The Coronavirus has thrown the world for a loop and forced many of us to make major changes to our daily routines. Schools are closed, restaurants are closed, we're stuck video chatting our friends instead of seeing them in person, and, scary enough, gyms are closed! However, our OpenSponsorship fitness influencers haven't let this keep them from staying in shape and they're now working out at home while they don't have access to their gyms.

Fitness Instagram influencers are social media influencers that regularly post content revolving around their daily workout routines. Exercise tips, workout routines, and overall health and wellness advice are what these fitness influencers have built their brand around and it is a big reason why their fans follow them. Therefore, fitness influencers have been forced to adapt to these circumstances and try to keep up their regular routine from home without access to their gym. Here's how some of our favorite OpenSponsorship athletes and Instagram fitness influencers are working out from home with the help of some awesome sponsors:

Tigertail and Marquis Dendy

Marquis is a USA Track and Field athlete with a few first place finishes to his name in the long jump, including the 2015 USA Outdoor Championship and the 2016 USA Indoor Championship.

He teamed up with Tigertail to help support his #StayAtHome workouts, and got a little visit from his dog as well! Tigertail provides several different products to help support the workouts and recovery of fitness influencers, like foam rollers, massage tools, and muscle recovery kits!

Steph Earl and IdealFit

Steph is a weightlifter and nutritionist fitness influencer that creates content for her fans about both workout tips and diet tips to live a healthy all-around lifestyle. She is one of our top female fitness trainers and posts a bunch of workout videos on her account, including the post below.

IdealFit sent her some equipment to help with her at-home workouts, and they have a bunch of essentials for any at-home workout. Check out Steph's post for an awesome workout routine you can use at home!

Bill O'Brien and Jabra

Major key to a great workout: blasting your favorite music. And with Jabra's help, fitness influencer Bill O'Brien was able to listen to his favorite music with headphones made for workouts. Bill is a professional lacrosse player in the MLL and also founded his own nutritional supplement company, so he's making sure to stay in shape even during quarantine.

Jabra's headphones are sweatproof and waterproof and can also track your heart rate, your mileage, and mapping out routes for your daily run. Hard to imagine working out without these headphones, and now Bill doesn't have to do so anymore! (P.S. Bill is also one of our many athletes on TikTok- check him out here!)

Especially during times like these, we're glad to be able to introduce and connect fitness influencers with brands they love to help support their daily routines. To learn more about these brands and other athletes you can sponsor on OpenSponsorship, reach out to a rep or send us an email at These are just three of our top fitness influencers with some recent content we loved, but the opportunities are endless with the athletes we work with!

Zack Smith
Post by Zack Smith
May 6, 2020