Looking to expand your marketing strategy in 2021? Have you wanted to work with athletes but didn't know where to start? OpenSponsorship is here to guide you through athlete sponsorship for the coming year to elevate your brand's marketing plans. Below is a curated list of top athlete influencers whose engagement rates predict a strong performance for the coming year. 

This list of the top 50 athlete influencers to watch in 2021 includes the most engaging athletes as determined by a variety of measures. These athletes have consistently high engagement based on social media metrics from organic and sponsored posts. They are active on several social media channels, posting high quality, creative, and unique content. Rankings also considered brand feedback from prior sponsorship deals and their overall marketability. This comprehensive list includes athletes from over 16 different professional sports with audiences from all over the nation. These top engaging athletes are perfect for any brand looking to expand their marketing strategy into sport sponsorships.

  1. Lebron James 
  2. Mercedes (Sasha Banks) Varnado
  3. Amir Khan
  4. Robinson Cano
  5. Giovani dos Santos
  6. Wayne Rooney
  7. Kyrie Irving 
  8. Virgil Van Dijk
  9. Paulo Dybala
  10. Lonzo Ball
  11. Russel Westbrook
  12. Anthony Davis
  13. Bethany Hamilton
  14. Charles Leclerc
  15. Sky Brown
  16. Megan Rapinoe 
  17. Jorge Masvidal
  18. Alexis (Alexa Bliss) Kaufman
  19. Shaquem Griffin
  20. Julie Ertz
  21. Daria “Sonya Deville” Berenato
  22. Demarcus Lawrence
  23. Rose Lavelle
  24. Kendrick Nunn
  25. Xavier Rhodes
  26. Zach Ertz
  27. Kyle Juszcyk
  28. Maddy Forberg
  29. Emily Sonnet
  30. Nick Symmonds
  31. Hamidou Diallo
  32. Udonis Haslem
  33. Tee Higgins
  34. Brandon Zingale
  35. Corey Clement
  36. Kendrick Bourne
  37. Justin Jackson
  38. Devonte Graham
  39. Frank Clark
  40. Marcus Allen
  41. Ryan McElmon
  42. Big Neechi
  43. Leah Casciano
  44. Abby Dunkin
  45. Bill O’Brien
  46. Chantae McMillan
  47. Deshaun Watson
  48. Mario Chalmers
  49. Alexis Lete
  50. Ryan Greenspan

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