Athletes are some of the most popular and influential people on social media. It is a given that they generally have a large following of fans who admire and look up to them for their talents in their respective sports. When a brand sponsors an athlete especially on social media, they get access to this massive audience. The athletes can help promote the brand to their followers, which can result in increased awareness and sales for the brand.

Sponsoring an athlete on social media is a great way to connect with their fans and create an authentic relationship with them. The fans will appreciate that the athlete is promoting a brand that they believe in, and they may be more likely to buy products or services from that brand. 

Check out some successful social media campaigns below done by our brands and athletes through OpenSponsorship!

1. Tyson Fury x Raffall

About the brand: SaaS raffle platform allowing you to host raffles and prize competitions online.

Why athletes: Athletes have strong personal connections with their fans, more than a traditional influencer would. Loyal fans create a strong community and will usually get behind and support the athletes’ causes.

Objective/Campaign: We are looking to partner with athletes who would love to create and promote their very own personal and authentic online competition that give their fans the chance to win any kind of prize offered by you.

Results: Fury was able to create an Instagram video to run a raffle for his fans with a chance to win VIP ringside tickets to his sold out fight against Dillian Whyte and a pair of signed gloves.

Success Metrics: Total reach of 5.6 million and 20,000+ likes

tyson fury raffall

2. NFL Athletes x Walmart Fashion

About the brand: Brick & Mortar Retail and Ecommerce.

Why athletes: As the NFL players got ready for the end of the season and their beach breaks, Walmart wanted to showcase their new fashion on these NFL players.

Objective/Campaign: We are looking to partner with NFL athletes who embody the Free Assembly image to create high quality content to position Walmart as a credible fashion destination.

Results: Successfully connected Walmart with professional NBA and NFL athletes such as Micah Parsons, Myles Garrett, Quinn Cook, Jamal Adams, and others for Walmart’s Spring Free Assembly x Summer Campaign.

Success Metrics: 

Received over 110 applications

Myles Garrett: 29,600 likes, 203 comments, $0.52 CPE

Deebo Samuel: 35,200 likes, 391 comments, $0.92 CPE

myles garrett deebo samuel

3. Bryan Brothers x Play Your Court

About the brand: PlayYourCourt is a tech platform to help tennis players of all levels connect with evenly-matched local players.

Why athletes: Athletes understand the struggles of needing to sharpen their skills but having no one to train or practice with.

Objective/Campaign: The "Tinder for Tennis Opponents" is here - and we're looking for a brand ambassador!

Results: Successfully connected Play Your Court with the Bryan Brothers, retired doubles tennis players and most successful duo of all time.

Success Metrics: Generated 88k views and 2,500+ likes

bryan brothers play your court tennis

Overall, sponsoring an athlete on social media is a great way to reach a large audience of potential customers. Athletes have some serious influence over their followers, so they can help promote the brand in a positive light. The fans will appreciate the connection with the athlete, and they may be more likely to buy products and services from the sponsor as well. Sign up today HERE to get started!

Jayson Walla
Post by Jayson Walla
September 2, 2022