campaigns and sponsorship opportunities. Our platform boasts over 17,000+ athletes across a variety of different sports, from lower-level local leagues all the way up to professional global superstar athletes competing at the highest levels. OpenSponsorship has a robust search feature that allows brands to be specific in finding the ideal talent they are looking to work with, from follower demographics to their hobbies and interest.

How Much Does It Really Cost To Partner With Athletes?

Prices of Working With Athletes

When considering which athletes to sponsor, it is important to take several factors into account. One obvious consideration for most brands is the price involved in sponsoring an athlete. Typically, this will range across a variety of categories. From 'product only' deals and social media deals, to more long-term brand ambassador deals and Event Appearances, the prices will also vary with the follower size or engagement rates of the talent brands are looking to work with. Check out OpenSponsorship's Player Rate Card below to get a better understanding of the cost of working with athletes on a variety of deliverables.

How Much Does It Really Cost To Partner With Athletes?Things To Consider Before Sponsoring an Athlete

When negotiating with potential athletes, it is important to consider their current status within their sport. For example, suppose the athlete is just starting out and has not yet achieved much recognition or success. In that case, they will likely be more willing to accept lower compensation for their services than an established star athlete who commands higher fees for marketing deals or product endorsements. Similarly, if your brand is looking for exposure on a larger scale through media channels like television or social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram, you may need to pay higher fees in order to secure these placements from top-tier athletes whose content attracts large audiences. However, there are also many benefits to working with lesser-known athletes or athletes in more niche sports: higher engagement and loyal followers, which generally turn into more converted sales as well. 

How Much Does It Really Cost To Partner With Athletes?

How D2C Brands Can Free Up Cash For Athlete Influencer Marketing

If you're looking to work with a well-known athlete and their rate is a bit too high, consider inventory funding to free up capital for marketing. Platforms such as Kickfurther are perfect for this. Kickfurther is an innovative platform that frees up cash flow for brands, providing the opportunity to allocate capital towards marketing and athlete marketing deals. The platform enables brands to access inventory financing from a community of backers, who invest in the inventory of the brand. By doing so, brands can increase their cash flow and expand their marketing budgets without having to worry about their inventory costs. This allows them to focus on developing their marketing strategies, increasing brand awareness, and securing athlete endorsements. With Kickfurther, brands can optimize their financial resources and invest in their growth, which can lead to increased revenue and profitability. 

How Do I Start Working with Athletes?

Ultimately, determining how much it costs to sponsor an athlete will depend on a variety of factors specific to your brand's needs and goals. If you are interested in learning more about our platform and connecting with talented athletes for your next marketing campaign or sponsorship opportunity, sign up for OpenSponsorship for free HERE today!


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