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Top Pro Athletes on TikTok and How to Work With them

TikTok continues to be one the most popular platforms for social media and athletes are loving it! When scrolling on the app it’s not uncommon to see popular athletes’ latest reels, highlights and participation in the latest trends. Athletes are leading engagement and fans are loving the glimpse into the lifestyle and behind the scenes content of their favorite players. 

Top Pro Athletes on TikTok and How to Work with Them


Who’s Watching?

 TikTok has over a billion users and is still steadily growing. The platform offers a lot of diverse content options but 46% of TikTok users said they use social media to stay up to date with sports content. In addition to game day updates and highlights, on this platform athletes are given creative freedom to produce their own content and engage on a more personal level with their fans. 

What is Going Viral?

Athletes are getting creative! Shaq, a basketball legend, has been going viral for showing off his DJ skills. He’s not the only one! Other professional athletes like Gabby Douglas and Sarati Callahan are also going viral with dance videos, lifestyle insight and self proclaimed “good vibes”, while others like Trae Young are staying strong to their roots and showing off their skills on the court. 

Top Pro Athletes on TikTok and How to Work with Them

Sponsoring an athlete can be a great way to connect with a new audience and create exposure for your brand. TikTok is a great platform to work with athletes, as it offers a unique and engaging way to reach followers. Here are a few tips on how to work with TikTok athlete influencers:

1. Find the right athlete for your brand

Not all athletes will be a good fit for your brand. You'll want to find an athlete who has a similar audience to yours and who is relevant to your industry. This will help ensure that your sponsorship resonates with followers.

2. Create engaging content

When working with an athlete, you'll want them to create engaging content that captures the spirit of your brand. Be sure to think about what type of content will resonate with followers and make sure the athlete is comfortable creating this type of content.

3. Connect with fans

One of the best things about working with an athlete is that you can connect with fans in a new and unique way. Fans will appreciate getting an inside look at what it's like to work with their favorite athlete.

How to Connect

If you are a brand wanting to connect with professional athletes on social media platforms like TikTok, we can help you build that connection. OpenSponsorship offers a unique chance to partner with over 15,000 athletes and artists today for some amazing marketing campaigns!

Top 4 OpenSponsorship Athletes You Can Work With on TikTok 

  1. Shaquille O’Neal 
  2. Trae Young
  3. Gabby Douglas
  4. Sarati Callahan

Final Thoughts

As you can see TikTok isn't going anywhere soon, this platform continues to grow daily and the content never stops. TikTok is a unique tool that can help promote and build your brand online, allowing you to connect with your audience to their favorite athletes  producing original marketing content to elevate your brand voice. Now is the perfect time to optimize a digital marketing campaign, especially on TikTok, because the amount of viewers watching and engaging with the platform is growing daily. Sign up to OpenSponsorship for free today for all your athlete marketing needs!

Jayson Walla
Post by Jayson Walla
October 6, 2022