With COVID-19 preventing some stores from opening in-person, brands and retailers are anticipating a huge increase in online sales, contactless shopping, and digital spend. Nonetheless, your brand can still profit during this holiday season by partnering with professional athletes to promote your product or service. Here's how to make an authentic connection with your customer to supercharge your holiday offering:

Make it Festive

Depending on what you’re offering, it’s important to show that your brand is also getting ready for the holiday season. One way this could be done is by creating a seasonal or holiday product, sharing special recipes, gift ideas (such as your product), fashion looks for holiday parties, best places with holiday deals, themed-packaging, and so on. Many people tend to buy products they may not even need if the brand or product looks ready for the upcoming holiday. Another way to make your brand more festive is to ask the athlete that sponsors your product to wear something special in their photo with your product (such as a costume for Halloween). The options are endless when it comes to creating holiday products! 

Sales! Sales! Sales!

The best time to decrease the price of your product and put it on sale is for Black Friday and Cyber Monday because it’s when most people are looking for the best deals. It doesn’t have to be a drastic discount, as long as your brand is participating in the festivities. Additionally, if a professional athlete sponsors your brand, they should promote it before the sale starts and include in their caption that it will be going on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That way, their followers will become aware of your product before the sale starts, which will result in more people checking it out during these special promotions. Don’t be afraid to utilize an athlete’s platform!

Targeting Certain Social Media Platforms

Speaking of platforms, when partnering with a professional athlete, be sure to have them promote your product on their social media accounts that have the largest following. This should come as no surprise, but you want to get the most out of your sponsorship deal with an athlete, so do your research. Especially during the holiday season, people are more active on social media because they are trying to find products to gift to friends and family, looking for fun decorations, or searching for the best deals. That’s why finding the right athlete to sponsor your brand and utilizing their social media following is vital for getting the most out of your partnership.

OpenSponsorship is offering Holiday Discount Bundles to help prepare brands for the upcoming season. The bundles can be broken down into three different packages:

The Squad @ $10K - 5 mid-level athletes promoting your holiday discounts OR a giveaway on their social media channels. 

The Starters @ $20K - 5 mid-level athletes + 1 macro-athlete promoting your holiday discounts OR a giveaway on their social media channels. 

The All-stars @ $50K - 2 International-level athletes promoting your holiday discounts OR a giveaway on their social media channels.  

To order a Holiday Discount Bundle for your brand, visit https://learnmore.opensponsorship.com/holiday-packages, and fill out your preferences! 

Audrey Brown
Post by Audrey Brown
October 30, 2020