OpenSponsorship has several tools and features to help users optimize the most of their campaign. These tools can be essential to gain more applications and interest from athletes. Our features will ensure that from start to finish the tools on OpenSponsorship give users the best guidance.

Check out some of the most popular features on OpenSponsorship

Creating Campaigns 

  • Start by drafting your campaign with clear information about your brand and the mission of your campaign: clarity in your campaign will be essential to drive more applications.
  • There are multiple types of campaigns to choose from that can help structure a great outline 

create a campaign

Optimizing the Search

  •  Our Search feature allows users to optimize the best candidates that align with their campaign 
  • This allows users to search for athletes for personal interest, social footprint, lifestyle and more!

search feature

Content Search

  • This new feature allows users to navigate through content found on social media
  • You can find athlete content on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Tik Tok that can help give your brand ideas

    content search feature

Social Insights

  • This tool gives you the ability to search for athletes who have used a specific keyword, hashtag or tagged a user on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can search for any number of keywords.

social insights feature


  • The Matching section can really help brands identify the right athlete based on location and other demographic specifications

matching feature

Sending Proposals

  • After gaining information about which athletes work best for your campaign, sending proposals is the most critical step to getting to work with an athlete
  • Ensure all the correct information is stated and transparent so that the directions are clear
  • You can also see the status of the proposal and whether the athlete has accepted or not accepted it, or would even re negotiate the terms

sending proposals feature


  • After a campaign has finished the reporting section is where you can find information regarding the results of the social media deliverables. Here you can connect your brands social media to check the social insight information and the engagement rate. 

reporting feature


Using analytics, actionable insights, AI based matching and proprietary ROI information, brands are now able to search for the perfect influencer, create authentic relationships, manage the entire process and track the marketing results all on one tech-platform.


Jayson Walla
Post by Jayson Walla
August 23, 2022