Do you want to work with athletes but don’t know where to start? Are you interested in expanding your marketing strategy to include influencer marketing but don't know which influencers to work with? Are you a small brand that wants to get the best return on your investment? 

Then the OpenSponsorship Agency Plan is for you!

Our platform helps brands of all sizes work with amazing athletes from a variety of sports, backgrounds, and levels. By joining our Agency Plan, you receive all of the benefits of an influencer marketing agency along with expertise on the OpenSponsorship platform and other exclusive insights to maximize your ROI. You are assigned a dedicated account manager that will support your brand through campaign inception to deal completion through scheduled bi-weekly calls. 


Here are 5 more reasons why you should choose the Agency Plan:

1. Personal Athlete Recommendations

Receive personalized athlete recommendations specific to your brand values and campaign needs. With the experienced knowledge of all athletes on our platform, you will receive athlete recommendations that ensure successful deal completion and higher user engagement, increasing your ROI. These athlete recommendations will balance the smaller athletes with dedicated followings and star athletes with large followings to create the best influencer marketing roster to support your brand.

2. Pricing Recommendations and Insights

Gain access to exclusive in-depth pricing recommendations on all platform athletes to ensure you are getting the best possible rate. Using data from our 6000+ deals, we will provide you with up-to-date athlete pricing to help you save money and avoid overpaying. The agency plan offers unique insights into the best pricing strategies to be competitive while keeping costs low. In addition, your dedicated account manager can handle all pricing negotiations.

3. Influencer Marketing Experts

Work with influencer marketing experts that will assist you in the campaign process from inception to completion. These experts will produce effective and personal campaign ideas to power your influencer marketing strategy. They will manage and track deal progress to ensure timely completion of deals. At the completion of a deal, you will receive detailed reports of campaign results and effectiveness. 

4. Communication Access

Assist in communicating with agents and athletes through various methods to handle negotiations and ensure deal completion. Your personal account manager has exclusive access to provide quicker responses and faster deal turnaround. The agency plan provides complete platform management by inviting athletes to your campaigns, onboarding athletes who are on your wish list if they are not on the platform, rejecting athletes that aren't good fits, and helping you edit deliverables for your campaigns.

5. And more!

In addition to the benefits listed above, the agency plan also offers paid social media campaigns, PR benefits, and full support as an influencer marketing agency. Expand your digital marketing efforts through paid ads by whitelisting the athlete you partner with on paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns through their channels. As an agency plan client, we will actively pitch your brand and athlete partnerships to various publications for PR opportunities. Lastly, we are here for you to meet all of your influencer marketing needs to guarantee the best results for each campaign. 


Our team of influencer marketing experts is here for you to make sure you get the most out of OpenSponsorship. Contact us now at to learn more about how to sign up for our Agency Plan. We are excited to start working with you!

Ashton Jimenez

Written by Ashton Jimenez

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