Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has become one of the most popular forms of sports gambling and betting within the last 3 years. Reporting a total of $350 million in revenue in 2019 alone, DFS is well on it’s way to creating a completely separate market from the traditional sports gambling landscape the industry has normalized. With countless marketing and partnership opportunities across DFS platforms like DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo Sports and Fantasy Draft; brands have the opportunity to promote themselves and potential partnerships in ways we have not experienced.  How can this benefit your brand you ask? Here are 3 ways your brand can benefit from Daily Fantasy Sports. 

 1. Room for additional growth from coast to coast.

As of today 43 states across the US have recognized DFS as another option to placing traditional sports gambling wagers. Certain states may have specific regulations as to which platforms and applications are valid, but in one form or another fans can participate in some type of DFS gameplay. Seven  states including Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Washington have not yet approved any form of DFS participation. With the rest of the country open to DFS participation, this leaves room for the industry to grow  14% upon the approval of these seven states. A 2018 Ipsos study, commissioned by the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, found that 79% of fantasy sports players who are not current sports wagerers say they will likely participate in sports betting once legalized in their state. With room for the industry to potentially grow another 14%, sports marketing opportunities have the potential to further develop and grow alongside the changing industry from coast to coast. 

 2. More sports are open to DFS partnerships. 


With all 4 major US sport leagues (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA) on board with DFS partnerships, the information has been made available to the rest of the sports leagues throughout the US who have seen the first hand benefits of DFS. More and more sports are developing their own partnerships in order to  capitalize on the changing sports betting landscape. This year both NASCAR and the new  PLL will integrate wagering into league partnerships. Earlier this year NASCAR announced that individual race teams will be allowed to display gambling sponsors and partnerships on their vehicles throughout the race. This is a massive step in the DFS segment by generating revenue from a wider fan base to include a greater variety of daily wagering options. With more sports getting in on the action, your brand will have increased sport marketing opportunities and have the ability to target new fans and demographics of each state. 

 3. DFS allows for an array of sports marketing opportunities. 

With this gambling segment being updated daily, your brand has the potential to create content that could change every single day.  Sport marketing opportunities can be implemented for a specific game, day of the week or time of day  depending on your needs as an organization.  This also allows your brand to interact with users across a growing array of sports leagues and series. Fans consume an average of 40% more sports and media content once they begin playing daily fantasy sports. There are endless tv shows, podcasts and websites that are created to promote DFS engagement and wagering tips. These outlets create an additional level for your brand to engage in sports marketing opportunities by introducing sports media into the sports gambling industry. 


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