In the dynamic world of health and wellness marketing, few strategies resonate as deeply with consumers as athlete endorsements. Prime, the burgeoning sports drink co-founded by internet sensations Logan Paul and KSI, provides a masterclass in leveraging this potent tool. By aligning with athletes who embody the pinnacle of physical achievement, Prime taps into a narrative of excellence, resilience, and relentless pursuit of goals—qualities that resonate with its target demographic. This blog post delves into Prime's strategic playbook, revealing how it has sculpted a robust brand identity through athlete partnerships and how brands can employ platforms like OpenSponsorship to replicate this success.

The Strategic Play: Why Athletes?

Athletes are more than just sports personalities; they are embodiments of health, vitality, and peak performance. For a brand like Prime, which positions itself at the confluence of hydration, nutrition, and lifestyle, athlete endorsements are not just marketing maneuvers; they are affirmations of the brand's core values. By partnering with athletes, Prime not only gains credibility but also crafts a compelling narrative that its products are the fuel behind extraordinary athletic feats.

Moreover, athletes wield significant influence over their followers, making them invaluable assets for reaching and engaging Prime's target demographic. Their reach extends beyond the field or the ring, penetrating deeply into the social media feeds and daily lives of millions. This alignment allows Prime to tap into a ready-made audience, fostering a sense of community and aspiration among its consumers.

Prime's Latest Power Play: Patrick Mahomes

In a testament to its ambitious vision, Prime has recently inked a sponsorship deal with Patrick Mahomes, the dynamic quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. Known for his electrifying plays and leadership on the field, Mahomes represents the crème de la crème of American football. This partnership is a strategic move by Prime, signaling its intention to continue its foray into all realms of sport, transcending boundaries, and connecting with a broad spectrum of sports enthusiasts.

The inclusion of Mahomes in Prime's athlete roster is more than just an endorsement deal; it's a statement. It underscores Prime's commitment to associating with athletes who are at the pinnacle of their sport, individuals whose dedication to their craft mirrors the brand's ethos. Mahomes, with his MVP accolades and a Super Bowl championship under his belt, embodies the peak performance and relentless pursuit of greatness that Prime champions.

More Prime Athlete Partnerships

Prime's roster of sponsored athletes reads like a who's who of the sports world, each bringing a unique flavor to the brand's narrative:

  1. Erling Haaland: As one of football's brightest stars, Haaland's partnership with Prime catapults the brand into the global football community. His record-breaking feats on the pitch underscore Prime's messaging around performance and excellence, making every sip of the sports drink synonymous with the taste of victory.

  2. Israel Adesanya: The UFC middleweight champion, known for his electrifying performances and charismatic personality, brings a blend of grit and glamour to Prime. Adesanya's endorsement not only highlights the product's appeal to elite fighters but also underscores its role in intense training and recovery regimes.

  3. Alex Volkanovski: The UFC Featherweight Champion's association with Prime emphasizes the brand's commitment to supporting athletes across diverse disciplines. Volkanovski's journey from rugby player to MMA champion mirrors Prime's narrative of versatility and adaptability, appealing to a broad spectrum of fitness enthusiasts.

Brands Don't Have To Work With Ultra-Famous Athletes To See Results

A common misconception in the realm of sports marketing is that impactful endorsements are reserved for the elite, the household names whose fame transcends the boundaries of their respective sports. However, the reality is far more inclusive and democratized. Brands looking to make a foray into athlete sponsorships need not always aim for the superstars whose reach is global. The digital age has brought forth a new era where micro-influencers, emerging talents, and niche sports personalities wield significant influence within their communities.

For brands, especially those in the health and wellness sector, this opens up a treasure trove of opportunities. Athletes at different stages of their careers bring a relatability factor that resonates with diverse audience segments. Their stories of perseverance, breakthroughs, and the relentless pursuit of excellence echo the journeys of everyday consumers, making their endorsements powerful and relatable. Brands can leverage these authentic narratives to foster a deeper connection with their audience, ensuring their message is not just heard but felt.

Leveraging OpenSponsorship for Brand-Athlete Synergy

For brands seeking to emulate Prime's success, OpenSponsorship offers a gateway to impactful athlete collaborations. This platform democratizes access to sports marketing, allowing brands of all sizes to connect with athletes who resonate with their identity and values. Here's how brands can harness OpenSponsorship to carve their niche:

  • Strategic Alignment: Identify athletes whose personal brand and audience align with your product and values. Whether it's resilience, innovation, or community, the right athlete can amplify your brand's message.
  • Authentic Partnerships: Foster genuine relationships with athletes to create endorsements that feel authentic and relatable. Consumers can distinguish between mere advertisements and heartfelt recommendations, making authenticity a non-negotiable.
  • Engagement Beyond Endorsement: Utilize athletes' platforms for more than just product placements. Engage in storytelling, behind-the-scenes content, and collaborative projects to deepen the connection with the audience.


In the arena of health and wellness marketing, athlete endorsements are a game-changer. Prime's strategic athlete partnerships highlight the brand's commitment to excellence, resilience, and community—values that resonate deeply with its target demographic. By leveraging platforms like OpenSponsorship, brands can tap into the power of sports marketing to elevate their narrative, connect with a passionate audience, and carve a niche in the competitive landscape. The journey from endorsement to brand legacy is a marathon, not a sprint, but with the right athletes by your side, the finish line might just be closer than you think.

For brands looking to embark on this journey, OpenSponsorship stands as a beacon, guiding the way towards impactful, authentic, and resonant athlete partnerships. In the playbook of brand building, athlete endorsements are a powerful strategy, and with the right approach, your brand too can harness this energy to scale new heights


Jeff is OpenSponsorship's Director of Marketing. He typically writes about sports sponsorship, marketing, and tips & tricks for brands.