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Founders Can Capitalize On The Power Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become an essential part of many marketing strategies, and small companies and founders are no exception. However, navigating this space can be daunting, especially if you're new to the game. That's where OpenSponsorship comes in - a platform that connects brands with athletes for influencer marketing campaigns. 

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9 Reasons Why Founders Are Using OpenSponsorship For Influencer Marketing 

1: Support when you need it - Everyone requires support, even on a self-service plan. At our company, we offer various ways to provide assistance, including account managers for higher-tier customers, customer success representatives for lower-tier customers, as well as intercom chat and Instagram direct messages. We are always available to support you!

2: All payments are secured - OpenSponsorship holds funds in escrow. When a deal is sent to an influencer, the money is stored safely until the deal is completed. The funds are only released to the athlete once the deal is 100% complete to your standards (right tags, correct content etc.). We protect your marketing budget!

3: All types of athlete-influencers - we have thousands of athletes who cost less than $1K to partner, many athletes will even do product-only deals (no cash required!). When starting out with influencer marketing you want to be able to start small and build up, we help you do this. 

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4: We offer education about influencer marketing - we send you weekly emails with marketing ideas and insider knowledge of athletes that are doing deals with other brands. We have incorporated a User Pilot to give you tutorials within the platform as well. We understand that you need help getting started, hence why we built a strong user success team to help!

5: We match athletes with your brand - OpenSponsorship uses AI to highlight the best options for you. When you first log in, head to "recommendations" and put in your IG to see who is a good match. When you put up a campaign, see our recommendations for athletes to invite. We know that you are busy and need some help in picking the right influencers, we do this for you. 

6: Tools to easily communicate with your athlete partners - We know that you might be new to getting influencers to make content for your brand. That's why we built the mood board - let us guide you through the ideal content that you are looking for - do you want the athlete smiling, standing, informal etc. We can guide you to get the best UGC (user-generated content) 

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7: Tools to select the right social outlet The OpenSponsorship platform makes it easy for you to select from any, or all, social media platforms to work with the athlete influencer on. We also have in-depth breakdowns on each of their social media channels so you can be sure you are targeting the right audience. 

9: Additional marketing from our team - We love highlighting our clients and thus help you with PR, promoting you on our social feeds, and including you in our webinars and content. We help to promote you beyond just your athlete deals.

We're Here for Founders!

We've been there and understand what it is like to be growing a brand and making sure every marketing dollar counts. For this reason, we offer discounts for founders and small companies that are looking to start their influencer marketing efforts with OpenSponsorship. 

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Ishveen Jolly

Ishveen is the CEO and Founder of OpenSponsorship, which she started because she loves sponsorship but hates hold calling. She was recognized in 2015 on Forbes 30Under30 for Sports.