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Why Sponsor an Athlete for the Winter X Games?

The Winter X Games are coming up and many brands are wondering if sponsoring an athlete is worth the hassle (although it's not a hassle at all!). After all, what kind of exposure can a brand really get from an event other than the Super Bowl or NBA Finals? Given the event only happens every Winter time, to many people's surprise, the Winter X Games can be a great opportunity to reach a young, loyal, and more engaged audience due to its seasonality. There is a huge amount of anticipation and hype as soon as snow starts to fall. The event itself is massively popular, and sponsoring an athlete can be a great way to get your brand in front of a large and engaged audience. Plus, the Winter athletes involved are some of the top names in their sport, so you can take comfort in knowing that your sponsorship will reach the masses. Here are just a few reasons why sponsoring an athlete for the Winter X Games could be a great marketing move for your brand.

Increased Brand Awareness

When you sponsor an athlete, your brand will be featured prominently on their clothing, equipment, and any other promotional materials they use. This increased brand visibility will help raise awareness of your brand among the spectators at the Winter X Games, as well as among people who see coverage of the event on TV or online. Even with simpler social media deals, partnering with Winter X Games athletes will help your brand tap into an audience of their loyal followers, also significantly increasing awareness for your brand. 

Why Sponsor an Athlete for the Winter X Games?

Improved Brand Image

By aligning your brand with a successful and popular athlete, you can improve your brand image in the eyes of the public. This is especially true if the athlete you sponsor is someone who is widely respected within their sport. A good reputation can go a long way in helping to attract new customers and convince existing ones to stay loyal to your brand.

Why Sponsor an Athlete for the Winter X Games?

Access to New Customers

Sponsoring an athlete who competes in the Winter X Games can also give you access to new customers who may not have been familiar with your brand before. These new customers will become aware of your brand through its association with the athlete, and may be more likely to try out your products or services as a result. Even if they don't become customers themselves, they may still tell their friends and family about your brand, further increasing its reach.

Why Sponsor an Athlete for the Winter X Games?

If you're looking for a way to get more exposure for your brand, sponsoring an athlete at this year's Winter X Games could be a great option. Not only will you benefit from increased brand awareness and improved brand image, but you'll also have access to new potential customers. So why not start searching for athletes you could sponsor today? Sign up for OpenSponsorship FOR FREE today for any athlete marketing needs!


Jayson is a content marketer at OpenSponsorship. He often shares insights about how brands can effectively work with athletes on marketing campaigns.