Here at OpenSponsorship we love working with a variety of different athletes each with their own unique interests. Having so many wonderful athletes with such a diverse range of passions lets us match the right brand with the right athlete. One of the most popular interests among our athletes is family. Athletes love including their families in their social media and fans don’t seem to mind either. Here is a list of our top 5 family-oriented athletes:

  1. Eric Wood

This retired Buffalo Bills Pro-Bowler never misses an opportunity to show off his beautiful family. From opening days with the Bills to events at Oishei Children’s Hospital Eric and his family seem to brighten everyone’s day while helping brands and charities alike. See below for a great example of Eric partnering with a family-oriented brand and check out his Instagram here.

  1. Ashley Paulson

As a pro triathlete Ashley definitely knows how to balance different disciplines, so it comes as no surprise that she is also an amazing mother of four on top of dominating her sport. Ashley is extremely active on OpenSponsorship and has worked with many different brands from headphone companies to nutrition companies. One look at her Instagram and it is obvious her kids are as important to her as her training! Check out Ashley’s Instagram here.

  1. Nathan Stupar

This New York Giants Linebacker is a family force to be reckoned with. As a caring father and husband Nathan has completed several campaigns with the help of his kids! See an example of a great family-oriented post that Nathan “STUPLYFE” Stupar has made below and check out his Instagram here.

  1. Yonder Alonso

As a father of two this Colorado Rockies Infielder is a family man through and through. With strong ties to his roots Yonder’s father and son never miss a minute of his games and have even gone viral cheering for one of Yonder’s grandslams. Yonder is a great addition to the OpenSposorship platform and is actively looking for new family friendly brands to partner with. Check out Yonder’s Instagram here (if it wasn’t already obvious how important family is to Yonder, just read his bio).

  1. Sara Vaughn

Sara is the perfect fit for any family focused brand looking to expand their market reach with the help of a professional athlete. She is a three-time Team USA member in track and field as well as a mother of four. Sara’s social media is chock full of great pictures that cater perfectly to a lifestyle brand. See a great example of a partnership Sara was involved in below and check out her Instagram here.

If you are a family-oriented brand looking to step up your marketing efforts, then look no further! OpenSponsorship has these as well as hundreds of other family friendly athletes and influencers to choose from. Get started here