Did you know that YouTube is the second most organically visited site in the US and ranks first organically worldwide? As a brand, it's important to get your name in front of the masses, especially on a platform like YouTube, where many of our athletes share their content with their following. Check out our rapidly growing list of YouTube athletes.

Chart: YouTube Beats Cable TV in Ad Revenue | Statista

 1. Have athletes do a product demo on how to use your product or service, including a special            offer or link at the end of the YouTube video.

  2. Have athletes do a product giveaway for your product on their YouTube channel, including starting a custom hashtag for participants to raise awareness for your brand.

Mike G. on Twitter: "Ever wanted to attend A-Day but you didn't have $10?!  The War Rapport has your back! We're giving away 30 tickets to A-Day! Tune  in tonight to get

  3. Have athletes join your affiliate program in exchange for royalty payments. 

Check out some of our athletes who are also YouTube stars:


Daria "Sonya Deville" Berenato

Wrestling, WWE

YouTube subscribers: 58K

Starting at $14,400

Lou Young

American Football

YouTube subscribers: 30K

Starting at $2,400
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Terron Beckham

Weight Lifting, Football, Rugby

YouTube subscribers: 350K

Starting at $3,600

Paige Hathaway

Body Building, Weight Lifting

YouTube subscribers: 129K

Starting at $10,800

Sophina DeJesus

Gymnastics, UCLA

YouTube subscribers: 58K

Starting at $1,000

Derek Lunsford

Body Building

YouTube subscribers: 31K

Starting at $1,440

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Jayson is a content marketer at OpenSponsorship. He often shares insights about how brands can effectively work with athletes on marketing campaigns.