OpenSponsorship is the world’s largest and smartest digital marketplace. Our tech-platform has created and closed thousands of partnerships for our community of 12,000+ professional athletes and brands, who are looking for authentic marketing relationships.

          While OpenSponsorship already provides athletes and brands with the best marketplace for sponsorship partnerships, we aim to be the best in all facets of the industry. We are a company who is always staying one step ahead of the competition, the areas listed below highlight some of the ways OpenSponsorship does just that:


          At OpenSponsorship, we pride ourselves on our free entry for athletes at any level (NCAA to Olympian). Unlike our competitors who charge athletes monthly or yearly subscription fees to join their platform, OpenSponsorship provides athletes and agencies with a free sign-up onto our platform. Free entry exposes athletes to hundreds of sponsorship opportunities that they can apply to and eventually accept, without having to pay a dime.

          OpenSponsorship is also free to use for brands. Our free plan grants brands entry to our database of thousands of athletes interested in sponsorship deals. A part of this plan is the ability to send direct proposals to specific athletes. This is OpenSponsorship’s most basic plan.

Opportunity Creation

          OpenSponsorship breeds opportunity. Whether you are a brand or an athlete, our platform generates plenty of opportunities for growth and exposure. Take Ryan McElmon, a freestyle skier, who uses OpenSponsorship to find sponsors and grow his network. OpenSponsorship has

“been really awesome. OpenSponsorship has been able to connect [athletes] with brands that we had never really had the opportunity to work with in our sports, and build more relationships…… It's a really nice way to, one, make relationships with new brands and, two, it's a great little source of income on the side.” 


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OpenSponsorship’s high-tech platform also eliminates the typical hassle that accompanies traditional partnership opportunities. Ryan agrees that

“All the complications and all the banter that goes back and forth with emails and negotiations and actually explaining why you'd be useful to the brand and then sending over all your analytics, all that type of stuff” can be “taken down to a two, three click process for us”.

That’s what OpenSponsorship does. Our innovative platform has been “a huge, huge help” for Ryan and thousands of other OpenSponsorship athletes. 

          Our platform does more than just create opportunities for athletes, it provides brands the opportunity to efficiently discover athletes that match their promotional needs. Look at the brand Jabra, their Head of Public Relations and Communication, Karl Bateson, has been able to complete deals, through OpenSponsorship, that “has resulted in over 100 professional athletes showcasing our brand”. He knows that it was “all made possible from OpenSponsorship”. Because of Jabra’s success on OpenSponsorship, we are the “only platform approved by Jabra”.



Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL)

          OpenSponsorship leads the pack in the NIL space with its innovative College Champions Ambassadors Program. The College Champions program is unlike anything you can find on another platform. Our program highlights collegiate athletes who will, in turn, utilize their Name, Image and Likeness to promote OpenSponsorship to local, regional, and national brands, as well as promote themselves. This program enables student athletes to monetize their NIL, as well as, provide these athletes with the platform to grow and improve their social media presence.

International Presence

          OpenSponsorship is rapidly expanding. At the beginning of this year, OpenSponsorship opened an international office to manage our overseas operations. We are the only marketplace to have both an American headquarters and an international office. Our stateside office is in Miami, Florida, while our international office is in London, United Kingdom (UK). The London office provides international athletes with a sense of value as we are determined to provide elite services to athletes around the globe. Our UK team is actively bolstering the number of international athletes on our platform through our presence abroad. While the office is in the United Kingdom, they have been assisting athletes and brands from every corner of the world find sponsorship partnerships. They have cooperated with athletes and brands from Australia, India, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and more. OpenSponsorship’s expansion abroad has created opportunities for international athletes who struggled with generating individual sponsorship deals. 


OpenSponsorship provides brands with wide-ranging services:

  • Free Plan: $0 (most basic plan)
    • Brands can send direct proposals to athletes
  • Campaigns Plan: $399/month (most popular)
    • Brands can send direct proposals to athletes
    • Brands can publish campaigns to our marketplace where athletes can apply.
    • Invite athletes to campaigns
    • Unlimited athlete search
    • Access to demographic data
  • Full Service Agency Plan: $1,750/month
    • Brands can send direct proposals to athletes
    • Brands can publish campaigns to our marketplace where athletes can apply.
    • Invite athletes to campaigns
    • Unlimited athlete search
    • Access to demographic data

          OpenSponsorship’s most premium and unrivaled service is our Full-Service Agency Plan. This plan encapsulates the full range of OpenSponsorship’s services. As a brand on our Full Service Agency Plan, you will receive the white glove treatment:

  • Your brand will be partnered with one of our dedicated Account Managers who will assist in finding the right partnerships for your brand and its product.

  • Your brand will receive biweekly calls from your Account Manager to discuss strategy and planning for live or upcoming campaigns.

  • You will obtain full agency services that will oversee all communications between athlete and brand, as well as, communications between potential third-party production services (Photoshoots).

  • Your brand will be granted exclusive access to our premium ROI tracking software 

  • You will be a recipient of OpenSponsorship’s newsletter and public relations components. 

OpenSponsorship’s Full Service Agency Plan is the first of its kind found in a marketplace like ours. 

Corporate Partnerships

          Where OpenSponsorship really separates itself from its competitors is through our Premium Partnerships Division. Our dedicated partnership specialists integrate OpenSponsorship’s technology, databases, and processes with their unbeatable experience in the sports and entertainment landscape to efficiently build sponsorships at scale. Our distinct client list includes professional soccer, the NBA, Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR and stadiums/arenas. Just in 2022 alone, this division has connected nationally-known sponsors with Sports Illustrated for their Super Bowl Party over Super Bowl weekend. 

          This division believes that great partnerships begin with great relationships. Our specialists focus on creating and continuing long lasting relationships with our clients. These relationships, in turn, lead to mutually successful partnerships that benefit everyone. 

          Our Premium Partnerships Division can generate partnerships through many different activation avenues:

  • Brand Representation
  • Naming Rights
  • Exclusive Category Packages
  • Custom Packages

The Premium Partnerships Division simply sets us apart from our competitors. 


Post by Tyler Sklut
March 15, 2022