A Common Dilemma Faced by Many

Brands today face a common dilemma - which Instagram versus Youtube influencers are best for them and their brands. Both of these sites have grown in popularity as influencer marketing tools. They provide excellent engagement and entertainment to the millions of people that visit these social media networks everyday. However, which platform should you choose for your brand campaigns? Should it be influencers on YouTube or Instagram? Let’s dive in and understand which of these platforms will help you achieve your influencer marketing campaign goals faster and better. 

       Most Important Social Media Channels               Metrics for Influencer Marketing


How is Instagram different from YouTube?

The number of monthly active users (MAUs) is one of the most significant distinctions between Instagram and YouTube.  With almost 775 million MAUs on YouTube and 1 billion on Instagram, both have impressive numbers. If you want to expand your brand's reach, utilising both platforms would be the ideal way. Internationally-leading IT firms have endorsed YouTube and Instagram's user data and analytics solutions. YouTube is owned and managed by Google, while Instagram is managed by Facebook. The metrics on each platform fluctuate slightly, which might have an impact on campaign performance for brands. 

           Difference between Instagram & Youtube Influencers


When comparing Instagram with YouTube, here's a short rundown of the significant differences:




1 Billion

Number of monthly active users

866 Million

Live content, Reels, Posts, Stories, IGTV

Types of Video Content 

Shorts, standard YouTube video 

Most popular among ages 18-34

Age Demographics 

Most popular among ages 25-44

  • Travel 
  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Health & Wellness
  • Pets/Animals
  • Music
  • Food/Beverage

Top Industries 

  • Gaming 
  • B2B/Technology
  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Travel
  • DIY
  • Food/Beverage

Instagram stories last 24 hours 

Ephemeral Posts

YouTube stories Last 7 days

Limited to Story swipe-ups, DMs and bios 


Available for video descriptions, comments and about pages

Content engagement, search engine optimisation 

Greatest Advantage 

Number of active users


Features of the Social Commerce Space

Instagram has all of the advantages that Facebook as the main social platform for social commerce has to offer, making it ideal for influencer marketers and ecommerce businesses. YouTube's pre and mid-roll video commercials, as well as in-picture banner ads, provide the finest advertising experience for marketers, and the company is experimenting with social commerce, such as in-app shopping. Because marketers can simply add hyperlinks and construct video descriptions that rank on Google, YouTube is beneficial for SEO for firms who use social media to drive website traffic. Instagram does not presently enable hyperlinks in IG Stories, profile biographies, or direct messages, and only allows them in IG Stories, profile bios, and direct messages.

Influencer Marketing

When it comes to influencer collaborations, marketers favor both of these channels. In fact, YouTube and Instagram are often the best venues to start your marketing. Many firms begin their influencer program on YouTube or Instagram (or both) and then expand to other platforms once they've developed a strong presence on those platforms. However, whether YouTube videos or Instagram images/videos work best would really depend on the nature of your product/service. Since each channel has its own visual appeal, it's vital that you post where your target audience spends the most time.

Medium for Content Delivery

While many people believe Instagram to be the most popular lifestyle social media network, YouTube continues to be the most popular site for how-to videos and tutorials. Fashion, beauty, food, and travel are all popular consumer brands on both platforms. Instagram, on the other hand, caters to pet, family, and wellness material, whilst YouTube is a popular destination for gamers and B2B IT companies. 

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Final Thoughts

When comparing Instagram vs. YouTube, both platforms have distinct content creation choices, so using both can assist your marketing effort. Instagram and YouTube are better at some things than the other. However, there is no clear "winner" between the two at the end. There are two things to consider when comparing Instagram with YouTube.

First and foremost, your audience and product should decide the type of content that works best for them, as well as where that material should be published. You can cooperate with influencers to help you produce the ideal image or video to obtain the greatest results by determining where your audience is most engaged.

Second, if your company is able to invest in both channels, you will be able to multiply your outcomes. These two platforms work well together, giving you access to a large audience across practically every area and business.

The importance of authentic material directed at the correct audience cannot be overstated. And the more campaigns you conduct, the easier it will be to identify which ones produce the best results and how you can improve them over time. Recruiting top-performing Instagram and YouTube influencers has never been easier.

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