Promote Your Brand During 2022 Draft Season 




Draft season is upon us! Now is your chance to partner with next generation's top talents before they make it BIG in their respective leagues.

From having prospects use your product on draft day to being the first sponsor of a top draft pick for a long-term ambassador deal, the possibilities are endless.

Important dates to note for the 2022 Draft Season:

  • WNBA Draft wrapped up this week on April 11 with Kentucky standout Rhyne Howard selected #1 overall. 
  • NFL Draft will take place on April 28 - 30 in Las Vegas - LAST CHANCE to sponsor NFL prospects before getting drafted!
  • NBA Draft will take place on June 23 in Brooklyn.
  • NHL Draft will take place on July 7 - 8 in Montreal, Quebec
  • MLB Draft will take place on July 17 - 19 in Los Angeles. 

Don't miss the chance to work with top prospects and potential stars in this year's draft! Check out our top 2022 draft prospects below and 5 marketing ideas on how to be involved. 

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Desmond Ridder Rhyne Howard Lexie Hull Tyty Washington

Cincinnati QB

 Starts at $1,000

Atlanta Dream

Starts at $1,000

Indiana Fever

Starts at $1,000

Kentucky PG

Starts at $1,000


5 Draft Season Campaign Ideas

  1. Do an Instagram Live with the athlete and a lucky customer on Draft Day
  2. Sponsor athletes through your products or services to help prospects move into their new cities to generate buzz and PR
  3. Have the athlete do a TikTok video on how your product is part of their Draft Day routine, e.g. showing them wearing, eating, cooking with, drinking, training, grooming with your brand
  4. Get in front of die hard fan-bases, who will follow the newest player on their team through more targeted Regional Marketing campaigns.
  5. Can't work with a draft pick, but still want to be involved? Partner with a recent rookie, an active or retired player or even an analyst to create content around this draft season! Check out our roster of 12,000+ athletes

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Jayson is a content marketer at OpenSponsorship. He often shares insights about how brands can effectively work with athletes on marketing campaigns.